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The Bug Movie is a feature length documentary film about the most beloved and recognizable vehicle on Earth, the Volkswagen Beetle.
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Posted by Damon Ristau (Creator)

I have some really exciting news! Our perseverance has paid off and we are in the final negotiations with an awesome distributor! This means that THE BUG will get a real release and will have much broader reach than our planned self-distribution model. We have had a few special test screenings to watch the film with an audience and see how it plays. We've received overwhelming positive feedback, and we are still tweaking ever so slightly.

Due to the distribution deal, we won't have an official DVD to release quite yet (probably August). However, don't fret! To show you all how much I appreciate your support and patience, I'm sharing the film with you today via a password protected link. I will leave this link live for one week, expiring on July 1, 2016, so don't hesitate, watch the film now! This version of the film is largely finished, however don't be surprised if you see some changes in the final cut.

Finally, it is VERY important that you DO NOT share this link. It could seriously jeopardize our official release and there are still some copyrighted materials that haven't been finalized.

Watch the film: password: bug movie

Please let us know what you think! Thank you.

All the best,

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    1. John Wright on

      When will the Backer's DVD be sent out??

    2. Missing avatar

      caylee on

      Thanks for the opportunity to watch it, unfortunately I also just tried to watch the film and the password won't work. If there is anything you can do to fix this, I would still love to watch it. Thank you!!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Daryl Martin on

      The password doesn't work. It's not July 1st yet.

    4. Mike Williams on

      I tried to watch the movie tonight and the password would not work.

    5. John Wright on

      Watched the movie last night - Great! Relived some of the moments restoring my '61. Can not wait until I get my Backer DVD. Damon, any information as to when the Backer DVD's will be sent out?

    6. Damon Ristau 2-time creator on

      Thank you all for the encouraging comments. Can't wait to get you the DVDs! Thanks!

    7. James Eason on

      Damon and team, so impressed with what you have produced. A wonderful film, you have told the story so well and the contributions from all concerned fit together so well. Corky's tale is so familiar to us who love old bugs and its so good of you to make that your film's centre piece. Glad to have helped in a little way. Now full of enthusiasm to finish my '72 restoration!

    8. Missing avatar

      Simon Waters on

      Absolutely fantastic.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tory Alonzo on

      So glad everyone is enjoying the film. Jason, nice work on your short film about your super beetle! Just like what's touched on in the film, with over 21 million cars produced there will be at least that many special stories about each car. And yours is no exception. Thanks everyone for supporting this project! Fun things are in store by summer's end...

    10. Jason Cole on

      Your movie made my day man. As soon as I got your update I stealthfuly watched it at work. The story you told was great, bookending with the restoration story... The shots of Montana makes me want to move back. And of course your understanding of what makes the Bug so special was spot on. I have a 74 Super that's been in my wife's family since new... Both my daughters were brought home from the hospital in it. I wasn't much of a gear head, but over the past 8 plus years working on the car has become my obsession. I'm also a film maker and recently made this video about my car. Have a look and I hope you enjoy it:

    11. Dave Motion on

      Solid piece of work. Didn't break down once... #smellthehorsehair

    12. Bill Morgan on

      Lots of goose bumps, a few tears, the happiest 80 minutes I've spent in a very long time. A ton of gratitude and thanks for making this movie for those of us who love the Bug.