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We strive to create a musical outlet for homeless youth and a record of their abilities. An album!

Hope you enjoyed our video featuring a couple of our artists, Mark and Tony!

Hey! My name is Caleb Melvin and I am the program coordinator for Oasis Sound Lab. I have the best job in the world! I work with youth who have never had much and help them have the opportunity to be creative.

What is Oasis Sound Lab?

Oasis Sound Lab is a youth led project which aims to create a sanctuary; a place for homeless youth to be creative and leave a record of their work. A recording studio. Completely free and open to all, the Sound Lab is a safe place to shine, even for a few hours.

"If you had a place to record I would be in there everyday! You couldn't get me to leave." - Oasis Youth at project inception

Help us create our first album!

A compilation of work completely written, produced and made by at-risk and homeless youth.

We need your help!

Our first compilation will include music from 7 artists, with more signing on to the project everyday. Every genre is touched from rock to hip-hop to solo piano. This album will be a limited edition only available to kickstarter donors and the youth.

Visit our website!

Update: Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our $800 goal!

Anyone who would like to donate above the $800 amount and get in on some of the rewards (CD, ect.), it would be appreciated. Any amount above the $800 will help produce more CDs for our youth to take and to keep the project going.


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    DIGITAL SINGLE - MP3 of our first single the minute it is recorded!

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    DIGITAL ALBUM - MP3 copy of the album

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    DIGITAL PACKAGE - MP3 copy of album and PDF of album poster

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    IN YOUR HANDS - CD mailed directly to you

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    CD & POSTER - mailed to your door

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    SIGNED COPY - CD & Poster signed and mailed to your door

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    T-SHIRT LEVEL - All of above and a OasisSoundLab t-shirt

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