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Story War is an innovative party game where you battle your friends by telling stories, referencing pop culture, and making stuff up!
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    1. Jesse Kiefer on

      Warrior: BARD! yeah... that's all, I just really want a bard.

    2. Missing avatar

      Patrick Bier on

      Bouncy Castle
      Western Saloon
      Snow Globe
      Water Park
      China Shop

      Ancient Temple Guard
      Final Girl (eg: Ridley from Alien)
      Swarm Queen (ie: giant, baby-spewing leaders of a nest of bugs)
      Heavy Metal Rocker

      Chocolate Bar
      Child's Laughter
      A Song in Your Heart

      sorry if any are repeats or stupid. i'm just excited about this game - sounds awesome & i can't wait for it to be completed!

    3. Missing avatar

      Patrick Bier on

      Padded Room
      Opium Den
      Giant Beehive
      Fun House (or, similarly, Mirror Maze)
      Black Friday Sale

    4. Nick Lee on

      -Male Model (just look at those abs and his flowy hair!)

      -Rickety Bridge (cliche bridge that spans across a chasm)
      -Area 51 (as mentioned previously)
      -Inspirational Rock Concert

      -Smart phone (there's an app for everything)
      -Power Bracelets (makes wearer twice as strong)
      -Duct Tape (it fixes anything)
      -Gold Coins (persuading the enemy with money, or physical abuse. Maybe use it to lawfully buy something from the local store)

    5. Datalaughing on

      Oo, I love the Teddy Roosevelt idea. You could do several historical world leader themed cards. A Japanese emperor type, a Ghengis Kahn type, a Sadam type, a Castro (his weapons are clearly cigars and communism) type, a British king. You could do King John and do a Magna Carta card, but that might be a little too esoteric.

    6. Sean Riedinger

      As far as Items go, I really like the idea of a MYSTIC SEAL-- Maybe visualized as a big inscribed wax / stone disc. Something for containing (or unleashing!) supernatural forces.

    7. Taara Chatterjee on

      I know it was mentioned in an earlier comment, but WOW a library would be great!!! You would hvae to conduct the battle as quietly as possible.

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      Fran S. on

      I was thinking Teddy Roosevelt would make a fantastic character card. He carries a big stick/is a big game hunter, he gave a speech after being shot---without pause---and split the Republican vote in the 1912 election by creating his own party to defeat Taft.

      For a battlefield I feel like a college dorm room would be a lot of fun---food everywhere, mountains of dirty laundry, the free spaces need to be hopped across like stones in a stream ect.

      For an item, the US Constitution. Because, because. I'm not an American History nerd or anything ;)

    9. Jackalyn on

      I wouldn't of thought there'd be any copyright issues with making The Evil Baby Orphanage into a battlefield, right?

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      Brian MacNamara on

      If your looking for non-European Mythologies one suggestion for a Warrior could be The Rainbow Serpent from many Australian Aboriginal Traditions

      Firstly, I feel it would make a really interesting artwork for a card, Secondly, this is a mythology that rarely gets looked at so it is not as over used as some others, Thirdly, even though most people might not be aware of the serpent, I'm sure they will be able to come up with a fantastic stories in any case.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ali Steele on

      if it doesn't exist already, something based on a Valkyrie would be pretty cool?

    12. Matt Davies on

      I really like a lot of the suggestions here - I especially like the recent generic Goddess, Jack the Ripper, Utility Belt and Hive Mind suggestions. And I really hope you do a Monkey King card!

      I've been thinking what I plan on doing with my blank cards and thought I'd share some of them here, though I thought of some of these specifically to reference other tabletop games, as I'll probably mostly be playing this at my uni's tabletop gaming society. Obviously for that reason not all are possible, just thought others might enjoy seeing them.
      -Munchkin - (in reference to both the game and the trope) A dimunuitive warrior, he is callous and doesn't much care for backstory.
      -Man with a Giant Head - (a lot of us enjoy playing Sopio at the tabletop gaming society, I thought some of its ideas would translate to Story War quite nicely) He's married, got two kids, has a pet giant cat and still has time to party. Basically, he's living the dream.
      -Time-Travelling Tortoise - (another Sopio one) He's pretty darn slow, but always arrives with time to spare. (So that's how he beat the hare...)
      -Dungeon Master - (This and the rest of the warriors are DnD inspired - I know you're trying to avoid those, but I think at least a few of these are well established enough to work well) He controls powerful magics that affect the battlefield and summon creatures to battle his foes. He can't affect free will though, and he's easily bribed with pizza.
      -Assassin - This femme fatale knows her way around crossbows and swords as well as how to slip in and out of sight.
      -Barbarian - She might not be the sharpest axe in the barbarian cache of weapons, but once she goes into a rage and starts charging, nothings going to stop her.
      -Beast Master - This ranger focuses less on bows or swords and more in the command of nature. With his wolf companion by his side, they're an unstoppable duo.
      -Hexagon Island - (basically Catan) This newly discovered island has begun attracting settlers interested in the island's rich resources of wheat, sheep, wood, clay, stone and treachery.
      -Chess Board - This checkered battlefield is strewn with the remains of a once great battle. Some warriors might find their movement here restricted...
      -Sex-Changing Belt - (a fun little trope of some RPGs that I enjoy playing with) This stylish belt looks utterly harmless. It feels like a good idea to put it on...
      -The Right to Bear Arms - (one of my favourite jokes in Sopio) A pair of bear arms to go over your regular ones. Get it? Bear arms? BEAR arms?

    13. Kelsey Hodges on

      I personally would love for Greek god/goddess cards, or gods and goddesses from other pantheons, to make their way in, but I agree they could be too powerful or too easy to overpower if you know their myths. Plus it would be hard to choose which ones to include, as you obviously couldn't include them all (although what a great second expansion that could be! I'd buy that in a heartbeat!)
      What about a generic "Goddess" card, just a stereotypical Greek goddess look, but not any one goddess in particular and thus open to lots of interpretation? I think that could be really cool.

    14. Jeremy Ricker on

      Krampus (a creature from Alpine folklore who punishes bad children during the Yule season)
      Jack the Ripper (A London serial killer from the late 1800s)
      Basilisk (Legendary king of serpents that can cause death with a single glance)
      Comic Book City (a city littered with criminals and cops)
      Super Villain Hideout (a large facility full of traps)
      Graveyard (full of zombies and ghosts)
      Post Apocalyptic Wasteland (large dry irradiated landscape with mutants)
      Prehistoric Jungle (man eating plants, giant bugs, and dinosaurs)
      Utility Belt (full of gadgets to help get out of tight spots)
      Apple of Discord (Golden apple inscribed with the words "to the fairest" used by the goddess Eris)
      Cupid's bow (used to cause infatuation in one of the combatants)

    15. Missing avatar

      James Nassif on

      I just saw your comment on the Hankgames playthough. Would you consider reincorporating the genie into the expansion if it received support? I really like the car salesman/sleazy night club owner art and it seems like it could be really interesting to play, even with a separate wishing item.

    16. Henrik Rostedt on

      Neck - a germanic spirit that lures people into the rivers or lakes, plays the violin
      Troll - a proper scandinavian troll
      Hive Mind - complete with drones
      Philosopher - dealing a lot of existential damage

      Bottomless Pit - constant falling, you actually do not need to fly
      Underwater Castle - as seen in the little mermaid
      Winter Landscape - a heavily snowed over area, typically a forest
      A Doll House - including children trying to play with you
      A Courtroom - everything you say will be used against you
      Inside Of A Treasury - dual heist

      Magical Portrait - the portrait is hurt instead of the warrior
      Flute - they always do something magical
      Four Clover - handpicked by a little girl
      Scout's Backpack - everything you need to survive contained within
      Blow Darts - these can kill an elephant instantly
      User Manual - rtfm!
      Love Potion - a month worth of dating condensed in one bottle
      Note From Future Self - not sure how I got this, so how do I know how to give it?

    17. Apanickah Sporadically on

      I would really like to see more battle fields with a premise like the mansion card has.

    18. Missing avatar

      Steve R on

      Based on Hank's suggestion in Hank Games, i'd like to see a Sky Mammoth to accompany the Sky Whale

    19. Conan Reis on

      Here are some quick ideas:

      - “Otherworldly AI Power” trundles around using some sort of intergalactic probe and exerts its vast knowledge and tech over civilizations it comes across. Can get into any connected system and solve practically any problem. [Inspiration “Fire Upon the Deep” by Vernor Vinge]
      - “Emergent AI” present to some degree in practically anything that has had any sort of fleeting connection to the Internet. Has no central point of origin and can use most tech against any opponent. It could be scatterbrained and distractible though adept at sowing misinformation.
      - “Affable though jaded veteran videogame coder” [could probably kick Medusa’s behind if able to determine enough of the problem parameters]

      - “Derelict Spacecraft” The systems could be failing in various ways and combatants would have to be careful not to puncture hull or otherwise wreck vital systems needed to live or potentially to leave area if successful.
      - “Game Developer Conference” All the crazy stuff that exhibitors have to wow people in their booths plus the exhibitors and the attendees could flock to a combatants banner based on the draw to their particular geek compass. [Other conventions have been suggested and thought this could be fun.]

      HUD/Cortex Shunt with direct link to all-knowing AI power - essentially an instant recall super Wikipedia.
      Nanotech assemblers - build or reassemble just about anything if correct/sufficient materials and time are at hand. Could create other items or even alter/repair/hamper/attack warriors.

    20. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    21. Cantrip Games Creator on

      @Doug Martin Story War already has cartoon physics!
      @Lloyd Pyes we totally wanna do a Monkey King card!
      @Essay Butler oh cool! Maybe like a Davey Jones card? We have a Final Destination Battlefield, called "Plains"
      @Gary Owen haha a lot of people have suggested a convention center, hmm.

    22. Missing avatar

      Essay Butler on

      Pirate King - Warrior
      Final Destination (like in Smash Bros., for the Stop Having Fun Guys). - Battlefield
      Prep Time - Item

      Just off the top of my head

    23. Missing avatar

      Gary Owen on

      I had an idea for two Battlefields: Ancient indian burial ground and DOUBLE ancient indian burial ground! "Hey, did you know...This ancient indian burial ground is built on...AN ANCIENT INDIAN BURIAL GROUND!"
      and an anime/comic con. The smell. The costumes. The dealers room....X_x

    24. Missing avatar

      Lloyd Pyes on

      For a Warrior card, I'd like to suggest The Monkey King, also commonly referred to as Sun Wukong or Son Goku. Now in my opinion, there's two ways you could go with this if you chose this suggestion:
      1. Make him a slouchy burnout sort of character who uses the staff he's associated with as like a bar or something for him to lean on
      2. Turn him into a bulky yet agile luchador with a monkey king motif.

    25. Doug Martin on

      I saw someone suggest a 2D world as a Battlefield. Let me take that a step further and say a cartoon world where cartoon physics apply. So you could paint a tunnel on a wall and trick your opponent to go through it, or take an anvil from above and walk away like a slinky. I guess no one would die with such physics so it would be up to the judge to decide when someone has won, but I think it could work. I mean, the coyote never dies, but he also never succeeds; the episode just ends with him losing. So, it would be up to the judge to decide when the "episode" (i.e. round) ended and who took the most hits.

    26. Justin Wachholder on

      @Matt Brosseau that is hilarious!

    27. Ryan Bell on


      Irish Bar Patron - Half brawler, half idiot, all drunk. The possibilties are endless.

      Neighborhood Watch Leader - Think Antwon Dobson with red bandana, frail frame and dirty tanktop, holding a rolled up newspaper screaming "We goin find you!"

      Robot Frog - He flys and well... eats flies. Picture Kermit the Frog meets Iron Man.

      Elifino - An Elephant and a Rhino do the fusion dance and make this monstronsity. Maybe it has huge dumbo ears, the silly blue hat and a giant horn for goring. That is if he doesnt trip over his ears. Good thing he can fly.

      Honey Badger Man - Bad ass animal, nut job vigilante.... Nuff said.


      Magic Beans - The musical fruit the more you eat the more a beanstalk shoots right outta your ass. Ouch!

      Voodoo Doll - Pincushion of Punishment or theraputic placebo of pain to inflict on a victim? Dont prink your finger trying to find out!

      The big red button - What does it do! Does it launch the nuke! Does it scream bullshit. Does it slam a pie in someones face. Don't make me press it.

      Strange stopwatch - does it stop time or just stop counting it? does it reduce the amount of time your opponent has to tell a story? i hope you have good batteries in it regardless.


      AC Transit Bus - In honor of epic beard mans AC transit bus fight smackdown, hopefully your oponnent brings a check for their body to cash cus it's time to make some change.

      Pandoras Box - Instead of having it as an item, what dangers lurk to fight inside it? The Horror the horror!

      Ghost World - it would be hard to stand and fight in a world where everything is all spectral.

      Sinking Ship - Better get this fight over with or we your both doomed. Those sharks sure look hungry!

    28. Matt Brosseau on

      Warrior: Cop One Day from Retirement

    29. Eric Newland on

      - The Boggeyman

      - Dreamweaver

      - A nightmare
      - Haunted House
      - Occult Circle/ Stone Hendge

    30. Missing avatar

      Gerard O'Brien on

      A few based on Irish mythology:

      Warrior: Fionn Mac Cumhaill
      Item: Salmon of Knowledge
      Battlefield: Giant's Causeway

    31. Chris Grooms on

      I have a theme going here, see if you can guess it.

      Warrior: Pizza Delivery Guy. He can pelt enemies with coins from his change purse and drive over them with his Pizzamobile.

      Stadium: Pizzaria. In the midst of fighting, customers and waitresses could get in the way, and italian music is always perfect for setting the mood for a battle.

      Item: Pizza. Can be eaten for health or used as a weapon to burn your enemies.

    32. Joshua Fleming on

      My first thought for a warrior is an extremely intelligent, telepathic Brain in a Jar. It wouldn't need to use actual mind control(though that could work), it would just be so smart that it could kill you by convincing you to do something that gets you killed, or by talking to others and getting them to fight for it. It could also be Telekinetic, but I'm guessing you already have a proper Psychic so that might be redundant.

      For an item, I recommend "Prep Time", so more Batman-ish warriors could be allowed to set traps and such.

      And to round it out, I think an M.C. Escher painting would work fantastically for a Battlefield.

    33. Cantrip Games Creator on

      You got it Joseph!

    34. Thomas Woolsey on

      On top of my previous idea, how about:


      -Gladiator (fights for the crowd)
      -Tin Man (A la Oz)
      -Lawyer (deadly and not trustworthy)
      -Apophis (Evil snake)
      -Abominable Snowman (Never lost a snowball fight)


      -Electric Guitar (shoots lightning at foes)
      -Enchanted Saxophone (Melodies summon confusion on the weak-minded)
      -Razor CD (Rip for great tunes, throw for great rips)
      -Laser Pen (It always was mightier than the sword)
      -Flying Carpet (Transport yourself in style AND comfort.)


      -Asteroid (Floating in space with low gravity)
      -Giant World (Where you feel like an ant)
      -Trampoline Factory (Bounce, Pounce, Trounce!)
      -Ancient Pyramid (Full of traps and cruses)
      -Underground Lake (A hidden ecosystem under the Earth's crust)

    35. Thomas Woolsey on

      I'm thinking that you guys should have a detective. And he should wear a deerstalker.


    36. Joseph Asfoury on

      some sort of giant monster thing though i guess it'd need its limitations. so like a baby giant monster thing maybe? giant monster thing egg. maybe a giant robot. here are my big ideas ho ho ho

    37. Hilary Austin on

      I would love to see yokai incorporated into this game, if they haven't been already! Yokai are traditional Japanese monsters from old folk tales, such as Kitsune, Kappa, Tengu, Oni, and much, much more. In fact Tsukumogami, a type of yokai that are ordinary household items come to life on their 100th birthday, could also be items. Probably the best known of the Tsukumogami (due to its appearance in older Nintendo games,) is the Kasa-obake, an umbrella with a single eye and a ridiculous tongue that hops around on one foot. Going with the Japanese theme here, some potential battlefields could be a Palace Garden, a Shinto shrine, or a graveyard filled with fallen warriors. All of those suggestions are based off real places in Japan (cough cough the Imperial Gardens, Meji Shrine, Grave of the 47 Ronin.) Or you could do a less specific place such as a rice paddy.

    38. Missing avatar

      Anonymous on

      Wanted to contribute, shouldn't have read other responses - Wow!


      Retired Adventurer: Frail, but knows all the tricks in the book

      Scarecrow: Seems frail, but bludgeoning and stabbing might not harm it

      Old Fasioned Golem: Made of clay, executes instructions written on a piece of paper inside its head - could have an input feed for silliness.

      Cerberus the giant three-headed dog is pretty awesome. Easy to explain.

      A Grim Reaper / Death character, but to lesson its power you might have the Ferryman/Charon ?

      Pheonix - might have to kill it in creative ways


      A Battlefield (literally). A recent battle took place here, the field is strewn with weapons of all kind (maybe even traps). Or, if you want NPCs, it can be an ongoing battle!

      Small Farm

      The Inn


      Fire, fresh from Olympos


      Smokescreen pellet - for all your ninja needs


      Singing Sword

    39. Cantrip Games Creator on

      These suggestions are so cool! We're gonna put together a detailed response to them in our next expansion card update, so keep 'em coming!

    40. Evvan Burke on

      Greek Gods would be too easy to over-power. I’d suggest sticking with the monsters: The Hydra, Sphynx, Charybdis and Scylla. You could include a Nemaen Lion, or you could just make a more general “King Lion” (reversed for copyright reasons) so people can play it from multiple different perspectives.

      From other cultures you could include La Llorona (is there a good ghost card already?), King Arthur, Annie Oakley (I loved Aramis suggestion), a Terracotta Soldier, or a Kelpie. For Norse mythology you could include a Frost Giant or Grendel.

      As far as battlefields go, I’d just like one where everything is underwater. I’d be fun to explain/make up how certain warriors can survive there, and it flips certain advantages like flight.

    41. Eric Newland on


      - A flock of bird ( Kinda like from the movie The Birds)
      - A pack of wild Dogs
      - A pack of anything animal related
      - Mummy
      - Santa Clause

      - Mind Control Device
      - Smoke Bomb
      - Force Field
      - Acid Cloud
      - Portal gun
      - Necromancer Ring

    42. Julia M. on

      Chibi angel and devil cards!!

    43. Aramis Troche on

      Fionn mac Cumhail (Finn Mac Cool)

      Takehaya Susanoo-no-Mikoto

      The Morrigan

      Nikola Tesla

      John Henry

      Annie Oakley

      Luchador/Professional Wrestler

      Franz Mesmer (pioneer of hypnotism/mesmerism)


      La Llorona

      La Belle Dame sans Merci



      Elizabeth Bathory



      Outer Space Restaurant

      Shambhala / Shangri-La or



      The Titanic

      Rapunzel's Tower

      Bamboo Forest

      Icarus' Wings

      The Hand of Midas

      Hope Diamond

      Forbidden Fruit

      Golden Apple

      Poison Ring


      Lethe Water

      Winged Shoes



    44. Tim McGregor on

      Mad Scientist? Someone suggested their lair, but they could be a decent warrior as well. Could fit well with the Jekyll/Hyde idea.
      I was also thinking hippocamp/sea-horse, but I don't really know how'd you play it as a warrior. Might be better as an item? "The (Trusty) Steed"? Though that could be a warrior, I guess.
      Also aside from a genie bottle there could also be a genie/jinn warrior, probably drawing a bit more on the desert/fire spirit aspect than just plain wish-giving.
      Also (again adding to something below), apples in general seem to cause a lot of problems. Poison Apple, Forbidden Fruit (wasn't technically an apple but eh), Apple of Discord, etc. Not sure if they'd work better as their own items or just as an apple/fruit that you play however you want. Forbidden Fruit particularly could be cool as a way to lure characters into traps.

    45. Alex Rider on

      Great white shark


    46. Hans de Vries

      Edge of the world (inspired by the disk world)
      Wild river that leads to a waterfall

      Big feet person
      Person that can shoot while holding his hands in pistol shape

      Portal bow
      Shield ring
      Time watch (change/go to the past, future and present)
      Rolled magazine

    47. Ruben Escobedo III on

      Dr. Zeus. (Dr. Seuss mixed with Zeus)
      El Cthulhucabra (Cthulhu and El Chupacabra)
      Chariot of Fire
      Pixel gun
      Time Machine

    48. Missing avatar

      Peter Campbell on

      I wouldn't be surprised if something like this has been suggested, but having some form of monster-movie Kaiju as a Warrior would dovetail nicely with both the Sci-fi and Asian focuses of the expansion.