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The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, December 6 2013 7:00 PM UTC +00:00
Cakemachine Games LLC.By Cakemachine Games LLC.
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Cakemachine Games LLC.By Cakemachine Games LLC.
First created
pledged of $80,000pledged of $80,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, December 6 2013 7:00 PM UTC +00:00

Thank You All! Campaign Relaunch Details

Posted by Cakemachine Games LLC. (Creator)

First and foremost, Thank you all of you who have helped, donated, spread the word and more. It's been super exciting and a great ride.

We may have not reached our goal, but we feel that this was a wonderful learning experience.  And we feel the love from a lot of fans who've written to us and this isn't end of Project Sen.

Please continue to keep upto date with us at ttp:// 

Follow us on Twitter @Cake_machine and Like our Facebook page.

Sometime in 2014, we are going to relaunch Project Sen.  There are things we've been reevaluating, and working on. 

  • GAMEPLAY IS KING: We do not have enough gameplay footage to really push Sen, and we want to really push that our game is fun and a treat to play.  We intend to relaunch with an ALPHA playable demo.  This demo will include NEW character and enemy sprites, and much more  This will not be feature complete, but base gameplay included and a few examples of gameplay we hadn't featured in this campaign. WE ALSO INTEND TO BUILD A UNIQUE SEPERATE DEMO DURING PRODUCTION FOR BACKERS ONLY. 
  • UNIQUENESS:  Much of the campaign was likening Sen's Gameplay to other games, We intend to show how Project Sen is different and unique in comparison to similar games.
  • EXPLORATION FOCUS: Sen will now be dropped into the middle of the battle, with little to no explanation. You now have SEVERAL paths to take and find out the mystery of Barimos. 
  • REDUCED BASE BUDGET: We are going start with a lower base budget, work our way up with reasonable stretch goals
  • REDUCED COST OF REWARDS: There are several rewards that are going to be removed and several rewards that will reduced in price.
  • ADD-ONS: Comics, Books, PDFS will be offered as ADD-ONS for those who don't want the rewards between certain reward levels.
  • AURA:  Aura will be a Playable character after completing the game as a part of the base price. 

From all of us at CakeMachine, 

Shoji, Zack, Fern, Cory, Night, Chris, and Coda


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    1. Ryan Campion on


    2. Maxx on

      Glad to hear the team is coming back stronger than ever. :::: PROJECT SEN II: THE REVENGE OF THE BASE PRICE :::: GO SEN! GO CAKEMACHINE! :::

    3. Missing avatar

      Kitiana on

      Good luck!~! I hope it gets funded next time :) It looks interesting and I hope this doesn't discourage your excellent team from getting his done~

    4. Guilherme Reis Bonfim on

      It sucks the project couldn't be funded now, but the promises for the next one sound good enough. For someone like me, who notices a great deal of difference when playing button mashy games such as Metal Gear Rising and God of War to when I play more technical ones such as Ninja Gaiden and Virtua Fighter, seeing projects with solid gameplay from the start is an encouragement to back sooner and more, even.

      Just make sure you guys get a good timing. Holidays + new console releases must have hurt the chances of many projects being funded.

    5. An "Kritter XD" Trinh on

      Good luck with your project!

    6. Adam Aeyne on

      I'll be waiting.

    7. Nicolas Martinez on

      Definitely focus on how the gameplay's going to be unique, maybe show some key elements on how enemies are defeated or how different puzzles/strategies are implemented. A couple behind-the-scenes test videos are okay here and there, but I would love to see how a completed level works. The artwork should improve as well. Good luck next year!

    8. E&S Guttridge on

      Thanks form the update! Keep us in the loop and we'll be here waiting for the relaunch!

    9. Eric May on

      Great to see that this isn't the end. I definitely look forward to playing the demo and the final version when it comes out.

    10. Adam Prenger on

      I completely agree with your statements. Gameplay is important and you also need a hook that will resonate with a broader audience. I would also work on really perfecting that art.

    11. Dyon Martin on

      Thanks! Sorry that it wasn't funded. Please keep the backers you have here in the loop. I know I will back again :-)

    12. Missing avatar

      JediaKyrol on

      seems November-December was a really bad time for a lot of projects...I know I backed low because of holiday expenses (really wanted to go for the art-book or comic tiers...but couldn't) and I bet quite a few others did too...
      But still...I want to see this game happen! I'm going to set a chunk of cash aside for when you guys try again.

    13. Kevin Roman on

      Thanks for the comment. Would have pledged more if the comic wasn't $75