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Sesame replaces your keys with your phone. It fits on your lock in seconds - no need to remove or swap anything. Questions? Email
Sesame replaces your keys with your phone. It fits on your lock in seconds - no need to remove or swap anything. Questions? Email
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Guideline on Compatibility

Posted by CANDY HOUSE Inc. (Creator)

We received lots of inquiries from backers all over the world on whether Sesame is compatible with their locks. Backers and potential backers, we greatly appreciate your support : ) 

To better answer those questions, our product designer made this guideline. If your lock is single turn and meets those dimension requirements, you have our PROMISE that Sesame will work! 

Optimized Situation

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    1. Santi Magno

      One of my locks has a round knob (with thumb depressions on two sides) with a diameter of 30mm and a total lock height of 50mm, of which the base height is 8m. Base diameter is 52mm.

      Is there a way that the Sesame could be adjusted to make it work with this particular lock? Kindly advise. Thank you!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jimmy on

      Hi, I have a round knob with a diameter of 22mm. Does that mean I'm out of luck?

    3. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator on

      @Harsh Kukadia
      We can confirm the special case for you. Please send some pics or videos to us by

    4. Harsh Kukadia on

      I have a knob which is a combo of a handle and knob. It requires rotating and holding in that position to open the door and when we leave it, it goes back to locked position again just like a handle. If we want to lock the door completely, it requires rotating it a few times. Will sesame work in such a situation?

    5. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator on

      @Dick Shyu
      Thank you very very much.

    6. Missing avatar

      Dick Shyu on

      I want to send a picture to verify if I can install Sesame, where should I send to ?
      Thanks !

    7. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator on

      @Ove Hellevang
      Please refer to the "Base & Key" picture.

    8. Ove Hellevang on

      Your guidelines doesn't give us any max distance from the edge of the base to the edge of the door itself. I'm still not sure Sesame can be fitted correctly and not stand out of the edge of my door.
      The door opens out, so Sesame can't stick out.

    9. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator on

      @Robert Roll
      Actually the minimal distance can be 7mm. I just took a look on you mail.
      Sesame will work on your door lock. That is so exciting.

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Roll on

      Distance between the base and handle is only 8mm, however there is a cover-bushing which your handle does not have. I assume that if I remove the handle, remove the and replace the handle cover-bushing with a slightly smaller cover-bushing or no cover bushing at all, then I will have the 10mm that I need, after I reattach the handle?

    11. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator on

      We can hardly stop Sesame by hands. But I think that a smooth-turning knob is more friendly for Sesame

    12. Guy Raz on

      I have a question on torque. As you know, not all doors are created equal, and when the weather goes through warming and cooling, doors and frames expand and contract, which often leads to a sticky deadbolt. Does Sesame have sufficient torque to "unstick" a deadbolt that normally would require pressing against or pulling the door in order to free the latch?

    13. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator on


      In this video from 1:20 is actually a process that tells Sesame which angle is locked and which is unlocked. The range of degrees never matters.

    14. Ben Preter on

      Hi. So I understand that if my lock (Israel) requires more than ¼ turn right (rotation and a quarter) so SESAME will not work with me?