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After being diagnosed with a rare, incurable liver disease, Cami Lundeen turned to songwriting to cope with her newfound reality.


"Run Free", written in the spring of 2012, is very significant in my journey as a singer-songwriter. 3 years ago this April, I was diagnosed with a rare, incurable liver disease. It was shortly after this that I began writing songs. Discovering that this is what I was made to do - who I was made to be - has been pertinent to coping with this roller coaster of life.

Over the last year and a half, I have put much time, effort, heart and soul into writing, performing, improving, and connecting my music with people. The next step in my journey is to record an EP (an Extended Play musical recording - typically 5 songs). Making this record is not about me; it's not about fame or money. It's about you - about all of us. It's about sharing a piece of me that might make this life a little better for someone - even if just for a moment. It's about leaving a legacy for my children - leaving behind something for them, and everyone, to know me by when the day comes that I am not here to sing these songs myself. By donating to my campaign, you are affecting so many more people than just me!

I have come up with some pretty fabulous rewards for donors, including a pre-release copy of my EP, with the smallest donation level. Purchase my EP before I record, so I can record! Check out the rewards over to the right.

Recording this EP will require raising $15,000 by April 1st.  If I do not raise at least $15,000 by April 1st, I will receive NO donations and there will be NO EP, and NO rewards!

    Where will the money go?
  • Kickstarter takes 5% right off the top
  • Amazon (credit card processing) takes 3%-5% per transaction
  • Recording/production/mixing
  • Mastering
  • Additional musicians
  • Album artwork
  • Album duplication
  • Travel expenses to studio
  • Rewards
  • Shipping

I am extremely excited about this venture, as I hope you are! I am thrilled to be working with exceptionally talented artists. Whatever amount you donate, from $10 - $10,000, every single one of you will always have my undying love and appreciation!! I could NOT do this without you!! Thank you!! I truly hope that someday I am able to contribute to fulfilling your dream!                 


Cami Lundeen



S - T - R - E - T - C - H    GOALS

If donations reach $20,000 - EP will become a full-length album!!

If donations reach $35,000 - 2013 Cami Lundeen TOUR!!

If donations reach $50,000 - every donor will be invited to a private album release party at a fabulous venue - food, open bar, receive your rewards, meet the producer, meet the band, meet the videographer, and a special live performance by yours truly.






**SOME LIMITATIONS APPLY** Rewards that require me to be in a certain location must be fulfilled within the greater Seattle area, or within an area that I travel/tour in the next couple of years. I will allow these to be redeemed at a later date, considering I may not be touring for another year or so. I am willing to travel at any time if the travel expenses are covered.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There are risks and challenges that come with everything in life, but
I am confident that I have spent sufficient time and thought on every aspect of this campaign. I have come up with reasonable rewards and timing. I will do everything in my power to make sure events happen as they should.


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    THE SUPPORTER : my undying love and appreciation!

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    THE LISTENER : Pre-release digital EP

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    THE LISTENER II : Physical EP + Pre-release digital EP

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    THE FAN : Signed physical EP + Pre-release digital EP + Two Limited edition album artwork stickers + Recognition on my website as a donor

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    THE COLLECTOR : Limited edition signed 8x10 studio session photo + Everything included in THE FAN

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    THE VIP : Name in liner notes + VIP tickets to show of your choice + Limited Edition signed album artwork T-shirt + Everything included in THE COLLECTOR

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    THE PARTIER : House concert for you and your friends + Everything included in THE VIP

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    THE PRODUCER : Name in liner notes as executive producer + guest (plus one) of honor at show of your choice + Signed handwritten lyrics (song of your choice) + Everything included in THE PARTIER **Some limitations apply**

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    THE PARTNER : VIP tickets/Backstage passes for you and guest for the next 10 years + Songwriting session including co-writing a song with Cami + Everything included in THE PRODUCER **Some limitations apply**

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