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A better Butter awaits! Help us move to 3700 Nicollet Avenue.
A better Butter awaits! Help us move to 3700 Nicollet Avenue.
191 backers pledged $16,822 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

A day to say thanks (again)

Thank you Kickstarter backers!

We are nearing the completion of the projects you launched with your support for Butter Bakery Cafe's big move.  And as a way to recognize the end of the construction and to honor your part in it we are setting aside December 12 (12/12/12) as your day!   Drop by the shop next Wednesday to pick up reward items, be honored,  taste some new treats, to connect with other Kickstarter supporters and to see what you have created! 

I realize that this day won't work for everyone (thus the skype tour with my daughter studying in Stockholm this fall) --- but I hope many of you can stop by sometime during the day to check in with me.  Feel welcome to stop by anytime now to pick up mugs, tumblers, shirts, or other project related rewards.  I am sending off the reward coupons today as well.

We have already shared some birthday cupcakes, delivered office sampler boxes, begun sampling out ice creams, and tomorrow host our first evening party.  Our first internships are nearing their end, groups are putting our community table to use, brunch is packing a weekend crowd, and oh, my, it does look great.  

There are still a few small details in action (as there will always be), but it sure is great to be open and settling into our new routines here on Nicollet.  As I look back on our kickstarter video from this summer where I stood in a big empty shell of a space, I am both amazed and grateful.

thank you - see you on the 12th!


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Open and now Grandly Opening

The rough edges are getting smoother.  The empty spaces are getting filled.  Piece by piece we're settling in. We are open and learning how to use this beautiful new shop.

Getting to this point has been both a challenge and a joy.  So, it seems like a good time to celebrate! Our partners at Portico Collaborative (the former Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation) are excited to see their vision for Nicollet Square finally complete. Butter Bakery is happily nearing the end of construction time and moving into living time here.  The Nicollet Square residents are already becoming part of the community here.

Please join us Tuesday, October 23 for a GRAND OPENING celebration.  We'll have something special going on all day long - and at 6 pm we'll share a special program of welcome and celebration with the people who helped bring this vision to life.

Your part in this is significant! Please come and be thanked!

We will post more information about the day on the butter bakery cafe Facebook page

I do hope to see you Tuesday!


Signs of the times

We are open on Nicollet!

While there are still a few pieces "in process" / "under construction" / "in transit" / "due soon" / "not quite ready" /  etc... we do feel open!  Every day is a step closer to our finished vision!

The sign arrived today and is on the wall.  We're hoping that all you really need to see is butter.  We are aiming for an October 23 Grand Opening and hope you'll put it on your calendar to join us for a day to celebrate all that we have been able to do TOGETHER!  Thanks for your support - come visit soon and be sure to look for the bit of butter bakery cafe that has been made possible by you!


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Last days (again)

As the end of our time at 3544 Grand draws near - I'm struck by the feelings of loss mixed with anticipation and excitement.  Almost all of you have been in this site. You backed this project because of what butter has been in its current site as well as wishing it well into its next space.  There are things we will miss, some quirky, some dear, some experiences that just can't be re-staged.  When we get time to say goodbye to someone or something we love - it is indeed a precious, gracious thing.  For those of us who have had losses thrust upon us in our lives - without that time to prepare a goodbye - the pain and grief is real. 

So, I'm trying to say a good goodbye. To get the "good" into the byes.  And to remember that the shortened phrase does actually ask that God be with ye - that we feel the presence of love surround us as we move away from a place of love and welcome.  I do feel that.  There is a welcome waiting.  There is love traveling with us on this journey of five blocks. You can be a part of that traveling wave of love next Wednesday afternoon. Join us as we lovingly carry the shop to its next home - beginning shortly after noon.

It has not all gone as planned. But it has all been good.


Thank you

You did it.

We have created a successful Kickstarter project! 

Over the course of the next few days I will be preparing a survey to gather information from you - MY BACKERS! -- to help us prepare our rewards for you and get you information about joining us for our opening celebrations at 3700 Nicollet in early October.

There is still much to do over here. I'm bouncing between the two sites, training in new staff, and working through a very long to do list.  But - believe me - with your awesome support from this project - I have found the energy and inspiration to take it on!

Thank you!