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Stunning metal D20 coins with serious heft. For adventurers everywhere.
Stunning metal D20 coins with serious heft. For adventurers everywhere.
810 backers pledged AU$ 37,560 to help bring this project to life.

LAST CALL: Fill in your surveys or pay more postage (nooooooo!)

Posted by Campaign Coins (Creator)

Hail adventurers,

The hour grows late, but ten per cent of our 800-strong membership are absent... 

What are we to do?

Last call to complete your surveys

There are two types of backers in this project:

Those who have completed your surveys...

Thanks very much, you're the best. You can relax and wait for your coins.

... and those who have not.

We are now locking down the Pledge Manager. We then use the data to work out how many coins to ship to our US fulfilment, and how many to ship to the EU. The rest then come to us in Australia.

What that means is, this is the last chance to get your coins into your local shipment, and get the best postage rate. If you don't, we will be sending your coins to Australia, and shipping them from here. That means, postage will cost you more, and if you are in the EU, you will lose your EU friendly shipping.

So: please complete your survey before 21 January, or your postage will go up!

Nobody wants that, surely.

Manufacturing update

We are confident that the coins will all be ready to ship before the Lunar New Year holiday.

But, there are two other factors: all the printing needs to be finished for the packaging, and the bags have to be ready. We have placed our orders for those in time, but things can happen. So, we'll keep on it, and let you know if there are any problems.

That's all

Thanks everyone. We sent this update to all of you, but really, it's just for 82 of you.

The clipart clock is past midnight. Pleeeeease finish your surveys! If you have any trouble, get in touch and we'll help. I've just written individually to each of you who need to complete it, so check your inbox for more information and instructions. And boy are my arms tired!


Mark, Andre, Penny & Jackson

Tick tock said the clip art clock
Tick tock said the clip art clock
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    1. Campaign Coins 6-time creator

      W00t, thanks Pete !

    2. P Tracy

      One less foot dragger now.