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Support the return of Mind's Eye Theatre and help us create the ultimate Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade book!
With your help, we created the ultimate Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade book! Now get your own!
With your help, we created the ultimate Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade book! Now get your own!
1,921 backers pledged $239,955 to help bring this project to life.

The Blood & Betrayal Character Creation packet is HERE!

Come one, come all! We have 373 pages of Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire: The Masquerade goodness for you to read. This is the character creation packet for Blood & Betrayal. It details everything players will need to create characters to play in our premiere game with us at LA by Night. For those or you not going, it's still a meaty preview to sink your fangs into.

[That was a terrible pun. We're sorry.]

Slow down those mouse clicking fingers, though! We want to stress that this is not the full game by any stretch of the imagination. Many sections have been heavily redacted, as this is meant to specifically address what B&B players will need to create characters and prepare to play. If something appears out of context, don't panic! The full book will tie it all together.

Okay - so we're all cool with this being a preview that has been heavily redacted and doesn't have everything? You in the back, you cool? Honey bunny, we cool? I love you, Honey Bunny


Here are links to get everything you need:

First, download a blank character sheet.

Next, download the packet. You can get it from Dropbox or Google Drive. Happy reading!

Since we're gearing up for B&B, we are going to focus most of our question-answering power on helping anyone who is making a sheet for the game. We will be holding character creation workshops on Thursday and Friday at LAbN

If you have questions or feedback not related to making a character to play at LAbN, please leave them as comments. As always, we read everything even if we don't get a chance to respond. We really appreciate all of the responses we get from our community every time we put out a preview. We're really looking forward to seeing what you have to say, even if we won't be playing with you later this month.

Enjoy creating your characters! We can't wait to find out more about them!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Aguirre on

      i like status this way

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark Owens on

      Status is better handled IC without a mechanical system. People know who is feared and who is not, who is respected and who is not. Assigning people adjectives is silly, and is an intrusive system that hinders roleplay. Why not remove the entire Status mechanic and just let people play out their own opinions of each other rather than having a system intrude on that.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dan Meier on

      Never mind, I see that you updated the packet.

    4. Mark Crump on

      @Dan Meier; they've updated the packet, download it again, it has Elder Dementation now, and a few other fixes.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dan Meier on

      While looking through the B&B packet and the elder disciplines, I noticed all of the released disciplines have elder powers, except Dementation. Why no love for the elder Malkavian?

      Okay also not Tham or Necro, and yet they never did have elder levels, so that makes sense.

    6. Missing avatar

      Aguirre on

      two things
      1) nosferatu should be explicita that his apparence is supernatural, and desgust all mortals.
      2)Form of the beast wrath - take away the +5 bonus on atacks
      and add +1 damage on critical hits with no drawbacks
      (this is more balaced)

    7. Torcatte on

      Dear folks at By Night Studios.
      I'm very excited with the work done so far. In our group we're playing the Transylvania Chronicles plot with the rules released so far and I must say: the rules are amazing. Easy to grasp and quick to play with.
      I'm just concerned with one thing: action economy.
      Powers that allows extra physical actions can easily get out of hand. Neonate Lasombra can dish 8 damage to one target in one single turn. Ancilla and Elder Brujah can deal 9 to 18 (!) aggravated damage in a single turn, literally obliterating anything in it's path.
      I know that Obtenebration and Celerity are iconic (and cool) disciplines. But the extra actions they give can make it really hard to balance the other physical disciplines and powers.
      Requiem already proved that celerity (and obtenebration) can be a really cool and useful discipline *without* giving extra actions. All the extra actions are aggravated in a LARP enviroment: the more extra actions a player have, the more the other players must wait without doing anything.
      With that in mind, celerity can be worked to provide static bonuses. Also, there can be a melee weapon trait that can make it to be considered as a ranged weapon for the celerity bonuses.
      Well, just my two cents.

      Best regards and keep the good work,


    8. Missing avatar

      Aguirre on

      to me status is very complicated, you cant falow a single line of thought, nad
      all of the status have two uses, is to much to track
      there is some sugestions hout o make them simplier but still have the feeling
      1 - positions, don’t need to grant status. the benefits of the postions work like status itself.
      but some positions can grant refreshing of the fleeting status, making them abiding,
      so hold a position can be a way to assure personal power.

      2- all the fleeting / abigindg status can fall into some categories - like loyalty, -
      these status will do the same thing, so you have 4 or five uses / bonus of the status,
      and do not have to memorize all.
      3 - abiding status should be rare and, the character have only one of these, like an elder of camarilla
      or an architect of the camarilla, they have one or another, but sSOME abiding status can be more powerfull

    9. Chris Brinkley on

      With the understanding that this is a preview and is not likely to be the final version of darned near anything at all...

      Warding Circle ritual:

      - Why does it not act as a barrier? Damage is great and all, but it doesn't prevent someone from passing.
      - Why does the blood have to stay there? It will draw unwanted attention and makes securing a location nearly impossible as someone's going to notice all those circles surrounding a place. The blood-can't-be-disturbed requirement isn't in V20, either.
      - Regarding warding a building, maybe a way to cast a larger circle specifically for use in surrounding a building? Hallways and doors won't work as someone will Potence through a wall, Astral anywhere they want, etc. I don't have specific suggestions as I don't know what else you have in mind, just wanted to point out the issue.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mike Mack on

      Also since there is no test just the loss of your standard action does this not let you use Thaum:: Path of Blood: Cauldron of Blood in Celerity Follow ups?

    11. Missing avatar

      Mike Mack on

      Not sure if anyone figured this out yet. So broken. Thaum: Movement of the Mind: Control + Thaum:Path of Blood: Cauldron of Blood... Ranged Grapple for 3 Blood and 3 Agg Damage?

    12. Missing avatar

      Aguirre on

      i think fleeting status should not have passive benefits, or all have the same.

    13. Missing avatar

      Aguirre on

      the only thing i didnt like is the status, you need to memorize a lot of stuff do play it right, and you will need charts to consult with every status does, besides having to memorize what each position can do. Should be simplier.

    14. Antonio Tarcizio Gusman Ferreira Junior on

      If a Tremere don't buy Thaumaturgical Expertise, it will have only one thaumaturgical path? He need to buy Thaumaturgical Expertise multiples times to learn new paths?

    15. Brendan W on

      No influences, d'aw.

      There goes my plans to buy a ticket and make a "famous" punk rock Toreador Anarch. ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      Anthony Parisi on

      Love it and can't stop reading it. The only suggestion I have would be that against an Exceptional Success, the defender should always take at least 1 Normal from an attack. I know I would be frustrated if I was brought into a fist (or claw) fight against someone with Aegis and was *literally* unable to damage them no matter what I did.

    17. Brandon Abernathy on

      I clearly didn't read far enough. I'd edit my question if I knew how to. sorry bout that. very excited about Gargoyles. :D

    18. Missing avatar

      Aguirre on

      and i miss the flaw that a vampire cannot enter without invitation.
      most powers is used to prevent combat, like animalism or dominate 1

    19. Missing avatar

      Aguirre on

      please, with the book we need fast consut tables, for moves / combat and status.

      and please, powers that lasts for turns is lame, make this last for minutes to roleplay the power ( animalism 3)

    20. Brandon Abernathy on

      So, I won't lie. Went strait to the Gargoyle sections. I'm stuck on the Dark Statue Merit. With this merit is a Gargoyle able to withstand the sun? Is he immune to staking? Can he be hurt as a statue?

    21. Mark Crump on

      The one thing I'm still not too keen on is the short duration of a few powers in rounds. Dominate one being a prime example, as well as a few Dementation levels. While I know that prolonged effects in combat sequence can last the whole combat, when outside of that time we're talking mere seconds. "Leave!" points at door, guy takes three steps towards the door and turns back around is really lame. Then I shout leave again and point again till he's out of my line of sight? I suppose I could mesmerize him "you will go out the door, then walk outside, then walk home, and think about how awesome I am." If I want him to really leave, but the first level is just weak. And if I use dementation 2 to make someone spaz out for 9 seconds what did I really accomplish unless I intend to engage him in combat? Everything else I love though, but really need to get a group together to playtest. Also your status system is AWESOME.

    22. Brian "Chainsaw" Campbell on

      I suppose I should ask an obvious rules question. We're on a ship, right? Can I ask for an estimate on the distance between the waterline and the deck where we're playing?

      I just found this:

      Cannot Cross Running Water (2 point flaw)
      You cannot cross running water unless you are at least 50 feet above it. For the purpose of this flaw, “running water” must be at least the size of a stream three feet across, or some larger body of water. When you cross running water, you lose 1 Willpower. That Willpower cannot be regained until you rest for a full day...

      This could get interesting. : )

      (I accept that the answer to this question might be "I can't tell you that.")