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Rome demands BEAUTY!  Deluxe edition of best selling strategy game, re-imagined with breathtaking elegance and top quality production.
Rome demands BEAUTY! Deluxe edition of best selling strategy game, re-imagined with breathtaking elegance and top quality production.
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We Have A Date!

CGF is headed to China on February 28th to check out the final product, and to bring back suitcases full of games for those of you getting advanced shipping. It's really exciting, and a lot of work has gone into making this happen. I'm really excited to be part of it with you. While there, Ed and crew are going to make sure the games get on the boats (one to North America, and one to Europe, with other orders going out from China).

We've just shipped Barons and Pala across the ocean without issue, and they're being assembled and sent out to your favorite game stores already. With this experience, we're feeling good about getting GtR:Black Box moved around the world and onto your gaming table.

We're really excited to share some of the artwork for your bonus game too. Images of Plato 3000 are on right now , and here are two of them, head over to BGG to see another :

Thanks so much to our artist Steven Bagatzky for the great visuals.



Commercial Director, North America

Cambridge Games Factory

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    1. Demo the Rules

      How can I find out if you've shipped my game yet? Have games been shipped?

    2. Missing avatar

      Elia Charalambides on

      I don't quite understand when and how we are receiving our games and/or items. When filling out the form sent to me to choose a store mine was not on the list and I live in NYC. So I entered the name of the store(Compleat Strategist) but got no confirmation or acknowledgment by you that you knew who they were. Should I just go there and give them my name and the name of this project? Will they have my information?

    3. Jeremiah Lee on

      @Mark - I'll include some pictures in the next update. There's a mockup of the t-shirt back in update #13 (

    4. Mark Wignall on

      Jermiah - Any updates on all of the reward level items, t-shirts, pins etc. that you can share photo's of?

    5. Jeremiah Lee on

      @Andrew - We've been in contact with most of the stores by this point. There are a lot of stores on the list, and everyone has been really good about taking care of their customers. What was the store in Auckland? I'll check in on it.

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew Krueger on

      Have the game stores we listed been contacted and kept abreast of all the developments? I'm in Auckland and the store I had contacted months ago said they could hold the game for me a few days, but that I needed to pick it up within that short window. I'd like to make sure that good contact and communication is kept between all parties so there are no SNAFUs.

    7. Jeremiah Lee on

      @Brandon - We're expecting games to get to people in April. We'd love to think they're going to get there sooner, but there's still a lot of work to do. Glad you like the Plato 3000 art, it's really exciting for us to have a such a great looking game, and this game is lots of fun too.

      @Kevin - So happy to have you with us for this adventure. I hope we get a chance to play a game of GtR:BB together, perhaps at GenCon or Origins?

      @Daniel - Rubble orders should be headed out soon. I haven't heard where we are with those at the factory, but I'll get back to you on that in the next update.

      @Adam - Thanks for the support.

      @Wesley - Indeed! It's not just a little extra to me, as it's one of my favorite games. I've actually played Plato 3000 over 100 times with my wife (who only recently has found a love for Glory to Rome).

    8. Wesley Kinslow

      Plato 3K looks great - thank you for that little extra!

    9. Adam Blinkinsop

      Thank you for continued updates!

    10. Daniel O'Donnell on

      Are Rubble expansions shipping like you expected? Last we heard about them they were going to ship in early February, which would be any time now.

    11. Kevin Andrew Bohlmann on

      Awesome news! I'm very excited for this new edition of Glory to Rome!
      Plato 3000 looks really cool!

    12. J. Brandon Massengill

      Plato 3000 are is fantastic! So if the games go on the boat at the end of February, with the voyage, customs, and distribution factored in, we could expect a at home/game store date of...? Second week of March?

      By no means to intend to hold anyone to an estimation, Its would just be nice to know since everyone's distribution methods stateside is different. It always seems to take 25-35 days for the ships to make the trip.