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OpenVizsla is an open source, high-speed USB sniffer that will help decode, debug and hack proprietary USB hardware devices.
OpenVizsla is an open source, high-speed USB sniffer that will help decode, debug and hack proprietary USB hardware devices.
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    1. bushing Creator on

      @Eugenio - There is a mailing list and community that is currently open to backers, anyone who backed the project (no matter how large or small the contribution) was invited. This will be extended to the public, but right now we are finishing the PCB design and ordering the prototype boards.

    2. Eugenio La Cava on

      Are there any new updates? The blog is stuck un the same post since January the 9th and yet no link to a forum has shown up on Anyone knows anything?

    3. Missing avatar

      Steve Sisak on

      @bushing - I'm at $250 but will help with Mac OS X implementation for the odd early prototype.

    4. syzygy on

      Congratulations on x>70,000 hopefully we can shoot for towards/past 80,000 before the end of the day. This will be a fun and exciting project to help and support in the coming new year. Developing an open sourced anaylzer which will open doors to so many hidden proprietary USB treasures for reverse engineers is no easy feat. So good luck to all supporting this effort, pledge what you can and lets break down that pesky USB barrier. :)

    5. Peter Grace on

      @bushing - Thanks for the clarification. I've upgraded to $150 Funding level as a result. I would have liked to have tried my hand at reflow soldering, but probably best I don't for a 5 layer (?) PCB board.

    6. bushing Creator on

      @Peter Sorry, let me just clarify that for you (the wording is a little ambiguous) all PCBs (populated/assembled or not) that will be sent out will be the final, bug-free versions, only the $1000 backers get access to the initial bleeding-edge development boards.

    7. Peter Grace on

      On the matter of upgrading to the $150 backer level. The $100 level provides 'a final OpenVizsla PCB and kit of surface-mount parts to build their...'. The $150 level provides 'a bare-bones OpenVizsla board from our initial production run". Having a final pcb and a set of parts seems to me to be better then having an 'initial production run board'. I would think that bugs would be addressed in the final pcb which the 'initial production run board' might have some undocumented features. Perhaps it's a symantec thing, but that's how I read it.

    8. Missing avatar

      tarsius4 on

      Same here, Jacques. I'm in for $150 after reading the hackmii post. :)

    9. Jacques Gagnon on

      I'm glad you post it on, I would miss this otherwise! Can't wait to work with mine!

    10. Pascal Giard on

      I don't mean to rush you guys, I'd just like to know if it's to soon to schedule a intern student to work with an openvizsla from the first run in February?

    11. bushing Creator on

      @Peter Yes you could! Thanks for the link.

    12. Peter Grace on

      Could the reflow soldering technique be utilized ?
      The January 2011 QST had a article on turning a toaster oven into a reflow soldering oven.

    13. bushing Creator on

      @Bertrand No, there is a CPLD that will be there for the configurable routing of some debug signals. In theory it means we can route JTAG from anywhere to anywhere, same with the serial debug connections etc. The entire thing can be bypassed by jumper wires anyhow.

    14. Missing avatar

      Bertrand d Herouville on

      Do you mean that the FPGA will be replaced by a CPLD XO2 ?

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      Christoph Berwing on

      Dear all,

      I'm writing my diploma thesis regarding crowdfunding and I'm urgently looking for interviewpartners which financed or funded a project.
      Please write me at Facebook or if you would have time for a skype interview.

      Many thanks in advance,

    16. Missing avatar

      Devin on

      I officially jumped to the $500 level, awesome to see everyone doing so well! I did my best to petition the EFF but they said they're not a granting organization. I again ask if there are any other supporters here to write them an email. I didn't think to mention the $2000 dollars they got as a donation for someone writing a driver for the Kinect. I'd love to see the EFF logo on the board just because this type of project is something that is right up their alley.

      On another note do you guys need any help writing file format converters or anything like that? Something that converts your native capture format into the format that some of the existing software packages might use?

    17. bushing Creator on

      @Christian Funny you should say that, we already have testpoints on the target VBUS line (you can see that here) - and we have talked about automatic power monitoring, so because of your request we'll add the functionality back into the OpenVizsla prototype, this will mean that there will be current shunt and power monitoring of the target bus directly into the FPGA. If this works out like we hope it will, we'll add it to the final board design.

    18. Missing avatar

      Christian Auby on

      This might be way out of scope, but would it be possible to measure power draw? Some hardware might behave strangely due to peak power not being supported on some machines but not all, and measuring this would help debug those situations. What's the maximum power draw the USB device you are sniffing can have?

    19. Theodore on

      Very Inspiring!

    20. Missing avatar

      Merlin.T.Wizard on

      If you don't already have designed into the hardware the ability to inject as well as listen to the data stream, this might be something to consider. Not meaning to add to "feature creep", and not suggesting that things be delayed for the additional software development time, but it's a 'lot' easier to add software features if the hardware will support it (grin). I guess it depends on how far along you are with the hardware design / development.

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    22. Carl Payne on

      I spoke with my wallet when the project was announced. I even adore the name PonyPort, even though it will probably be misconstrued as "Horse's Ass" by those who can't "get it to work." This *IS* overdue, usbmon be damned, and it *IS* going to change how we look at OSS/OSH and, now, OS$.

      However, I have only one request prior to receiving my goodie bag:

      NO FEATURE CREEP! Meet the deadline.

      Just sayin'

    23. bushing Creator on

      @David We can ship within the EU also, we didn't list the additional costs, when we were creating the tiers. So if you are feeling generous you could add ~6 bucks to cover postage, but it isn't mandatory.

    24. Missing avatar

      David Weight on

      If I pledge 100 dollars, will the PCBs/components be shipped to the UK, or is this higher for other countries? And fantastic project, should be some great possibilities opened up with this!

    25. bushing Creator on

      A user called 'DermotS' contacted us earlier via Kickstarter's messaging system, but there seems to be a few issues with that at the moment. DermotS could you please contact us via email at - thanks!

    26. bushing Creator on

      @Omer Thanks for the support.

    27. Omer Kilic on

      This has been discussed in detail below and bushing's response is promising but just wanted to echo what's been said about the dual row QFN package the L2 comes in. It's really not a hobbyist friendly package and choosing it would seriously hinder the DIY aspect of the project. Other than that, can't wait to receive my PCB and start hacking away. Thanks and good luck guys!

    28. Missing avatar

      Gameplayer9198 on

      Hopefuly this will be under the $150 USD range. but then again its one of its kind being open source and all. backing $500 for 3 that puts it in that range but that is for now, you guys have to get some profit from the sells when launched looks to me it will be at $200+ to $260 each my opinion. 40K make it last its while. can't wait to see the "custom casing that will make the outside of OpenVizsla look as awesome as the inside." w00t² <-- yes I squared w00t

    29. bushing Creator on

      @Devin sure! We can make a note of this for you.
      We are probably adding something else to the tier levels (an additional giveaway), but we have not announced it yet (we are still waiting for confirmation from a supplier).

    30. Missing avatar

      Devin on

      @bushing I'm considering bumping my backing to the $500 level, did you plan on providing three of the badges at that level? [One for each device?]

    31. Blackout on

      Congrats! This is a great idea I can't wait and you got more than DOUBLE the amount! Go go go go go go go go GOD SPEED! Rock it!

    32. Missing avatar

      Devin on

      This is a great project, I'm not much of a hardware hacker but I can certainly see the value in this device and want it to become a reality! I also sent an email to the EFF in hopes that they might support this project. I think it goes right along with their core mission and if there are any other EFF supporters that agree with me please take the time to send them an email letting them know you support it too.

    33. bushing Creator on

      @vincent - thanks for your question, just wanted to explain my comment about the QFN earlier. We are rapidly prototyping our test/development boards not hand assembling (as would be usual) the boards at this stage. This involves getting 15 boards made (at each design iteration) using pick&place/reflow techniques. These boards are destined for the core team and developers, because of this we have been able to use parts that are not necessarily home reflow/hotair friendly (although all these will be tested and attempted at home anyhow). The L2 dual-row QFN part in question is used for this section of the development cycle, but can be easily substituted for the final board (the L2 is just 2 x L1 dies in a dual-row QFN package) and can easily be added to the layout before final production.

    34. Missing avatar

      AaronHotch on

      @Patrick Smears
      I could back from some country in europe, if so try to register in or similar, at least I could outside the US.

    35. vincent himpe on

      Why on earth mrQFN packages. BGA's are waaaay easier to solder than mrQFN . Just flux em up and reflow em. mrQFN on the other hand.. I work on several very large projects that use mrQFN and there are tremendous teething problems. Even large assembly houses look weary at these packages.
      Other question : Do you have screenshots of the software driving this thing ? Excellent visualisation of packets is key. Can we expect something like the CATC machines do ? or better ;) ?

    36. Missing avatar

      Aidan Karley on

      But it sounds a cool enough project. The badge is likely to be more personally useful to me than the hardware though.

    37. Missing avatar

      Aidan Karley on

      @Patrick, @Matthew, @Chiark ; I just signed up from the UK and also had a bizzare trans-atlantic relocation experience. Went through the sign-up lieing that I was in Yoder, Wyoming Zip 82244 (mostly number the code zip liked I did, because excrement StarWars i twice not give) and eventually got something that looked like acceptance. Then I came back to the kickstarter page which had given me an error, logged in again ... and it took me to my UK Amazon account.
      For sure, there's some bizzareness in the payments set up.

    38. Missing avatar

      Nathan Fain on

      excellent project! hope you guys can handle the order. If you need help soldering, or setup, bring some to the CCC, would be happy to help ;)

    39. Missing avatar

      Nathan Fain on

      excellent project! hope you guys can handle the order. If you need help soldering, or setup, bring some to the CCC, would be happy to help ;)

    40. Missing avatar

      Patrick Smears on

      @Jeff: Thanks - that worked for me!

    41. Missing avatar

      hooeezit on

      You guys should cap the donations at 256 backers. Otherwise, the next stop would be $65536. I'm hoping for the latter :)

    42. Jason Garland on

      Please make it work with Wireshark! Wireshark isn't just for IP protocols.

    43. Nick Tinsley on

      $27,892 out of $17,500
      My faith in the open source community never fails.

    44. Sami Liedes on

      Just trying to figure out what you mean by Open Source here (at least before I pledge) - can we assume it won't be a -NC variant of a Creative Commons license, as CC NC wouldn't meet the usual definition of Open Source?

    45. Jeff on

      If the amazon checkout page asks for a US address, register a new amazon account in the checkout process and it will let you select any country.

    46. Missing avatar

      willjcroz on

      The Amazon checkout page seems to be for US only accounts. I have a based account and it is asking me to enter a US address before continuing. Any ideas on how non US people can contribute money? Great project and good luck by the way :-)

    47. http on

      Please make sure the power supply unit (PSU) works international and not US-only. I don't like these external PSU's that you need for every new device. Preferable solution would be a built-in, switching (=any voltage) PSU with a universal connector (to use a local power cord), identical to that what Apple TV 2G has.

    48. Missing avatar

      Michael Sandford on

      Would you please come up with a way to let me loan mine out to people interested in writing device drivers for linux? I bought one to support the project, but I don't anticipate a lot of need to use it. And it's a damn shame that such a nice device would end up sitting around, not getting used.

    49. Joe on

      @bushing, exactly what I'm looking for, lots of toys and over-engineered. :)

    50. Missing avatar

      Jeff Pedlow on

      Best of luck to this project, bushing&friends! I'm a relative newbie in the area, but honestly, I hope that your project kicks ass and takes names. Tools like this are vitally essentials to Tinkerers/Hackers/Students/Electronics Nerds from all walks of life, and I hope that this project becomes a "standard tool" in everyone's nerd toolbox. ;) I love the fact that the hardware's over-engineered and theres tons of 'room to play!'
      Great job, keep up the good work!

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