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Beautiful metal meeples with gorgeous colour enamel, designed by Daniel Solis.
Beautiful metal meeples with gorgeous colour enamel, designed by Daniel Solis.
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Meeples of regret

Posted by Campaign Coins (Creator)

Hello meeple friends,

We are so humbled by your incredibly kind response to our production delay. I mean, we knew that people who like meeples are good people, but you people are really good people. Thank you.

This short update is to ask you to check your address, and show you another comparison photo, and to answer a common question.

Meeple line up

Top: first production meeples. Bottom: approved sample meeples.
Top: first production meeples. Bottom: approved sample meeples.

This photo shows you a head to head comparison of all the meeples.

As these meeples are game pieces, it's important that everyone can immediately look at them on the board and say "Those are mine". This is why we need to make sure that only the black meeple looks dark.

Here's the rundown:

  • Yellow Daisies: The production meeples are shiny and golden. These have turned out better, and we're super happy, as we had to remake this one a few times.
  • Fuji: Looks just as good, but now more more aqua.
  • Blue Water: We love the ripples on the final production.
  • Black Skulls: These are now proper black, without the purplish tint.
  • Purple Stars: I think you can see how bad these are.
  • Green Bamboo: The production green was okay, it's just nowhere near the beautiful green pop we like.
  • Red Hearts: Actually, in this photo the darker version looks okay, but when a bunch of them are lined up together, the dark ones just don't have the beautiful red quality that we got in the first samples. When the light hits the proper red, it glows; the dark red does not have that quality.
That's more like it!
That's more like it!

Can I adopt an unwanted meeple?

Many of you have asked if you can buy our reject meeples. That's sweet of you, as they certainly are in need of love.

But, alas, if they don't pass our quality check, we don't release them. It keeps things consistent out there in the world, so that everything we release looks exactly as we designed them to be. Thanks for the offer.

King's Ransom coins are ready

In all the meeple discussion, we forgot to say that the King's Ransom Board Game Coin Sets are ready, and have been for weeks. One less thing to worry about!

Address lockdown imminent

While we're waiting for the meeples to get their sparkle on, we will get everything ready for shipping. So, we will shortly lock down the addresses in BackerKit. If you have changed address since May, or are likely to in the near future, please update your details.

If we send to the address you provided and you're not there any more, we may need to respectfully ask you to pay the postage again, so let's avoid that together.

Another Kickstarter coming soon

As the meeples reach the end of production, we are prepping our next Kickstarter, a special deluxe coin we've made for the RPG crowd. Launching this new Kickstarter will not impact on the completion and delivery of the meeples, as they are at such different stages in their production cycle. (If you're a roleplayer too, we'll be previewing these new coins on our social media in the next few days. They're quite fancy.)

Thanks everyone. We'll keep meepling!


Mark, Andre, Penny & Jackson

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    1. Donald P. Rule on

      Oooo..... new coins for roll-players. You have my attention!!