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The e-book format has much greater potential than simple PDFs. Let's make a great module and raise the bar for digital RPG modules.
The e-book format has much greater potential than simple PDFs. Let's make a great module and raise the bar for digital RPG modules.
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What's in my backpack in four years

This month's RPG Blog Carnival theme is "What's in your backpack?", and I got to thinking about what will be in my GM backpack in four years. Rather than post in my existing blog, I thought this topic relevant to the Kickstarter project and decided to post it as an update.


This one is kind of a no brainer based on this Kickstarter aiming to make an e-book mainly for tablets, but it's really what is on the tablet that makes it interesting. The first is my session preparation and campaign notes. If I need to know what encounters I'll be running for a session, I can review or adjust quickly. If I can't remember what happened two games ago in relation to a particular NPC, I can search the notes to find the details. The second is fast access to the rules that I need. It might come from or from an app that includes an easy to use interface to rules resources. Third is that it has game management tools like a virtual combat pad with initiative and hit point tracking. Finally and most obviously is a bySwarm e-module to make things a full multimedia experience.


Hey, let's be honest: most tablets don't have very loud internal speakers. So a set of speakers that I can plug into my tablet's headphone jack seems like a good idea to make sure everyone can hear at the table to full effect.


While the virtual tabletops are coming along, there's still something about putting down a mini that takes up a 15' space and is 5 inches tall on the table. I doubt I will ever go away from the physical miniature, especially since we're acquiring over 100 minis from the Reaper Kickstarter project.


My collection of flip maps and map packs from Paizo is pretty expansive right now, and I can imagine it only being bigger in four years. Detailed maps add a lot of visual atmosphere, and they are great for supplementing the visuals of an e-module.

Miscellaneous accessories

With the move of traditionally printed products towards the more transportable electronic formats, I think there is room for more innovation in a lot of accessory areas. Some of the current ones include things like wire spell templates, condition tokens, and invisibility models. In four years, there will be accessories that we haven't even imagined today, and I see these taking up more space in my backpack.

In the end...

In the end, my backpack four years from now is much lighter in terms of paper. Instead of transporting books, it becomes more like a GM toolbox with everything I need to run the game of the day.

If you think this vision of the future sounds exciting, make a pledge to the project today and be a part of a revolution in e-modules. We've passed 30% and are well on our way to being fully funded, so it's really a matter of just how great we'll be able to make the e-module. Sign up now!


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