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Beautiful metal meeples with gorgeous colour enamel, designed by Daniel Solis.
Beautiful metal meeples with gorgeous colour enamel, designed by Daniel Solis.
407 backers pledged AU$ 29,352 to help bring this project to life.

Meeple shipping: one down, two to go

Posted by Campaign Coins (Creator)

Hello Meeple Friends,

Shipping has commenced! Here's the update for each territory.

Australia and Asia-Pacific: Meeples away

Yesterday we got all of the meeples for Australia and Asia Pacific backers parcelled up, and we took them to the post office today. They should arrive soon!

Here you can see my two thumbs up, not that meeples have thumbs. It was a great joy to be able to pack these up for you all. We hope you like them as much as we do.

USA and Canada: In the queue

The meeples have cleared customs in the US, and been counted into the Ship Naked warehouse. We are waiting on news when fulfilment will start.

We were warned that October would be a busy month, but we hope the shipping starts soon.

EU: Headaches and new plans

We've hit a stumbling block for our EU backers. We had planned to use our great friends at Kixto UK who have sent out our last two campaigns, and who gave us due warning that regulation changes since then required us to apply for registration as an Importer of Record with the UK Government. Kixto have been really excellent.

However, we've hit a series of snags with our application, and the most recent phone call we learned that our application was in fact cancelled due to lack of information, and we have to reapply (!), which will add another 4 weeks. We're still pursuing that, but as a contingency we are talking to some colleagues in France about taking over the fulfilment. It's Essen Spiel this weekend, so everyone over there is busy as you can imagine, but we hope to have it resolved next week.

Bag colours

When we chose the bag colours, rather than go for straight primaries we went for elegant dark colours. They look really classy, but in hindsight, we have to say that the blue velvet is a bit too dark, so much so that it is a little too close to the black velvet. 

However, the blue cord stands out, and we didn't think it was worth being fussy and holding up the whole shipment again. (Whereas fixing the actual meeples was totally worth the wait, they look amazing.)

You'll find that inside the velvet bag, each meeple has its own little ziplock bag. We recommend storing them this way.


This weekend is PAX AUS, and we'll be there with our full booth. Come and say hello!

We're looking forwards to it, but a bit heart broken that the meeples will not be on our stand. Even though all local Australian backers will be getting their meeples in the next few days, we feel we can't have them on sale until our US and EU friends have them too. After all, you're the people who made them happen.


Mark, Andre, Penny & Jackson

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    1. Missing avatar


      Hooray! It's so nice having an Aus kickstarter :) All the best at PAX Aus!

    2. Campaign Coins 6-time creator

      @Everyone: thanks for your incredibly kind words, we'll give that some thought. Our first duty is to you, and frankly were humbled by your good wishes.

      @Monica: alas, EU is my lazy shorthand for all of Europe. We calculated the postage on shipping to a hub closer to you.

      @Tomasz: this is all pre-Brexit really. It's some poor planning on our part with a level of compliance requirements that we have not encountered before. As often happens when you do something for the first time, we messed up. But, we have very high hopes to sort this out next week when everyone is back from Essen. Sigh.

    3. Monica Elida Forssell

      I guess non-EU European contries are snagged in the same trouble as EU?

    4. TS Luikart

      Sell 'em at the con, Mark. You've got them underway, shipping wise.

    5. Gavin Burke on

      Great news that the little Meeples are on their way in Oz!

      Not that my opinion matters, but I reckon you should go ahead and sell them at PAX AUS. You guys have been very grateful to all the backers throughout the campaign and we all know how much you appreciate our support, but at the end of the day you're running a business and PAX AUS is a great opportunity to shift some merchandise. Cheers.

    6. DapperDevil on

      As a US backer, I also say go ahead and sell at PAX AUS! You not making sales doesn't get us our meeples any faster. Also, in the US we get plenty of things ahead of the rest of the world, we'd be bad sports if we didn't accept that sometimes it works in reverse.

    7. Carolyn Callahan

      US backer here, and I vote for you selling your Meeples at the Con. What say my fellow backers?

    8. Tomasz Rospondek

      Thank you UK. Smart move with the brexit.