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Stunning metal D20 coins with serious heft. For adventurers everywhere.
Stunning metal D20 coins with serious heft. For adventurers everywhere.
810 backers pledged AU$ 37,560 to help bring this project to life.

The coins are landing!

Posted by Campaign Coins (Creator)

Hail, adventurers,

Coins are arriving across the USA !

Our friends at Ship Naked completed their fulfilment in record time. Some of you in the US already have your coins, and Canada will not be far behind. At the end of this update is a special message for North American backers.

Elsewhere, we have hit some delays:

Europe & EU: as I wrote last time, Black Book Editions (aka GameOn Tabletop) are away for the Festival International des Jeux de Cannes and were unable to start fulfilment before the show. We expect they will begin shipping in early March.

Australia & Asia-Pacific: We've had all sorts of troubles here in Melbourne with the roll out of our new mail order system: software, hardware, brainware, you name it. To cut a long story short, we chose the worst possible time to break everything, and all of our orders got backed up. A week of 12-hour days later, we are finally back on track. We are prepping the Epic D20 shipment this weekend, and the first parcels should go out next Tuesday 26 February.

Share the enjoyment

We've been delighted to see that some of you have been sharing the arrival of your coins, either in comments on the Kickstarter or on social media. We love this in every way; when you put news of our little company @CampaignCoins out there, it really helps us grow. On a more personal level, we copy every single message and collate them for our hardworking manufacturing team, and Lynda the artist. It really means something, so thank you.

I loved seeing this photo on Twitter today - Jonathan was our first social media follower, and he's still here!

Deven Rue goodness

We've love reading how much you love your new Deven Rue Compass Rose. (Seriously. How good is it?!) 

We have news: there's more where that came from. We loved the compass so much, and it's so handy to have something to pin down our maps, that we thought: wouldn't it be grand to have a piece for each corner of the map?

So, working with Deven who is as generous as she is talented, we have created the Deven Rue Map Weight collection, four new pieces in the same style, size and weight as the Compass. Her designs are truly magnificent, and our sculptor has really done them justice. They are available for sale on our site right now. (But please be patient, as we are pausing all other shipping until the Epic D20 Coins are out the door.)

Deven Rue Map Weight collection
Deven Rue Map Weight collection

Gather your friends 

I want to finish by paying tribute to a friend and backer who has left us far too soon:

Mark Rajic was a local legend. I ran games for him and Michelle at PAX AUS, on several Free RPG Days, and at RuneQuest Con Down Under. He was exactly the sort of bloke that makes you beam when he rocks up to your table, the kind of person who makes our hobby so great: friendly, welcoming and adventurous.  

So, this weekend, do what Mark would do: gather your friends for an epic session. Tell stories, laugh, and let the dice fall where they may. It's not the outcome that matters, it's the time spent together.

If all your friends are busy, then put on Conan the Barbarian instead. Mark knew what was best in life. He will be remembered. 


Mark. with Andre, Jackson & Penny

"Greetings Epic D20 Coin Backers!

As of February 15, 2019 we have successfully picked, packed, and shipped all reward packages for Epic D20 Coin.

We send a shipping notification email for each package when it goes through our local processing facility. If it’s been a few days since this update date and you have not seen your notification email, please check your spam folder. 

We have also sent a full report of all packages shipped to Campaign Coins so they can see the tracking and shipment status for all packages we have shipped if you have questions.

If you receive your package and any pieces are missing or damaged, please ask Campaign Coins here through Kickstarter. 

Thank you for your support of Epic D20 Coin & Campaign Coins!

- Ship Naked"

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    1. Jeffrey Mosbaugh

      @CC - Ahh, got it, must've missed that memo somewhere. Thanks much for the speedy reply!

    2. Campaign Coins 6-time creator

      @Jeffrey Mosbaugh: Sorry for the confusion: all Single Coin pledges were sent from Australia yesterday, via Economy Air. This service is reliable, but does not include tracking.

    3. Jeffrey Mosbaugh

      So, if I've not seen a US shipping notification at this point, shall I check in with Campaign Coins or ShipNaked?

    4. Tomer Gurantz


    5. P Tracy

      Happy to pick mine up in person.

    6. Missing avatar

      Diana Larabee on

      Ours arrived in the Northwest US yesterday. Absolutely stunning work and wonderful hand-feel. We'll be watching for the additional pieces that we ordered with anticipation. Also, ordered the Deven Rue weight set. Those things are great!

    7. Missing avatar

      Karl Bushman on

      I got my coins and I am very satisfied. They are beautiful and have a great feel.

    8. Ronja

      As always thanks for the update!
      The photo from Jonathan looks great! Can't wait to have the epic's in my own hands 😃
      The Deven Rue weights are gorgeous.
      At first I didn't see what was in the most right one, but looking at it on your website I saw it's a mermaid! Very cool 👍
      You're not gonna do a Kickstarter campaign with them?
      Being an international backer it's expansive to just order things from your website. (and I haven't figured out yet if it is 'EU friendly shipping')
      I'm sorry for your loss.