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The Bug Movie is a feature length documentary film about the most beloved and recognizable vehicle on Earth, the Volkswagen Beetle.
The Bug Movie is a feature length documentary film about the most beloved and recognizable vehicle on Earth, the Volkswagen Beetle.
466 backers pledged $44,074 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Stefan Schirmer on

      "Thank you for your support and please know every last reward will be fulfilled."
      –This was Damon's update as of November 20, 2017. Today we are almost five months later and NOTHING happened. I suppose we can all forget the articles we haven't received yet. They'll never get shipped.
      However, another member of the Ristau family, Eric W., is now asking for funds on via email – obviously using Damon's subscriber list. Sorry Eric, I am not planning to get ripped twice by the same family.
      Greetings from Germany, Stefan

    2. Missing avatar

      Andy Gipson on

      No updates since November 2017 and here we are at the end of March 2018. I see a lot of pissed of folks here. I got scolded by Damon for emailing and asking for an update. He said I was impatient and threatened to "refund me" I have no refund and no box set. .....what a joke

    3. Missing avatar

      clyde on

      HELLOOOO... hello...hello...hello - ANYBODY THERE...anybody there...anybody there - Truly hope nothing tragic has happened to Daemon - been 4 months since last update a couple years since original funding. Don't think I will ever fund another project like this again.
      Signed: Beyond Extremely Patient and disappointed - I give up following - bye

    4. Cesar Delgado on

      Hey guys, any updates on the box set?

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Huebbe on

      I never got my t-shirt or my two signed DVDs. I was mailed one unsigned DVD. I'm extremely disappointed with how everyone was scammed.

    6. Erik on

      This was the only kickstarter I got ripped off never got my bug movie/ bus movie set shame shame shame I still love VWs and was happy to back a fellow Missoulian but very disappointed and did not get what I paid for

    7. Missing avatar

      Stefan Schirmer on

      You can leave comments on Instagram only for a particular photograph, so I used the contact form of Damon's company to send him the following message:

      Hi Damon,
      You probably didn't have a look at your Kickstarter project for THE BUG movie since quite a while. There are tons of people having paid to support you in 2014 and still haven't received their awards. I am one of them and I tell you that we're all VERY upset, to stay politically correct.
      Do something!
      Greetings form Germany, Stefan

      Feel free to do so as well. Hope this helps.

    8. Svein Lysø on

      I don't know Instagram, or have an account, but is it possible to post a comment on Instagram to Damon Ristau, to try to speed things up...? Or at least let his followers there know that he is not taking care of his backers here on Kickstarter...?

    9. Svein Lysø on

      Hi all,
      I have received the DVD, but not the T-shirt that was included in my pledge. Has anyone else of you backers got the T-shirt...?

    10. Missing avatar

      Bradley Bull on

      I respectfully and considerately ask when we might see the Bug/Bus Movie box set as our reward?

    11. Wakky Mo on

      Sad that our pledges not fulfilled... Damon seems to be leading a happy life on his Instagram, with no care for us backers to his project... another Kickstarter that has failed me �

    12. Missing avatar

      Stefan Schirmer on

      Fully agree with Svein. We've all been extremely patient and uncomplaining. Send backers what they paid for years ago. You treat us like mushroom since quite a while, that's not fair.

    13. Svein Lysø on

      It is now definitely T-shirt season... How about sending us backers our T-shirts...?

    14. Missing avatar

      Stefan Schirmer on

      1st April (not a joke): Still no tee six weeks after DVD arrival.
      Sorry to say that: The organisation of this project and rewarding the backers, aka people who put the money in to enable you Damon to realise it, leaves a lot to be desired.

    15. Missing avatar

      Stefan Schirmer on

      DVD arrived in Germoney mid February. Still waiting for the t-shirt.

    16. Paul Holst on

      2 years later... are we ever going to see all of our rewards?

    17. Missing avatar

      Vaclav Simek on

      Hello Damon,

      I just wanted to let you know that DVD with the documentary about our beloved bug has been delivered to me several days ago. I have already enjoyed the opportunity to watch it through upon its online release some time ago. Yes, the physical copy on a DVD is definitely nice addition to my collection of Beetle related materials (books, movies, etc). However, I would happen to express one minor remark. My pledge should also include the documentary about The Bus. Is there any estimation when I may expect the delivery of that another DVD? Many thanks for now and all the best...

    18. Wakky Mo on

      Got the DVD :)

      Wished the BluRay option was available at the start!

      Just waiting for the T shirts now!!

    19. John Wright on

      I have not received my DVD as of 31 Jan.

    20. Missing avatar

      Stefan Schirmer on

      Nothing here in Germoney yet.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mark Huebbe on

      I got one DVD the first week of January. But my backer reward was for 2 advanced copies (autographed) plus the t-shirt. Have yet to get my shirt and the single DVD wasn't autographed.

    22. Christine Feldmann on

      Happy 2017! We as a backer for "The BUG Movie" representing Keep Calm And Drive A Beetle Sponsored by: Rio Designs are pleased to announce that we have received our DVD. What a true honor to be part of this wonderful venture and project. Thank you for the wonderful work. Yours truly from our BUG to yours, “BELA ViDA” 1979 VW Red Karmann Super Convertible Beetle Manufactured in Germany. (o\_l_/o) Much love from the Jersey Shore, Christine Feldmann

    23. Larry Cavanagh on

      Great to hear someone has received their DVD.
      Myself - Still waiting!

    24. Christine Feldmann on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    25. Larry Cavanagh on

      The last update was on Dec. 15th stating that the DVDs were shipping that week - that was 3 weeks ago. Now we did have the holidays in the middle of this time, but has anyone actually received their copy yet?

    26. Travis Misterek on

      I have moved since I backed this project.
      How can I verify you have the correct address?

      Thank you!

    27. Jim Tetzlaff on

      So did Damon run outta money, and now has to book pre-orders for cashflow??? What gives Damon???

    28. Jim Tetzlaff on

      So it's been over 2 years since I pledged, and I still have nothing to show for it... The Bus movie was great.... I do feel like this was a scam, and has been living off all of our pledges? Prove me wrong Damon! It sure would be nice if you at a minimum came on here and addressed everyone's comments/complaints......

    29. Missing avatar

      caylee on

      I am seeing posts on instagram that people can preorder The Bug Movie
      I ordered it so we will see if it shows up before my Kickstarter package

    30. Larry Cavanagh on

      I was told to watch for an update either later today or tomorrow.
      We will see.

    31. Larry Cavanagh on

      I have sent a message to Damon's person Facebook page as well as to his place of employment.
      I am hoping that we will get some action on this (seemingly forgotten) campaign

    32. Ronald Wenger on

      Still no update.....What the heck.

    33. Keri Whitman on

      Any update on when we'll receive the DVD?

    34. John Wright on

      Has this been a Scam???

    35. Missing avatar

      Dianne Wardyga on

      Backers deserve an update. I too have not received my DVD. I love the Bus Movie so supported you but it is difficult to remain patient without hearing SOMETHING.

    36. Svein Lysø on

      As you can see below, there are a LOT of comments here, people asking for updates and news as to where the DVD's and their T-shirts and so on, are. I would strongly suggest that someone in your organization put out some information regarding these issues very soon. Most of us have seen the beautiful "Bus Movie", so we are very eager to see this movie, too.
      So please, support your backers, as we have supported you in the making of this film! If someone is sick, or there is any other legitimate reason as to why this whole process has halted, we will understand, but I think most of us now are getting pretty tired of hearing nothing at all. Since the movie now is finished, it shouldn't be too much to ask that you now send out the gifts to us, after all; we are the people who made the making of this movie possible?
      Please don't ruin the positive impression we (hopefully still) have of you as a filmmaker.

    37. Thomas Kamrud Jahnsen on

      I still havent gotten the DVD and i have not seen the movie as i was too late to use the vimeo password. please get back to me on this.

    38. Josh Goodwin on

      I pledged to receive "a private link to view the finished movie online" that link is dead.
      Any ideas when we can see it again? Or when it wont be password protected?

    39. Missing avatar

      caylee on

      I was hoping I would have the DVD by now, my friends got engaged after watching the premier and I was planning on giving them the DVD as a wedding present for this weekend. Please let me know when I can expect it as I am having it shipped to a shipping outlet

    40. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      For some reason I didn't get the email notification about the Vimeo password. So after 2 YEARS since I pledged I still haven't seen this movie. Where's the damn DVD?!

    41. John Wright on

      When will the Backer's DVD be sent out???

    42. Jim Tetzlaff on

      Since it's been over years since you got funded for this project, are you going to be shipping anything anytime soon??? I really wish you'd address this little issue... I brought people to your cause via my local VW car club...

    43. Missing avatar

      Bob Kenyon on

      Just watched it this evening. Super enjoyable, and I even learned a few things.

    44. Wakky Mo on

      unable to watch??!! used the password but saying incorrect :(

    45. John Wright on

      Watched the movie on my I-Phone last night. Can not wait until I receive the my Backer DVD to watch on the "Big" screen :). Speaking of that Damon, when will the Backers receive their DVD's?

    46. Jim Tetzlaff on

      Since it's been 2 years since you got funded for this project, are you going to be shipping anything anytime soon???

    47. Missing avatar

      Simon Waters on

      Damon, What can I say? Amazing, wonderful, high quality are the words that come to mind. I never expected the emotion that I would feel watching it, that came out of left field. Thank you so much for the opportunity to watch it and sending the temporary link. I will watch it over and over till the link goes it is just so good. I now can't wait to get the DVDs and my son wants to know what's next?

      All the best


    48. Missing avatar

      Beau Simmons on

      Just watched the film. Very wonderful. Great commentary. Thank you very much for sharing this.

    49. Missing avatar

      Derek Sanchez on

      It seems the screenings have gone worldwide now. When will your Kickstarter donors receive their DVD? The folks who paid for the project are going to be the last to see it?

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