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A better Butter awaits! Help us move to 3700 Nicollet Avenue.
191 backers pledged $16,822 to help bring this project to life.

And so we begin!

I've traded one set of nervousness (getting this project launched) for another set (how will it go?).  Starting something new always hits me this way - even though I have been involved in so many start ups that I'm wondering why I haven't lost that skittishness that develops at the beginning.  Perhaps I just have a built in start-up motor that runs off of this kind of energy. 

As I sat in the shop yesterday (yes, sat at a customer table to practice what it will feel like to have my office space in the seating area) I overheard fun chatter about this project, about our construction, and about the shop itself.  I had several of our long-time regulars sit down with me, share ideas with me and wish me well.  With our blueprints up on the wall, signs and stickers and a crate with a newly arrived ice cream maker (please help me pay for it!)  in the back corner, there's a bit of a carnival feel here.  So, even as I prepare to send off a few of the summer staff, including one today... I'm stuck mostly with the thought that something new has begun.

Drywall is nearly complete and so what was once lines on paper (thanks ROLF!) now has a shape.  The newly installed kitchen exhaust hood (with its energy efficient, variable speed motor) has given the kitchen the look and feel of a kitchen. I wandered in after the construction workers had left yesterday and found myself standing in the kitchen, imagining the sounds and smells, and handing off another biscuit sandwich...

It's another Saturday morning here at 3544 Grand, the early cool-morning-waking up crowd shifting over to the morning brunch. Beginning much like any day. And yet a new beginning too.

I'm heading to Turnip Rock Farm later today for a pizza party and to walk the fields with Josh and Rama where our summer tomatoes (amongst many other great veggies) are being grown. 

Thank you for your willingness to support us in creating beautiful days for our neighbors. I appreciate every one of you!

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