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Stunning metal D20 coins with serious heft. For adventurers everywhere.
Stunning metal D20 coins with serious heft. For adventurers everywhere.
810 backers pledged AU$ 37,560 to help bring this project to life.

Last call: mailing address

Posted by Campaign Coins (Creator)

Greetings adventurers,

The omens were true! The coins are nearly complete!

Last call for your mailing address

Tomorrow we are compiling all of the backer information. So, if you have changed address recently, or (cough) if you have not completed your pledge manager, please get in touch immediately.

The 39 Rebels

Thirty nine of you don't need no stinking pledge manager. You go your own way. We admire  your rebellious streak. The man, or the pledge manager, will not hold you down.

But, alas, you will pay more postage unless we hear from you in the next 18 hours, because we will have to ship your order from Australia. 

It kills me to do that to you, but we've sent 4 Pledge Manager emails, and I've written to you each personally via email, and via Kickstarter message, plus through these updates. If I mention this again you're within your rights to take out a restraining order.

So: no worries. We understand that life can be overwhelming at times. (I sympathise, I'm trying to wrap a Kickstarter and writing deadlines just before a convention weekend, phew). So, get in touch when it suits you, and we'll work it out together. This is the last reminder.

The printing is done, the bags are close

The packaging cards are all printed and at the factory!

The bags are due to be finished today, and we have asked the manufacturer to send them via express shipment.

So, we are looking good to have everything on hand to start packing and assembly on 26 January, so that we can make our ship out deadline to fulfilment on 31 January.

We'll let you know when the coins are in the air!


Mark, Andre, Penny & Jackson

Printed backing card with awesome Dyson Logos map
Printed backing card with awesome Dyson Logos map
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