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As a gay male I am sick of never being able to find great, meaningful cards for my Partner! CakeBoy Design will change that. Read more

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As a gay male I am sick of never being able to find great, meaningful cards for my Partner! CakeBoy Design will change that.

Andrew Glass
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Andrew Glass

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About this project

CakeBoy Design is a company that will create visually beautiful, elegant and meaningful greeting cards for same-sex couples. I'm doing this because as a gay man, I'm tired of having almost no options in my local stores for cards that relate to me or my relationship!

We are in a time of growth, acceptance and moving forward in the world and part of that is giving the Gay Community more rights and more options. I want CakeBoy Design cards to be in every town throughout the US and my products will also be available World Wide through the CakeBoy Design Website.

I also wanted to create a line of products as a communication method to help parents and teenagers deal with coming out. There will be cards for both the parents and the teens to purchase to send a loving, accepting message. A lot of teenagers tend to close themselves off from communicating with their parents when they are hiding something like their sexuality. I know when I was a teenager the thought of rejection, humiliation and neglect raced through my mind on a daily basis. This can make the thought of coming out to be an incredibly scary thing. How amazing would it be for a mom or dad to be able to give their son or daughter a card that says something as simple as "I love you and accept you for who you are." I know when I was thinking about coming out, if I received a card like that it would have been so much easier.

So this is the vision for the CakeBoy Design products. I think I can speak for the entire Gay Community when I say thank you for giving me the chance to give our community the same options as everyone else!

Risks and challenges

The first challenge for CakeBoy Design is to get the word out to the world that CakeBoy Design is on Without that, the funding won't happen!

The second challenge is getting the actual funding of the products.

The third challenge is to build the website and start printing and manufacturing the products. I went to school at the Art Institute of NYC and have a very creative mind so the actual designing of each card I am not nervous about, but extremely excited about!!

The fourth and biggest challenge is to get stores/companies to carry my line of products. I truly believe that this line should be in every store that greeting cards are sold, but convincing the store owners of that might be a challenge.

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