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ROBOT MAN is a short documentary about the life of Jaimie Mantzel: a man living in the woods and building a giant robot. Read more

Brooklyn, NY Documentary
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ROBOT MAN is a short documentary about the life of Jaimie Mantzel: a man living in the woods and building a giant robot.

Brooklyn, NY Documentary
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Jaimie Mantzel is a man living in the woods of Vermont. Off the grid in a house that he built, he spends his free time building a giant robot in his airplane hangar workshop. Jaimie records everything he does and posts it on youtube, where I first discovered him. About 2 years ago my friend Chris and I visited Jaimie in order to make a documentary for a class we were taking at the time. You can see the result below.

On August 6th Jaimie did his first real test drive of the giant robot. Chris and I went back and spent more time with him and his family. We captured more footage of Jaimie's life, his house, his kids, and, of course, his robot.

We're looking to create a 20-40 minute short doc. His story is unique and inspiring, but to make this film the best it can be, we're going to need your help. Help us share Jaimie's story--it's a good one.


  • Editing
  • Color Grading
  • Audio editing and sound design
  • A musical score for the film
  • Motion Graphics
  • Festival Entry Fees
  • Reward fulfillment


With your help we are going to finish this film quickly, and get it to a wider audience. Thanks so much for your support and we look forward to moving this project forward!

Risks and challenges

Our potential setbacks are the same as any film entering post production. We have all the footage and are eager to weave it into something great that we can share with everyone. Whatever conflicts arise, whether its with the people we hire or with getting the film out there, I'm confident we'll be able to overcome them and, with your help, make an awesome movie!

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  • We all love Jaimie's videos and I'm assuming most of us have spent hundreds of hours watching him building, inventing, or speaking his mind. The reason this project is different is because it takes a perspective his videos don't. Intertwining his philosophies, projects and story into one bite sized film, for us to enjoy as well as people who may have never heard of Jaimie before. And it's in HD!!!! What more could you want!?!?!?!

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  • First off, kickstarter and amazon take about 10 percent of the funds if we succeed, leaving 15k. That remaining money will be used to pay a small group of people to focus on this project for a few months. The money will go to the deserving and talented artists we hire, so we don't have anyone working for free, calling in favors, or killing ourselves just working in our free-time. The money will also go to film fest submissions, which can cost up to 100 bucks to enter. We're hoping to be able to spend at-least a couple grand just on festival entries. As you can see, this adds up pretty quickly. This money is going to help us make the movie faster, better, and allow us to pay talented people what they deserve!

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  • Post on FaceBook! Tweet! Blog! Anything to get people to see the project is so helpful. If you think someone might be interested in the project let them know! and make sure they let all their friends know!

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    An HD download of the finished film.

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    Access to online test screenings of the film to help us create the best film possible, your name in the credits, plus all previous rewards.

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    An exclusive Robot man backer T-shirt, a pass to come to the Premiere/Wrap party in NYC (does not include travel or hotel expenses), plus all previous rewards.

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    Executive Producer credit in the final film. Get involved in the production of the film, we'll include you in conference calls to talk about edits, the score, the story, robots, or whatever you want!

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