Funding Canceled Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on November 11.
    1. Image.small

      Creator Cameron (BLINK) 1 day ago

      Drama queen!

    2. 1082403_324423787693112_869537171_o.small

      Creator Anthony Bayley on March 24

      @Manoko Well said, couldn't have put it better myself if I was in your situation! :)

    3. Missing_small

      Creator Terence on March 8

      Manoko don't take it personal. There are a few of us who are thankful to you for saving us 150 dollars each. Some people seriously need to learn how to apply basic logic in life and see things objectively.

      Fact is, if Lucy existed then GXP would have posted a video as proof but what we got instead was photoshop, surprise vacation right before deadline, removal of campaign prior to being kicked by kickstarter for violation of kickstarter policy etc-. Nobody in their right mind would NOT accept 363,302 dollars unless it was illegal in the first place (The hammer of justice was about to crack them wide open). The finale with the phantom backer was so hilarious it is astounding how many people actually fell for it. Cheers

    4. Missing_small

      Creator Nayan Kanji on March 6

      Big thanks to manoko and all the others who helped get word of this scam out. I'm relatively new to this KS business so thanks for saving me (and a everyone else) a lot of grief.

    5. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on February 28

      We're on the last day of February.

      This is a simple sentence, that I will dedicate to everyone who insulted me for no reason, who told me pretty nice things like "shut the f*ck up Manoko", or told me to get the f*ck out.
      It is also for anyone believing GXP without any proof and saying we (those doubting GXP) were simply trying to take the Kickstarter down because we wanted to sell another product or another genius ideas.

      This is also for Wayne Kendall and his wife, the two most horrible people I've ever interacted with in all my life. They were ready to take your money to take a prolonged holiday.
      They also insulted me by calling me a liar multiple times, said that I threatened them on facebook. Everything coming out of their mouths was pure garbage, and some of you continued eat their vomit, even when they were so desperate that they started calling their own backers "liars".

      F*ck to everyone who insulted me and said that I was full of sh*t, I spent horrible days and nights thinking about your hurtful words even though I was convinced I was right to continue to come here (with others) and continue to warn everyone for them to not give any cent of their hard-earned money to garbage people like Wayne Kendall and his wife.

      I am sorry if this comes a little harsh, I just wanted to say it.

      I just hope I never have to bear with that much idiocy ever again. I wasn't the one shopping the photo, I wasn't the one refusing to post any other photo or a simple video, I wasn't the one who was afraid of making my identity known. Yet some of you geniuses were insulting me, and I truly hate you for that and hope that you feel pretty bad now, seeing that you clearly lack a lot, and I really mean a lot, of intelligence.

    6. Missing_small

      Creator Terence on February 23

      "The device is still scheduled for release in February."

      You had 3 months to save face. Post a video of your prototype of GTFO with your scam!

    7. Missing_small

      Creator Michael Glambeck on February 20

      So here we are, almost done February, has anyone heard from them since?

    8. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Lorenzo Pappalettera on February 18

      Just pre-order the Aurora from iWinks instead. Anyway I don't get why you didn't just back them after luci in the first place, if you wanted it so bad.. they were not necessarily cheaper but definitely better in every possible way whatsoever. Now you're too late and have to pay extra^_^

    9. Missing_small

      Creator Cody on February 2

      I'm sorry for being mean Manoko, it's just I really want it to be real because for forever I've wanted to have dreams feel real and be under my control, then I found out it is a real thing, it got my so exited and I really want to see it come true. But we will see what people say when it comes out on February 3rd which is tomorrow.

    10. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on January 31

      Anyway, sorry for being disrespectful to you.
      You're entitled to your opinions, but seeing people saying that I was "trouble" and still hoping for their LUCI to come infuriates me, after all all of us here doubting GXP have been through, from both people like you who hated us for doubting, and GXP itself wanting to make our voices quiet.

      Doesn't it concerns you that they gave absolutely no news since ? Why would they want to lose so much money, not contacting the backers to make them pre-order their LUCI as soon as they can ?
      Doesn't all of this raise question, why would somebody who wants to sell a product actually does nothing to sell it ? Please, pretty please, for once, ask yourself questions, don't believe them simply because they are "GXP Technologies", and I am merely "Manoko", a backer.

      Think for yourself, don't let them, or myself, dictate you what is lies and what is the truth.
      You will do yourself, and the world, a huge favor with that intellectual honesty.

    11. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on January 31

      I know they are laughing right now when they see comments like yours, that, even after this debate, everything odd we found and absolutely no proofs from them, people like you continue to believe in them simply because they a have a fancy name and run a Kickstarter campaign.

      This is really ridiculous, and goes a long way to show how some people instinctively follow what they see as authority, without questionning it whatsoever.
      You're a step ahead though on that list, because we gave you all the elements to question GXP claims and GXP gave you nothing in return to counter our point, and yet you're still firmly believing.

      What do you make of the absolute lack of news/updates/comments from them since the campaign started ? Wasn't the LUCI supposed to ship in february ? Are you sure you have a functionning brain up there ?

    12. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on January 31

      "another founder wouldn't fund them if it was fake"

      They just say that, without saying who it is, and you believe it ? Because they are saying it, man you are naive...

      They cancelled the project because they knew that they would be in trouble now that we knew who they really are, and we could pursue legal actions against them if it was a scam.

      Yeah right, the photo couldn't have been photoshopped ? Are you serious ? Please, pretty please, open your eyes.

      "gave our money back " You never gave them your money, those kinds of statements show how little you know about Kickstarter in general, and hints at how ignorant you are on this situation you hate me for.

    13. Missing_small

      Creator Cody on January 28

      Pressure not pleasure. Oops

    14. Missing_small

      Creator Cody on January 28

      If this was all a scam they wouldn't of canceled the project and gave our money back and another founder wouldn't fund them if it was fake. So I don't see how you all think it's fake. I've looked at everything and the one photo couldn't of been photoshopped, and some of you guys were a little to harsh on these people, making them under pleasure and stress, maybe that's why they didn't make a video or other things you all yelled at them to do, especially you Manoko, all I've seen out of you is trubble.

    15. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on January 28

      It amazes me how naive you guys are.
      With absolutely no news from GXP, plus the concerns voiced during the campaign that ultimately led to its end, and there you are still thinking you'll get a headband.

      This is beyond me...

    16. Missing_small

      Creator Cody on January 27

      Maybe GXP Technologies is new to advertising ( all companies started like this ) and they didn't know that there were expectations from the backers. I would of done the same thing. I have one question though. Where is it going to be sold when it comes out?

    17. Missing_small

      Creator will on January 22

      ive also been looking at the aurora and it might be a better product, if it is consistently inducing lucid dreaming, they don't specify how consistent. I will wait till after feb 3 to see if luci is selling and what people have said about it. if people say it doesn't work or something like that I will buy the aurora. if luci has good reviews when it ships I will buy it.

    18. Missing_small

      Creator will on January 22

      people on redit and on here say that the 1 electrode cant work. but there using a dry eeg electrode which doesn't need skin contact and with the amplifier, it can be worn over hair. nerosky has products with the same stuff and the famous Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears from think geek use the same stuff as well and are a real product. im a backer and like there update so I will get my luci for 150 dollars and all the people that say its fake will be wishing they didn't have to pay 300 for it if they decide to buy it.

    19. Missing_small

      Creator Valeriy Ostapenko on January 21

      @Cody, the project funding was canceled and you've not been charged. And no, you won't get your headband.

    20. Missing_small

      Creator Cody on January 19

      I'm confused, do I still get my headband in the mail?

    21. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on January 9

      So, how many of these geniuses telling me to shut up back then are still thinking LUCI is a real product ? Any news from GXP, did you get your discount as promised ? This is pathetic.

      Seriously, I hope all of the people who blindly put their faith in GXP, without an ounce of critical thinking, are kicking themselves at the moment for simply being plain stupid.

    22. Missing_small

      Creator Tony Carey on December 24

      Merry Christmas everyone! Sweet dream!

    23. Missing_small

      Creator Joshua Williams on December 20

      I agree, but I think some people might still be a little dissuaded by the whole Luci experience.

    24. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Lorenzo Pappalettera on December 16

      These backers should come to aurora.. It's even better and above all.. ITS REAL ;D

    25. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on December 13

      I was thinking of doing so, no joke. =D

    26. Stupid_murray.small

      Creator The Troglodyte on December 13

      @manoko, start tweeting vsauce then :)

    27. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on December 13

      I wish the Aurora had as much backer as LUCI had.
      They deserve it a hundred times more...

    28. Simpsons_john.small

      Creator Dragonbait on December 12

      Also they have addressed all the things that Luci did not.
      They have plenty of photos and development progress, details of the sensors etc etc.

    29. Simpsons_john.small

      Creator Dragonbait on December 12

      Been really looking forward to Aurora, it looks to be Luci++!
      Backed for definite!

    30. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on December 12

      For everyone still interested in lucid dreaming induction, the Aurora campaign (talked about here before) has finally launched.
      Please take a look:

      I will see you there ! :-)

    31. 265c8bfc387c9470673cc64be243e536_large.small

      Creator James on November 29

      @Dominic - Just to clarify, your pledge never actually went through, meaning you were never charged as the campaign did not complete (it was canceled). So no backers were charged for their pledge. GXP has stated that when (read "if") they release a retail version of this at some point, they want to offer the original Kickstarter backers the original price of $175 rather than force them to pay the full retail price of $299. So basically, once (again, read "if") they release the retail version, you should still be able to purchase one at the $175 price level (as if you got it on Kickstarter).

    32. Missing_small

      Creator Dominic Beaudoin on November 23

      So, if I understand well... my 175$ backing of this kickstarter went from being worth 1 complete Limited Edition LUCI, to _possibly_ "a 175$ rebate" on a full price $299 LUCI? I think not.

    33. Screen_shot_2013-01-22_at_2.19.04_am.small

      Creator aaron on November 20

      Speaking of the weather.. There was hail here yesterday in Ottawa, ON Canada :(

    34. Missing_small

      Creator Nathan Pimentel on November 19

      So does anyone know if the1605 people who liked the newest update actually going to be able to buy it? Or am I too trusting....

    35. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on November 19

      Haha that's uncalled for !
      French people have this bizarre reputation of fleeing from fights but I really don't understand where that comes from. :p

      But, funny joke nonetheless haha. :)

    36. Missing_small

      Creator Simon Grell on November 18

      why did the french tanks have rearview mirrors?
      to see the frontline :D

    37. A-soltani2.small

      Creator Amir Soltani on November 14

      I think all this proves that backers aren't stupid and they will catch the fake. So scammers beware and don't do it!

    38. Stupid_murray.small

      Creator The Troglodyte on November 14

      No offense everyone, but staying on this comment thread seems illogical now :)

    39. Missing_small

      Creator Terence on November 14

      Kelly, Manoko. According to GXP the police was contacted but that may just be another "Straw Man" distraction from what is really going on (the fact that many backers are starting to realize that the images of LUCI are fake).

    40. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on November 14


      Are you sure about that ? GXP said many times that they contacted the police, but it was obviously false since nobody contacting me other from journalists.

      If this is true, this is awesome. :D

    41. Missing_small

      Creator Kelly Haynes on November 14

      I like to imagine whats-his-face from GXP franticly trying to create a "prototype" on photoshop, and or actually cutting up a swim cap and trying to make it look like it does in the picture. And failing.

    42. Missing_small

      Creator Kelly Haynes on November 14

      @ Terence.

      Oh yeah? Good, I hope they fu_k GXP with the long di_k of the law.

    43. Missing_small

      Creator Terence on November 14

      Manoko I'm glad you understand, please enforce this rule to keep it about GXP (especially since the police is investigating this forum). Cheers

    44. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on November 14

      @ Terence

      I guess you are right.
      It's just a shame that so many people will likely be disappointed believing they still need to wait very long for another lucid dreaming induction device to come to Kickstarter.

      I was very sad when I started to know that LUCI was a scam, I would have loved somebody to tell me that there is another one in the works, far more transparent and interesting. It's exactly what happened and I can't tell you how happy I was when I stumbled upon Aurora.

      But hey, you're very right in saying that this campaign page should be about LUCI and GXP.

    45. Missing_small

      Creator Terence on November 14

      @Manoka, I started agreeing with you and the doubters after "Email Update 19"

      I thought, who in there right mind would take a sudden vacation and cancel kickstarter support 72 hours prior to a 400,000 dollar deal but what really got me was the fact they took this sudden vacation only AFTER all of you started asking for a real pic or video of LUCI (due to the photoshop allegations). Pure insult to our intelligence! (and don't get me started regarding email update 22 where they suddenly claim to have the prototype again but decided to only show it to some phantom backer). They don't want to show us for 400k but want to show it to a phantom backer? lol Clearly kickstarter was moments away from shutting them down!!!!

      However I DO NOT agree with you or anyone mentioning an other product here because that is taking advantage of a terrible situation not to mention opening up the door to copy cat scams.

      This forum should ONLY be used to protect people from a repeated scam attempt by GXP or any copy cat attempt! Cheers

    46. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on November 14

      It saddens me because I know that you guys are missing out.
      Aurora is an even better product that LUCI was supposed to be (for approximately the same price), the iWinks team are amazing people completely open about their work and extremely transparent. If you would have loved to have LUCI, there is no way that Aurora doesn't fits this desire.

    47. Avatar_porco_rosso.small

      Creator Manoko on November 14

      @Terence and Tony

      Well, they obviously have posted far more picture of their prototypes than GXP, you can verify their sources (they work with sleep clinics if I recall correctly), you can talk to the creators on facebook as well as send them emails they will reply to.

      I can understand that you have trouble believing in another product like LUCI, but these guys are nothing like GXP, and if you took a look for one second at what they are doing and the amount of work they gladly display for anyone to see, you'd say otherwise.

      Please don't judge them simply because GXP was a scam artist. Nobody deserves such uninformed assumptions about themselves.

    48. Missing_small

      Creator Tony Carey on November 14

      Terence is 100% correct! I'm done with this hype. Moving on...

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