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A colorful mandala illustrating the natural cycles of the solar calendar year, including the Sabbats, Almanac moons, and Zodiac.

The Perennial Mandala Calendar Poster

Have you ever asked yourself...

Where in time am I?

Reality as we know it can only exist and be experienced through time. As science attempts to unravel this great mystery, our understanding grows, but so do our questions.

In this fast-paced, complex world, keeping in touch with the natural biological rhythms of the Earth’s cycles can be a challenge.

Between our desire to know what time truly is and to find our natural place in it, we find ourselves yearning for a deeper connection to Mother Nature and the Universe. Intuitively we know that this will connect us to our own deeper nature within. We wish to bring greater harmony into our lives and into the world.

For this purpose, the Perennial Mandala Calendar Poster has been created. Observing and referencing this calendar can assist the process of becoming more aware of the yearly solar cycle and its effects in the natural, agricultural and spiritual worlds. There is an intrinsic order to the flow of time as experienced by us here on Earth. Aligning yourself to these natural rhythms can lead to a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

Sync your daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual activities to the cycles of your environment and your Universe. Consider consulting a lunar calendar for the ebb and flow of the moon and an astrological calendar for the planetary shifts. For the solar and seasonal cycles, look no further than the... 

Perennial Mandala Calendar Poster!

Greetings Earthlings!

First off, thank you for checking out my kickstarter project - I genuinely appreciate it!

My name is Jordan Ososki, and I'm an artist, designer, musician, and ecological gardener based out of the metro Atlanta area. I have spent the last two years manifesting this vision that came to me in the Winter of 2010-11. I call it the Perennial Mandala Calendar Poster, and I'm unveiling it to the world for the first time right here on this kickstarter page.

Why did I make this Calendar Poster?

One may ask, why take on such an endeavor? What purpose does this calendar serve?  

The short answer: I desired something like this calendar for personal use, and after a time of searching, determined that it didn't yet exist. As an artist, I realized that the task of creating this calendar fell to me if it was to be real.  

As a spiritually and ecologically minded person, I choose to observe and honor the cycles of nature on which my life depends. As a person who works directly with plants and the forces of nature, it is in my best interest to be as consciously (and subconsciously) aware of these cycles as I am able. Finally, I would go so far as to say that it is the very disconnection from these cycles that is the source of so much struggle in the world, and reestablishing our connection to the biorhythms of the Earth is ultimately a necessary step if we are to evolve to survive as a species, let alone thrive.  

Thus, I have created this Perennial Mandala Calendar Poster. I hope that it helps people to become aware of and act on the natural cycles of which they are an active participant. By putting this forth into the world, I hope to help expedite the growth process of humanity remembering and reawakening its inherent interconnection with and interdependence on Earth. Regardless of whether or not a person consciously understands it, I hope that this image will serve as a beautiful piece of art for everyone to enjoy.

What I'm Doing Here

The goal of my project is to produce a first print run of this Calendar Poster and make it available to the world! I am very excited to share my creation with you, for I feel it has some very real value to offer. (That's what motivated me to create it in the first place!)

What is the Calendar Poster?

My Calendar Poster will be a 2 ft by 2 ft colorful poster that fits on a door. It illustrates the natural cycles of the solar calendar year. It will be printed on high quality 100% recycled paper with soy inks, and it also includes an informative, illustrated 40 page booklet explaining the calendar's contents in detail. 

One of the best parts about this Calendar is that it's perennial. Meaning... you don't need to replace it, because it applies year after year! This is because it is solar-based, rather than lunar or weekday-based.

The images within the panels are all lovingly illustrated by hand in colored pencil. Many laborious hours have gone into making these pictures beautifully detailed. The final image design was assembled and refined using an ancient version of Paintshop Pro. That's right - Paintshop, not Photoshop. (Work with what ya got.)

Hand-drawn colorful images
Hand-drawn colorful images

Within the calendar are rings of images, each their own category.

From the center out, the Mandala portrays:

- The Earth

- The Yin and Yang of the Year

- The 4 Seasons

- The 8 Sabbats of the Pagan Wheel of the Year

- The 12 Moons of the Farmer’s Alamanac

- The 365 days of the Gregorian Calendar Solar Year as well as..

- The 12 Signs of Zodiac in both Tropical and Sidereal positions

Lots of detail in these beautiful hand-drawn pictures
Lots of detail in these beautiful hand-drawn pictures

The purpose of this Calendar is to allow you to easily locate the day of the year and visually deduce where in the seasonal cycle you find yourself on a given day.

This Calendar may be of particular interest to those who would like to feel more connected to these natural rhythms. These may be spiritual and magical-minded folks who celebrate the Pagan festivals of the year or perhaps farmers and gardeners who’d like to become more aware of the seasonal cycles.

Please note that this calendar was designed for use in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Also, the colors of the actual physical poster may vary slightly from the colors you see on your computer screen.

Old mother wolf wants this calendar to exist. She told me. She was the first to appear in my vision, actually.
Old mother wolf wants this calendar to exist. She told me. She was the first to appear in my vision, actually.

What's in the booklet?

The accompanying 40 page booklet is a visual and verbal breakdown of the information contained in the Calendar Poster, created to provide a bit of context and background. I wrote and designed this booklet with the thought that I can't be right there with you to explain what exactly it is you're seeing. So the booklet does that for me, and more easily, since many folks are visual learners. 

Example pages from the accompanying booklet
Example pages from the accompanying booklet

The booklet is my way of insuring that anyone who wants to know what it all means has somewhere to start. I also wanted to make sure the Calendar Poster isn't just a pretty picture, but is a practical, useful thing as well.   

Detailed explanations of each panel's imagery
Detailed explanations of each panel's imagery

The booklet explains the entire structure and labels of the Calendar Poster for handy reference. The labels on the calendar are small because the goal is to eventually be able to remember the names and dates without needing the labels. Then the image alone is all that's necessary to evoke the information.

The more the subconscious memory takes on these patterns, the more your life can be synchronized with the natural rhythms. This is what I want for myself and why I made this Calendar Poster. I figured there would be others who may be interested too. Maybe that's you? :)

Includes charts, fun facts, artist's statement & whatnot
Includes charts, fun facts, artist's statement & whatnot

How is the money being spent?

Cripes! Five grand for a poster, man! Are you kidding me? 

Let me explain...

You see, when I decided to make this poster a real tangible object, I decided I wanted it to be an artist quality print of the highest caliber. I also wanted it to reflect the values it represents, like ecological awareness. I decided I wouldn't compromise: I didn't want forests to be chopped down in order to print this. I also didn't want it made out of anything too toxic, so I went with soy inks. As you can imagine, my high standards have made it more costly than it might otherwise be... but if I am going to share it with you, I want it to be the best it can be.

I wanted to start with a thousand copies because I am confident there is enough of a demand to justify the quantity. It also takes the price per poster down significantly to print at this level.

Not least of all, fulfilling the rewards for my backers is extremely important to me. I didn't want any problems making sure I kept up my end of the deal, and for this reason I have budgeted accordingly. 

Your generous contribution will allow me to pay for:

- Poster printing, 1000 copies

- Booklet printing, 1000 copies

- Postcard printing

- Poster poly tubes

- Poster mailer tubes

- Shipping on each poster package

- Kickstarter & Amazon fees

- Misc supplies, i.e. labels, tape, pens 

- My time (haha... get it?)

In Conclusion...

Thank you so very much for taking the time to hear about my project! And for those who contribute: I am eternally grateful!! May our visions manifest a better world for our children and our children's children!

Special thanks to the Creator, the spirits of the Earth, the ancestors, Mom & Dad, Lisa King, and all of my dear friends who have encouraged and supported me to create this art!

Cheers! One Love! Peace!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There are three main risks involved with my project:
1. Insuring that the final product is of the highest quality standards
(getting your money's worth)
2. Insuring that the packages are shipped properly and arrive safely to their destinations
and, as with any project,
3. Staying under budget

Overall, I would consider this a relatively low risk endeavor. As long as my prints are great (and I will make sure they are), I'll be happy to deal with any complications that may arise. Should a package become lost or damaged in the mail (not under my control), I can fairly easily ship another one. I'm totally willing to do that sort of thing if it means that my contributor is getting what they were promised.

It's very important to me to give you the best final product I can and to make sure you know how much your contribution is appreciated: It's a whole lot! For that reason, you can rest assured I will deliver the goods, one way or another! :D


  • Yes, generally speaking. Many of the components have their origins steeped in ancient spiritual practices. For the ancients, there probably wasn't as much of a division between so-called "mundane" and "mystical." For the most part, everything in this calendar is essentially observation of phenomena which is as scientific and physical as it is philosophical and meaningful. It really just depends on the angle from which the user chooses to view it.

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  • No, at least not intentionally or directly.

    Last updated:
  • No. Everything noted on this calendar is based on the cycle of the solar year. This calendar will not act as a substitute for an annual moon-based calendar.

    Last updated:
  • No. It is a perennial calendar, meaning, it is useful all year, every year – ongoing, perpetual. There are no days of the week noted. This calendar is not a substitute for an annual calendar.

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  • I have no exact count, but I can safely say that I’ve spent well over 200 hours creating this calendar. ..and that doesn't include time spent researching, making the booklet, preparing the kickstarter page or promoting.

    Last updated:
  • First, I drew a pencil version of the basic frame structure and labels. I scanned it in, split it up into panels, and printed out each panel very lightly. On each printed copy I illustrated the panel’s contents with colored pencil. I then scanned that in and placed it into the frame on the computer. I also enhanced the lines and added many details on the computer, including the entire space background and zodiac signs.

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  • Yes. The plan is to make them available on Etsy and possibly a few other sites once they are available to ship. I will post all relevant info in the updates section as things progress.

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