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Total Decay is a settlement management turn based strategy game set in the zombie apocalypse.

Please note that we will try our very best to give all those who donated to the project their respective rewards regardless if we get successfully funded or not.

Total Decay is the first of its kind, mixing Turn Based Strategy, Role-Playing Game, Empire Building, sandbox and Zombie Survival assets, allowing for massive replayability.

You cannot win in Total Decay; you cannot find a magical cure, you cannot find a miraculous safe haven, and most importantly - you cannot survive forever. In Total Decay, the only way to end a game is for your settlement to fall and your survivors to die.

Scavenge for food, build defences, recruit survivors, and equip yourself and your people with dozens of different melee and ranged weapons, clothing, and armour. Each survivor has his or her own skills and weaknesses, and they rank their skills up individually. Balance your settlement's needs out, making sure to have enough leaders, scavengers, soldiers, builders, scientists and doctors to allow your settlement to grow and sustain itself without imploding.

Kick out useless survivors, or sell them to slave traders in return for food and equipment. Trade and fight with bandits and other settlements, and hold off against hordes of undead corpses.

The Zombie Apocalypse has come, and you were lucky (or unlucky) enough to survive the first few waves of undead. Other survivors gather around you and look up to you, hoping and begging you to lead them through the nightmare. Will you be successful, or will the horde and starvation eventually take you too...?

  • Dozens of weapons, armor and clothing 
  • A wide range of random events, ranging from bandit attacks to raiding slavers, travelling merchants to fleeing refugees, or entire zombie hordes breaking down your settlement walls. 
  • Diplomacy and War with other settlements and bandits
  • An unending, procedurally generated city
  • Leveling system for each individual survivor
  • Dozens of unique buildings that you can upgrade to give you powerful bonuses


Comic Sans Clinic
Comic Sans Clinic
Gun Store
Gun Store

Total Decay Main Theme

With the money we receive from the Kickstarter campaign, we will:

  • Pay those team members who were kind enough to work for free or promise of pay until now.
  • Update our music, sound effects, graphics, art, and game mechanics.

When you help fund us, you not only help fund our project, but our team and studio as well. Being an independent game developer is difficult, and without our community and fans we are nothing. When you fund Total Decay, here are some of the things you can expect:

  • A copy of the game
  • A digital deluxe edition of the game
  • A completely custom Total Decay T-shirt
  • A custom Total Decay wallpaper
  • An opportunity to pitch your game idea to Lunar Blast Interactive

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Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The most challenging part of being an independent game developer is the funding. Without publishers or investors, we have to rely on our community to keep us afloat. After the project is funded, we will be able continue the rest of the project without worrying about funding.


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