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Cakemachine Games LLC.By Cakemachine Games LLC.
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Cakemachine Games LLC.By Cakemachine Games LLC.
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pledged of $80,000pledged of $80,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, December 6 2013 7:00 PM UTC +00:00

Updated Character Artwork

Posted by Cakemachine Games LLC. (Creator)

Hey SDF Members,

Thanks to all your support and feedback. We've taken it into account. We have moved closer to the proposed spritework.  As well as had several design meetings to generally update the look of the story art.  We have not gotten to updating the animation in the game as of yet, but we are tweaking how the game is played.   


Just a reminder these are not final. 

 Thank you for all your support. 

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    1. Pedro Ramos on

      A sex toy heroine is extremely insulting, but it is insulting because they ARE sex toy heroines, not because I'm pointing it out. It's a cliched, insulting tool used to make male gamers interested in a female heroine - to appeal to the lowest possible denominator. Look at the VAST majority of female heroines, and you'll see objectified, hyper-sexualized depictions of women. Bayonetta is a sex toy heroine, no ifs ands or buts about it. She may be a strong female character, but she's a sex toy - why couldn't she have been a non-sex toy strong female character? Like Sen!

      There is, oh so so so so thankfully, a growing trend in strong, non-objectified female leads, like Faith (Mirror's Edge), Nilin (Remember Me), and Aveline (AC Liberation), but Sen is just about the first one who has a TOTALLY different body type. She is not a typical sex toy heroine and that is awesome.

      You can add highlight to ANY area of the body to distract from the lack of Veneer. Adding "eye candy" in the form of sex appeal is exactly what led to the creation of soooo many sex toy heroines in the past. Instead of bothering to add flashy details to the character's design, they just made them show more skin or accentuated their female parts. It is extremely lazy design and it is not a pitfall I want Sen getting anywhere NEAR.

      And if you think "sex toy heroine" is a term I made up, then, sadly, you're misinformed. The trope itself is generally known as the "fighting f**k toy" in critiques. Yes, it is insulting - but it's insulting that they thought YOU, the gamer, could only be interested in a female if she was overtly sexualized. It's insulting because they couldn't envision a female being anything more than "sex appeal" - in those cases, at least.

    2. Alexander Dean Raven on

      @Pedro, I said to highlight the Feminine Areas because I thought if anything it could help distract from the lack of Veneer and shine that the outfits once had, which I thought was the result of them being hand drawn, instead of computer designed. The redesigns actually did a wonderful job of adding that quality back-in, and highlighting all the proper points in the best way possible, and I give them much respect for it =].

      I also like the design on the newest character, and I'm hoping we get a chance to play as her within the game.

      I hope you know Pedro, that referring to any Heroine as "Sex toy" is pretty extremely insulting... especially because no woman should be viewed as an object... let alone a strong heroine who is meant to save an entire planet... I think you had good intent with what you were trying to say, so I'm gonna let it slide, but you honestly shouldn't be referring to any girl who is not explicitly part of a game designed explicitly for sex xD As a "Sex toy".

      Most games add "sex appeal" for an Eye Candy affect =P. We by nature, like to see attractive and desirable people doing stuff. I liked the design of Sen, and that's a major reason why I decided to click to see if this was worth backing =P. She was Attractive in a Unique and Interesting way =]. I may have come for the Hotness ;3. but I stayed for the game and the concept =]. Still, that said. an Eye Candy affect, can go a long way \=P. It's part of the reason why shiny, is more appreciated I think. xD

    3. Pedro Ramos on

      Your points about muscle tone are good. I disagree, though, with adding "heavier, brighter coloration around the feminine areas". Sen is clearly female with the coloration as is, why are we trying to make her "feminine areas" stand out? That just sounds like pandering and is completely pointless, not to mention completely out of theme. Sen is different to your typical sex toy heroine by design, it would be a disservice to that design to try and amp up her "sexy" by making the feminine areas stand out. Sen is plenty sexy without that, and is what makes the character sooo refreshing in the sea of crap like Quiet from MGS5.

      Everyone else's points on the old art are pretty accurate as well, I'd say. The only issue I had with old art wasn't the old concept art, but the old sprite art. The sprite really didn't match the art - sprite Sen was too thin, simple as that. It was hard to tell just from the sprite that you were playing as a strong, heavier woman, and that made the sprites look kinda generic. If anything, I'd say update the old sprite art to look more like the old art, rather than updating the old art.

    4. Steve (Smoth) Smith on

      leaning too far into the heavy side of things. Thick can go from reasonable to probably cumbersome... I liked the old shiny art more and I liked the old hair more as well.

    5. Cakemachine Games LLC. Creator on

      Heads up guys, Since we can no longer edit this update, keep checking the character section of the main page, any future updates to the characters we'll be updating. there. Since we're still tweaking these designs.

    6. Caleb Horsley on

      Totally agree the other pictures looked better. :3 Still awesome art keep it up!

    7. Adam Aeyne on

      I like the old shininess as well. The new hair looks nice, and I'm ambivalent towards the face. Not sure how I feel about it.

    8. Cakemachine Games LLC. Creator on

      @alexander, We'll keep that in mind. We take critiques, and use them in our production meetings. And the images aren't the final designs.

      Thank you for your support.

    9. Jacob Davis on

      Although I do like the hair style improvement I totally agree with Alexander.

    10. Alex Smith on

      yes agree. veneer

    11. Alexander Dean Raven on

      I definitely liked the shiny, and muscle toned look of the old designs. This less refined and toned kind of look, kinda just makes them look more Heavy-Set than anything (=o. I'd say add a bit more definition & tone to the leg muscles (knees in particular, just like in the other images ♥) and a little heavier, brighter coloration around the feminine areas :x and the lack of Veneer from the clothing would go unnoticed =]. I really look forward to this project ^_^. And seeing it advance in the future =].