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Stunning metal D20 coins with serious heft. For adventurers everywhere.
Stunning metal D20 coins with serious heft. For adventurers everywhere.
810 backers pledged AU$ 37,560 to help bring this project to life.

The coins are finished!

Posted by Campaign Coins (Creator)

Look up, adventurers:

The coins are in the air

Our production was completed and packed right on our deadline of 31 January.

All three shipments left our factory on the very last day before the Lunar New Year holiday. (Happy Year of the Pig to you all! May it bring happiness, good health, and prosperity, most likely in the form of fancy big D20 coins)

It was a huge effort by our hard working team, so Bigby's High Fives all round for them.

Here are the dates they will land, according to Fed Ex - shipments usually take half this time, but I guess everyone was trying to get their freight out at the same time:

  •  USA & Canada: due to land Monday 11 February at Ship Naked
  •  EU & Europe: due to land Monday 11 February at Black Book Editions
  •  Australia (and Asia-Pacific): arrived at our storage unit yesterday, which was my birthday! Nothing says "You're getting old" like hauling 160 kilos of metal around in the Australian summer, but I was pretty thrilled to see them. It was like the biggest heaviest present ever, and well wrapped too.
It looks lighter when it is further away. It was not.
It looks lighter when it is further away. It was not.

When will you get yours then?

We're waiting on advice from Ship Naked and Black Book Editions as to when they can begin shipping. Given time for customs and import, and then unpacking and checking, I would not reasonably expect that to happen until the week of Monday 18 February at the earliest. And, it may be later, depending on the other jobs that are ahead of us.

As I type this, I realise that I have not sent the D20s out to our partners yet! We'll get those out via Express Post to join the coins.

Asia-Pacific folks, we hope to start packing next week. We'd like all coins to be on the ground in all territories first.

To summarise, it's not likely that everyone will have their coins in February as we originally promised, but I'm very confident they will all have arrived in March.

More news as we get it.

Production photos

We are super pleased with how they turned out, and hope you are too. Everything is exactly as we promised you. Anything that doesn't look brilliant in the photos below is the photo, not the coins (the shiny ones are notoriously camera shy).

Production samples, 20 side up
Production samples, 20 side up
Production samples, 1 side up
Production samples, 1 side up
Coins in final packaging
Coins in final packaging

We're really pleased with them and hope you are too. You may remember that in order to make the deadline, we had to extrapolate final production numbers when your surveys were 80% complete. For the most part, that worked out, but the Collector Packs were incredibly popular (you ordered more of those than all other packs combined), and we also had a late surge on Platinum, so much so that we had to very quickly made some more with 48 hours to go.

What that means for you is, we've shipped very close to the wire on some coin packs to the US and France. If all goes well, no problems, but if we lose a few packs here and there, replacements may need to come from Australia.

The 26 vagabonds

We're down to 26 backers of you who did not get your details or payment to us before the cut off. I've continued my campaign of emailing and messaging you but there's only so much I can do.

You can of course still get your coins (or a refund), just get in touch and we'll work out how to make that happen. It will most likely mean your shipment will be coming from Australia, as we simply might not have enough spares local to you to cover your parcel.

If you're stressed about being in the 26, there's an easy way to check: you'll have quite a few personal messages from me in your Kickstarter messaging or email trying to get in touch. If you filled in your details at GameOn and I haven't been hounding you, relax, you're golden. Or copper. Or silver. (You get the idea.)

Kickstarter musing: Shipping costs

It's a truth universally acknowledged that the #1 risk on Kickstarter is the shipping costs. We did... okay.

The current estimate for US-Canada ship costs is about 25% over what we asked you to pay us. That shortfall is a combination of the complexity of our production (our warehouse folks have 10 different SKUs to juggle), the rise in postage that came through in the US in January, and me just getting it wrong and erring on your side. I am relieved that we have undercharged you, rather than the other way around.

Are you seeing double?

Yes. And no. Let me explain:

From now on, we will be sending these updates on both Kickstarter and GameOn Tabletop. The reason for that is that we have new backers who joined us after the Kickstarter who won't get this news otherwise.

If you opted-in to emails about the project when you completed your details on GameOn, you will get this from both sources. Sorry for the duplication; you can log back in to GameOn or to Kickstarter to mute us. Hit us with that Silence spell, we don't mind.

That's all

Thanks again, everyone! We hope you like the look of the coins, and are planning rad campaigns to use them.

Tonight we're sitting down to play Classic RuneQuest (it is so very stabby), and this Sunday it's back to Barovia where the adventurers will be spending their loot to reinforce a stronghold against the vampiric hordes. Can cold stone and blind faith keep out the undead? We'll find out. Personally I think they're gonna need a few rerolls.

Luckily, with your help, we made a token for that!


Mark, Andre, Penny & Jackson

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    1. Missing avatar

      Spencer Whipple on

      OK officially jazzed. This is gonna be awesome :)

    2. Campaign Coins 6-time creator

      Single coin backers will be send from Australia - expect them in around 3 weeks or so.

    3. Jeff Blackshear on

      Treasure incoming! *rubs hands greedily*

    4. Jose Morales on

      great to hear!!!
      sorry but whats the status if I opted for the single coin ??

    5. Ronja

      Thanks for the update, Coins look great!