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pledged of €35,000pledged of €35,000 goal
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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thu, August 1 2019 10:02 AM UTC +00:00.

pledged of €35,000pledged of €35,000 goal
9days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thu, August 1 2019 10:02 AM UTC +00:00.



We all know at least one woman with a great business idea. Maybe this woman is your friend, your sister, your daughter, your mother, your grandmother, your girlfriend, your wife - or maybe the woman is yourself.

But how many of those women actually make their business idea come true? 

As a matter of fact, just 25% of entrepreneurs in France, Germany and the UK are female and according to studies, only about 50% of all women who want to start their own business actually do so. 

Here are the main reasons that are stopping the other half:

Nous connaissons tous au moins une femme avec une projet business formidable. Peut-être cette femme est votre amie, votre soeur, votre fille, votre mère, votre grand-mère, votre copine ou votre femme - ou peut-être cette femme c'est vous.

Mais combien parmi ces femmes vont jusqu'au bout de leur projet ? 

En effet, uniquement 25% des entrepreneurs en France, au Royaume-Uni et en Allemagne sont  des femmes. Les études montrent que seulement 50% des femmes ayant un projet commercial créent leur propre entreprise. Les raisons principales qui les bloquent sont indiquées ci-dessus.

So this is why I want to create Businettes: An app that encourages and facilitates female entrepreneurship via the three following modes.

Voilà pourquoi je voudrais créer Businettes : Une application encourageant et facilitant l'entrepreneuriat des femmes grâce aux trois modes différents :


Connecting users with potential co-founders and business partners

"Matching" entre co-fondatrices et associées


Connecting users with potential investors, business angels and mentors

Mise en relation avec des investisseurs, business angels et / ou mentors


Connecting users with relevant service providers 

Mise en relations avec des prestataires pertinents 


Businettes Connect will help aspiring female entrepreneurs find likeminded women by letting them match with a potential female co-founder and / or potential business partners in order to form the ideal team for their business. By finding the right business partner, Businettes' users can get the chance to find additional support and can even get a boost of confidence: strength through unity!

Once the users have matched with a potential business partner or co-founder, they have the possibility to get in touch with each other, discuss their business ideas and Businettes lets them take it from there.

Une fois que les utilisatrices auront matché avec de potentielles associées ou co-fondatrices, elles pourront se contacter, discuter leurs projets commerciaux et Businettes les laissera avancer ensemble.

Sur Businettes Connect les utilisatrices peuvent trouver d'autres femmes qui souhaitent entreprendre et matcher avec une co-fondatrice et / ou des associées afin de constituer l'équipe idéale pour leur projet commercial. Au delà du soutien additionnel, cela leur permet également d'avoir un boost de confiance car l'unité crée les forces !


On Businettes Pitch users have the possibility to submit their business idea to potential investors, business angels, mentors or incubators in order to get guidance as well as access to financial and / or operational support. They will be asked to fill in their business pitch within a standardized form indicating the problem they want to solve with their idea, information about their competitive landscape, USPs etc.

Sur Businettes Pitch les utilisatrices auront la possibilité de transmettre leurs projets commerciaux à de potentiels investisseurs, business angels, mentors et incubateurs afin d'être guidées et soutenues d'un point de vue financier et opérationnel. Dans une trame de pitch elles pourront faire part du problème que leur projet est censé résoudre, des informations sur leur marché, des USPs etc.


In order to reduce the complexity of starting and running your own business and to avoid spending hours searching for the right service providers within your personal network or on the internet, Businettes Concierge helps its users find relevant service providers such as web developers, legal advisors, accountants or babysitters with only a few clicks. Think of it as the Treatwell for female entrepreneurship!

Dans le but de réduire la complexité liée à la création d'entreprise et afin d'éviter de passer des heures à trouver de bons prestataires dans le réseau personnel et / ou sur internet, Businettes Concierge aide ses utilisatrices à trouver des prestataires pertinents comme par exemple des experts en comptabilité, des développeurs web ou des consultants juridiques avec quelques clicks seulement - on dirait  le Treatwell pour l'entrepreneuriat féminin !


Businettes lives by the "one step at a time" approach and believes that good things come to those who wait. The first milestone is to get Businettes Connect up and running asap whilst developing the Businettes Pitch and Businettes Concierge partner network. The idea is to launch Businettes Connect early 2020 with the ultimate goal to offer all three services within the Businettes app by the end of 2020.

If you are an aspiring female entrepreneur, please leave your email address here and you'll get a notification as soon as you can join Businettes Connect.

Le développement de Businettes se déroulera une étape à la fois. La première étape importante sera de créer Businettes Connect au plus vite pendant que les réseaux de partenaires de Businettes Pitch et de Businettes Concierge seront développés. L'idée est de lancer Businettes Connect en début 2020 et le but ultime est d'avoir tous les trois services en une application d'ici fin 2020.

Si vous êtes une femme et vous souhaitez créer votre entreprise, merci de laisser votre adresse mail ici et vous recevrez une notification dès vous pouvez vous inscrire sur Businettes Connect.


From a B2C side, Businettes will only be available for female users. 

However, from a B2B point of view, Businettes is happy to welcome male investors, business angels and mentors as well as male service providers to the Businettes Pitch and Businettes Concierge networks.

D'un point de vue B2C, seulement des femmes pourront utiliser l'appli.

Pourtant, en ce qui concerne le côté B2B, les investisseurs, business angels, mentors et prestataires masculins pourront joindre les réseaux Businettes Pitch et Businettes Concierge.


This campaign mainly aims at covering the development and initial launch of the app which is going to take up to approximately 75% of the budget. The remaining 25% will go towards server space, marketing and other unpredicted costs.

Cette campagne vise à couvrir le coût du développement et du lancement initial de l'appli  ce qui va nécessiter 75% du budget. Les 25% restantes seront consacrés à l'espace serveur, le marketing et d'autres coûts supplémentaires.


Well that's me, Victoria. I am 29 years old and I come from a German-Estonian background. Having studied and worked as a marketing manager in fashion start ups and retail in Berlin, London and Paris for the past 10 years, I have constantly been surrounded by many inspiring and intelligent women. 

Ok fine, but why do I want to create this app you wonder?

I haven't started Businettes because I wanted to surf on the female empowerment wave. I have started Businettes with my girlfriends in mind. 

Let me explain: 

The idea of creating a platform to facilitate female entrepreneurship first came to me when I went on a road trip in the UK with three of my very smart girlfriends a few years ago. On the trip it became clear that all three of them had a secret business idea - all of them pretty amazing ones I might add - but they were listing various reasons why they weren't going for it. At the same time, I noticed that more and more men in my network started their own business, being much less worried about the potential risk this might involved, with a confidence my girlfriends were lacking and an overall much more optimistic approach towards starting their own business. 

Businettes' godmothers and myself on that famous road trip where it all began
Businettes' godmothers and myself on that famous road trip where it all began

So I was thinking about how I could help my girlfriends get started... maybe it would be helpful for them to find a co-founder or a business partner for additional support and skills? Maybe there was a way to help them get easier access to finance, experts and relevant services in order to facilitate the process of starting and running their own business?

Voilà. This is how Businettes was born.

My girlfriends are the living proof for what many studies on female entrepreneurship suggest: There are more women with a great business idea than we think but there are way too many obstacles that make them abandon their future businesses before having even tried to launch them in the first place.

Building Businettes has taught me first hand how hard it is to overcome those hurdles and obstacles. 

Therefore - despite all the doubts and fear of failure - I believe in its potential to facilitate and encourage female entrepreneurship even more. 

Je suis Victoria, j'ai 29 ans et je suis d'origine germano-estonienne. Grâce à mes études et mon activité en tant que marketing manager dans la mode à Berlin, Londres et Paris, j'ai été constamment entourée par beaucoup de femmes inspirantes et intelligentes au pendant les 10 dernières années.  

Et je n'ai pas créé Businettes afin de surfer sur la vague de l'empowerment féminin. J'ai surtout créé Businettes pour mes copines. 

L'idée de créer une plateforme pour faciliter l'entrepreneuriat féminin m'est venue lors des vacances avec des copines au Royaume Uni il y a quelques années. Au cours ce voyage toutes les trois me parlaient de leurs idées business mais elle avaient toutes des raison pour ne pas aller au bout de leur projet. En même temps je voyais que de plus en plus d'hommes dans mon entourage lançaient leur propres entreprises, faisant preuve de beaucoup moins de peur de risques et beaucoup plus de confiance que mes copines.

J'ai donc commencé à réfléchir à des solutions pour aider mes copines à se lancer... trouver une associée, serait-ce utile ? Y-avait-il un moyen de trouver des moyens de financement et des prestataires pour les aider avec des sujets qui bloquent.. ? 

Voilà comment Businettes est né.

Mes copines confirment ce que les études sur l'entrepreneuriat au féminin montrent : Il existe plus de femmes avec de super idées business que l'on ne croit mais il y a trop d'obstacles qui les font abandoner leur projets avant de les avoir lancés.

En créant Businettes je peux confirmer à quel point il est difficile de surmonter ces difficultés.

C'est pour cela - malgré tous les doutes et la peur de l'échec - que je crois d'autant plus que cette appli peut faciliter et encourager l'entrepreneuriat au féminin. 


I am lucky to be surrounded by a great network of consultants and advisors who are accompanying me and Businettes. Meet the main actors behind my project without whom this journey wouldn't be possible: 

J'ai la chance d'être entourée par un réseau de consultants formidables qui m'accompagne dans mon aventure Businettes. Rencontrez les acteurs principaux derrière mon projet sans qui je ne serais pas où je suis aujourd'hui: 



Sign up on and become part of the Businettes family.

Inscrivez vous sur et devenez membre de la Businettes family.


Follow Businettes on Instagram to get a sneak peek of what's going on behind the scenes and lots of positive vibes via the obligatory inspo-mantra posts. #namaste

Suivez Businettes sur Instagram et découvrez ce qui se passe derrière les coulisses ainsi que plein de vibes positives grâce aux posts "inspo-mantra" #namaste

Any questions or suggestions? Send a mail to

Risks and challenges

Businettes' success will very much depend on the size of its user base. The more aspiring female entrepreneurs sign up, the more co-founder and business partner matches can be formed. If you want to become a Businettes user, then please leave your email address on

Behind every great app are greater challenges. There are always setbacks when developing technology. As with any app development project, there are a handful of unavoidable risks.
There will be regular updates for Businettes' backers throughout the entire ride including highs and lows. Despite the challenges I might face during the creation process of the app, I am confident that I can get Businettes up and running within the timeframe stated above. I am surrounded by a very supportive network of experts from various fields such as IT, finance, strategy consulting, PR and digital platforms who have been great advisors so far. Most importantly, I will be working with an experienced web developer who I I have already worked on other projects in the past and who is excited to get Businettes off the ground.

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