Funding Canceled Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on November 11.
    1. Hacker.small

      Creator Michael Paul Coder on November 8

      It is scam. Similar to REMEE, they are selling people on the idea of lucid dreaming. Not a product that has been researched and tested.

      The creators of REMEE also led everyone to believe that they would somehow have unprecedented amounts of lucid dreams with their product, where Stephen LaBerge found a 4-10% increase when combined with REM detection! And now GXP wants you to believe that you will have lucid dreams 85% of the time with their invented test results.

      I have been researching the effects of audio tracks on REM sleep for years and have recorded hundreds of sleep sessions, but haven't been able to beat Stephen's findings by much. And I have real EEG devices and other sensors that can detect rapid eye movements.

      Their EEG is a joke. Every electroencephalograph that I have come across has a reference electrode and requires skin contact for any meaningful reading. Even with voltmeters, you don’t just wave a wand around a board to magically see what is going on with the current. You need two points of contact. The amp in the picture at the time of writing this is the TDA7293: “intended for use as audio class AB amplifier in Hi-Fi field applications, such as home stereo and self powered loudspeakers” (run a Google image search on it). They are selling you a timer that plays the recording after a random interval. I expect the image to be removed, just like they removed the image of the light switches and light bulbs in the cardboard “circuit board” after I ripped them about it on external site.

      A random sound played during the stillness of the night will wake you up. Pro tip: you need to play background music throughout the night if you want external sounds to bleed into the dream world. Another major variable that GXP hadn’t discovered. What change in brainwave activity are they looking for exactly? And why at the back of the head!?

      I can tell you now that the LUCI will increase your lucid dreaming rate by less than 1%, at best – when it doesn’t wake you up, just like the REMEE. That is thrice a year if you wear it each day. Playing an audio track randomly throughout the night is cool and all and I was probably the first one to write an app for it back in the 90s, but in this day and age you can just schedule an alarm on any phone. Not to mention the countless free apps that will do it with all sorts of bells and whistles.

      With REMEE, at least a real company and some real people ruined their reputation: But GXP has learnt from them and made up a three letter company that isn't even registered in Montreal (I checked: They have no website and the person behind it doesn't have a trace of an online presence. His name may just as well be made up in preparation for the outcry when the investors, you, wake up:

      I am not here to sell you anything. My work is available for free and most of it is open source. But I am personally offended when "the public’s good faith in the development of real, evidence and science based lucid dream induction aids is hurt” by profiteering gluttons.

      To end on a positive note: who else is excited about the branded USB flash drive?!1 :P

    2. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on November 8

      Please be quick to provide evidence GXP.

    3. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Michael Bonawitz on November 8

      As am I. I don't want to back anything that won't back itself.

    4. Stupid_murray.small

      Creator The Troglodyte on November 8

      Ok GXP, we're all pretty skeptical, I'm out of this project unless you provide some evidence.

    5. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on November 8

      Yes, let's see if they can be a little less shady. It's getting late here, I'll try to lucid dream and see tomorrow morning when I wake up if GXP took time to prove everyone who doubted them wrong.

    6. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on November 8

      Well, let's not take hasty decisions. Let GXP reply first.

    7. Missing_small

      Creator Ian on November 8

      You should not rely on Kickstarter regarding any sort of project creator check. That is rather clear in their general conditions, and the following text is displayed in a corner when you are about to finalize your pledge:

      “Kickstarter does not guarantee projects or investigate a creator's ability to complete their project. It is the responsibility of the project creator to complete their project as promised, and the claims of this project are theirs alone.”

      Scams seem to be a rather current issue on Kickstarter, and backers are left on their own when it happens...

      In the present case, your link was very useful but your post is a bit misleading because of a couple of typos. I think that what you mean is that they meet all the standards for being scammers:
      - NOT connected on Facebook
      - NO first-person video
      - NO reference whatsoever
      - …

    8. Missing_small

      Creator Andrew Orlando on November 8

      Hmm well I'm starting to fear this is a scam. Hopefully it's not, that would be a shame. If that is the case though and your credit card is billed to remove the charge may(or may not) be as simple as claiming the product is "not as described". Although you may want to consider taking a preemptive strike and un back the project before time runs out. Good luck everyone!

    9. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on November 8

      From the FAQ of Kickstarter.

      I'm starting to be doubtful about GXP, we can't find them on google, they have connected via facebook, it's their first project. Well, they meet none of the standards Kickstarter tell us to pay attention to to spot scammers.

      GXP, please tell us more about yourselves, and post some links showing that you are indeed "for real".

    10. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on November 8

      GXP, next time you read the comments, please tell us more about yourselves and provide links to reassure everyone thinking this could be some sort of a scam.
      I do think you're legit, simply because I trust Kickstarter and it must not be that easy to scam on this website, you must, I think, give a lot of informations about yourself before getting your project approved. But that's just speculation, honestly I don't really know.

      Also, please tell us more about those tests you did, give us numbers, testimonies, charts, everything you can.

      And finally, don't forget to keep us updated about your project of redesigning the product. Please do it fast, because my guess is that a lot of people are waiting for those changes to be made before pledging. It's for your own interest as well.

    11. Missing_small

      Creator Illmad on November 8

      Ian: I agree. I too tried to find info about them on google, but this kickstarter page was the only thing I could find. I've made the pledge, so I guess I'm just that desperate, but I'm debating whether or not to cancel my donation if some more reliable info hasn't been released by the end of the kickstarter.

    12. Ksav.small

      Creator Talon Edgewater [Xulima[Bloom]Deathfire] on November 8

      So glad I was able to get this at the KS price! For a few years in my early 20's I was a natural lucid dream and looooved it! I've since fell out of this ability and really hope this will bring the lucid worlds back to my life!

    13. Missing_small

      Creator Brian Trippy on November 8

      Something I'd love to see is the ability to download what happened that night.. like how many times I woke up etc. Can't wait for this to come out!

    14. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Michael Bonawitz on November 8

      I agree with Frank. Seeing some statistics would be nice

    15. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Frank Johansson on November 8

      Yep, some first-time testimonials would be nice. Also the number of tested people so far and a percentage of lucid dreaming occurrences for the persons with the LEAST and MOST amount of lucid dreams you tested so far. This should at least give us some very basic indication on how high (or low) to set our expectations. Some people might be disappointed if it only happens in one of three nights, while I (and I think I'm speaking for the majority here) would be thrilled to have lucid dreams as often as every third night. I know you have some test results on the first page, but it doesn't say if this was for a single person (though it looks like that is the case) or an average of, say, 20 people. Charts would be nice. Charts are good. And as a backer of 7 Kickstarter projects so far, let me say that graphics (charts) in the official updates are ALWAYS a good thing.

    16. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Samuel on November 8

      Like Ben I'd like to see some feedback from the testers, especially the ones who had never had a lucid dream before, to see exactly what their experience was like.

      Knowing it works a large percentage of the time is already pretty exciting, but I think potential backers would be more excited if someone actually described their experience while using Luci.

    17. Missing_small

      Creator Ian on November 8

      Well, I think that it is for GXP to stop putting doubt into our minds! I can deal with the naysayers regarding the functional part of the device: I take the risk.
      BUT I would like to know a bit more about who will deliver and what he (they?) will deliver...

    18. Stupid_murray.small

      Creator The Troglodyte on November 8

      @Ian. Stop putting doubt into our minds :)

    19. Missing_small

      Creator Ian on November 8

      I love your project... and I have a niggle of doubt about it: IS IT A SCAM ?
      Your "full bio" is rather short, for a project collecting this amount of funding. It says that GXP was founded 15 years ago in Montreal, but a quick search on google does not provide any trace of It. Is it possible for a company "involved in web hosting, online retailing, precious metals recycling, advertising, software development and product development" for that long not to have a web site? Can you please give us some reassuring references ?
      I am still unsure about what I pledge for, even after checking the FAQ.
      - Will I receive the eBook?
      - Where will the stereo jack will be ?
      - Will there be batteries ?
      - Will there be some external storage (SD card / usb stick) for configuration, custom sounds and recording ?

    20. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on November 8

      I agree, it would be really nice, but I think they are most likely under a NDA...

    21. Stupid_murray.small

      Creator The Troglodyte on November 8

      It would also be nice to hear some feedback from testers, what the activation felt like, so on.

    22. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on November 8

      I as well am curious about the number of people that tested the prototypes.
      I think it would be a nice addition to the FAQ, it's a perfect counter-argument to the naysayers.

    23. Missing_small

      Creator Sam Elder on November 8

      Just backed and super excited about the product. Considering we will being wearing ear plugs that reduce sound all night, it would be nice it had an alarm feature to wake us up, considering we won't be able to hear any other alarm. You could even get as fancy as having the alarm read the optimal time to wake someone up in accordance to the sleep cycle.

    24. Stupid_murray.small

      Creator The Troglodyte on November 8

      So how many people did you test GXP?

    25. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on November 8

      Also, you want to keep in mind that the ear phones GXP will provide will, for sure, be comfortable enough to wear during sleep. It's their main purpose, to be worn at night, so I think they'll provide good ear phones for this matter. :)

    26. Stupid_murray.small

      Creator The Troglodyte on November 8

      Manoko: I probably will do that depending on the "comfortableness" of the ear phones, since I've tried sleeping with them with much discomfort.

    27. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on November 8

      Ben, unless I'm mistaking, you can buy both the product (LUCI and the sleepphones and use them at the same time, since there will be a jack plug on the headband of LUCI.

    28. Stupid_murray.small

      Creator The Troglodyte on November 8

      I wonder if they've thought of something like this,
      It probably wont happen since your so far down the road, but it might be a cool alternative to ear phones.

    29. Missing_small

      Creator Crystal Woods on November 8

      PS since I just saw your update that you're not planning on wireless, can it record sleep patterns for download later?

    30. Missing_small

      Creator Crystal Woods on November 8

      Since the discussion seems to be on power options, apologies if it's already been raised as an option but I currently use the zeo (now off the market) - it's a bluetooth sleep tracker, sits on the charger during the day, although it doesn't take long to charge fully, and then operates off the stored power overnight. That would make them feasible for travel to a degree as well, depending on how long the stored charge worked for.

      The sleep tracking (which I'd love to be able to get from LUCI too) has the frequency sent to the phone via bluetooth at intervals during the night, so I can see how well I slept and track sleep quality (subdivided into rem, light and deep sleep, plus awake).

      I'll second the suggestion of sleepphones style speakers as an option - I use them and they're very comfortable for a side sleeper like me. Of course they come with a jack, but since the actual speaker parts are removable to wash the band, if there was only appropriately placed slots to slip the corners of the pads and the rear piece into, it would expand the usabiliity, I think.
      PS Thanks again for such a great project. SO looking forward to this.

    31. Img_1676.small

      Creator michael wood on November 7

      (i sure wish i could edit my posts...)
      i also would hate to see the option for batteries taken away, as in my room, all outlets are in use, and even if they weren't, they are all so far away from my head, it would be quite an ordeal. also, if i want to travel with them, as mentioned by Mike D., or if i became homeless, and slept in a box, or under a bridge, i wouldn't be able to find an outlet for the plug... also, if the world ends, i can use batteries i salvage from the wastelands. =P

    32. Img_1676.small

      Creator michael wood on November 7

      oh, btw GXP, i don't agree that you should add stretch goals- not only is it a lttle late for that at close to $300,000 over the goal, but i think you are doing just great the way you are going about things in regards to our comments. i like it much better that you take everything as a possibility (if it makes sense), and figure out what you can do for us, and what you can't. you are doing a fantastic job right now, no need to mess with that. =] here's hoping for $500,000+ / 3800+ backers, before the next 6 days are up! ;)

    33. Missing_small

      Creator Andrew Orlando on November 7

      I have a question about the silicon band: will it stick to/pull hair? If it does you could consider placing vertically segmented strips of microfiber or something like that

    34. Img_1676.small

      Creator michael wood on November 7

      * "intereted" = interested

    35. Img_1676.small

      Creator michael wood on November 7

      @GXP- man, here i thought i was done with thinking of other things i would care about having included...=P
      Manoko's comment is very much like what i am wanting to see implemented. for me, i would also like the ability to have a recording begin (or a live show) when the LUCI detects the REM state. i also think that besides for learning, you could use it for music... i have actually written over 75 tracks myself, and i would very much like to be able to play them, or the music of others, when i enter dream state. also, as i mentioned briefly before, it could be great for subliminal messages, for things like quitting smoking, or working on issues one might have, such as anxiety problems, or certain fears. with the inclusion of a simple feature allowing for a message that doesn't stop, or repeat (unless you want it to), you could possibly open up a whole new use for your device, gaining support from a total new group of intereted backers. even if you include this now, and there isn't a ton of time left in the kickstarter, when it is produced, you won't have to change anything, and it will continue to appeal to a larger percentage of people...
      thanks again GXP for taking our thoughts on the functions of LUCI into account, it is going to make for one hell of a device for us all to look forward to. =]

    36. Missing_small

      Creator Mike D on November 7

      Wow kickstarter, no option to edit comments? Please someone tell me that I am missing something here.

      Regarding my last post, I just saw your response regarding how the device will be powered, so disregard that. I agree that if one option goes that it should be the batteries, although both options would be nice so you could take it on a plane or something with you.

    37. Missing_small

      Creator Mike D on November 7

      Since everyone is putting their opinions, I figured I'll throw mine in too.

      I don't want my headband to be wireless. It will require recharging or replacing batteries and I would prefer not to deal with that. I do like the idea of wireless in the sense of the module auto transmitting to a mobile device or computer to upload data. The data may give a better idea of when the user is in certain stages of sleep during the night in order to use other techniques to assist in lucid dreaming.

      How will this device be powered? Will it be plugged into the wall, will it be battery operated?

      Will all of the major design changes be implemented before the end of the funding period? If you were to change the idea of the headband and use something like the sleep phones, I would not want to back still I can't sleep with a fabric headband wrapped around my ears personally. If that is what everyone wants, that is fine, but I wouldn't be a customer.

      Keep up the good work, GXP, and keep the updates coming.

    38. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on November 7

      Just reposting a comment I've seen in the update section:

      "One thing I'd like to see would be a way to play a long audio (I've always wanted to experiment sleep-teaching)"

      GXP, with the redesign of the product, can you please take that into account ?
      It would be really nice to be able to play teaching materials like podcast during our REM stages of sleep, since it is known that the brain is actively storing memories during those stages.

    39. Me.small

      Creator Hussein Huwaidi on November 7

      And it comes with a headphone jack too ;)

    40. Me.small

      Creator Hussein Huwaidi on November 7

      A better band would be this if you want to incorporate speakers in the band:

    41. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Alex117 on November 7

      Maybe you could parter up with Soundband:
      Instead of using earbuds, their headset uses bone conduction. I've backed their project, and am excitedly waiting for my product.
      If LUCI was also bluetooth compatible, that would mean zero wires, and nothing in the ears!

    42. Images.small

      Creator William Eric Kroth on November 7

      I have a some suggestions: You could have a slot for a USB flash drive to plug in (or SD card) to record data instead of using a computer, but also include capabilities to work with a computer. You could also include the hardware for Luci to become an alarm and/or make it wireless, but if you can't include the software because of your budget, then you could make it open source so someone else could create it and make it available for download (kind of like a raspberry pi). Another suggestion is to use bone conduction for sound instead of ear buds; so you don't have to worry about wires, it would make the head phone jack unnecessary, and would probably be more comfortable then most ear buds. The last suggestion I have is something that has already been suggested by Matthew Bufford (rechargeable battery), and replacement rechargeable batteries could be sold on your website.

    43. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Thomas Wessel on November 7

      Could you please add something or attach something which can tell people around you that you have started dreaming? That would be cool :P Btw, really looking forward to this!

      Hoping on some stretch goals if this is possible. Always fun to see reaching higher goals and so. Please consider having them and add some basic goals.

    44. Missing_small

      Creator Isaiah Frantz on November 7

      Maybe a version 2 device would use your smartphone for processing/decision making via bluetooth. I imagine that the power requirements wouldnt be much higher than a bluetooth headset, could actually use a bluetooth headset (with little modification but repackaged) with the output of the sensor soldered directly to the mic inputs. The audio message could then come either from the phone via the loudspeaker or external/pillow speaker plugged into the phones headphone jack or put a 3.5mm headphone jack on the module for personal headphones. This would also make it easier to support a personalized message since it would be transmitted from the app on the phone either way. Also, removing the cord for the brainz making it a bit easier to sleep with for "active" sleepers. Then in the morning you just unplug the micro usb from your phone and plug it into the module on the band to charge.
      Please build this version!!

    45. Img_1096.small

      Creator Matthew Bufford on November 7

      Why not just add a circuit loop that would allow an 5v charger to charge rechargeable batteries? It would solve both sides of the issue because you could run it plugged or unplugged. I think it would be nice because i could take it off in the morning and put it on the charger until i go back to bed. No need to include the charger because most of us already have USB cell phone chargers, as well as micro USB cables.

    46. Img_8994_1_.small

      Creator Michael Meier on November 7

      I would also prefer batteries because of the portability. If you are a very active sleeper, the AC box would be very annoying. In my oppinion the best solution would be an Accumulator, which could be charged via USB. That would kick all the other possibilities right into the face

    47. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Frank Johansson on November 7

      If adding an AC jack, would this be compatible with standard Euro 230V sockets? An external power adapter (non-proprietary) and batteries seems like a better bet for global compability.

    48. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Frank Johansson on November 7

      No batteries? I was planning on using a phone armband to keep the box on my upper arm since I turn around like 20 turns a night while sleeping. If you have an external AC/DC converter (power brick), which voltage would it output? If 5V, you might want to use a standard MicroUSB port. It would then be compatible with most mobile chargers, and for users who want portability there are a great number of power packs for mobile phones that would work.

    49. Gxp.small

      Creator GXP Technologies on November 7

      We plan on adding both a battery option (2 to 4 AA batteries) and an AC jack. But if we eliminate an option, it will be the batteries.

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