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Lead an empire in the Age of Sail; make your mark on history as the maps of the world unfold! Gripping Euro strategy for 2-5 players.
Lead an empire in the Age of Sail; make your mark on history as the maps of the world unfold! Gripping Euro strategy for 2-5 players.
Lead an empire in the Age of Sail; make your mark on history as the maps of the world unfold! Gripping Euro strategy for 2-5 players.
7,553 backers pledged CA$ 686,601 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Grand Gamers Guild Collaborator

      @Mariano We aim to please. Glad to see we are hitting the mark.

    2. Grand Gamers Guild Collaborator

      @Knight Hawk A little drool ain't nothing we can't handle! ;) This game gets better at every turn. When I finally got my eyes on the proof... The pictures really don't capture it. And then when Helaina brought the colored minis. OMG. Glad you are as thrilled as we are.

    3. Aron Stegenga on

      Great game, great Edition, great campaign, great communication, great support, great fanbase... Whats the catch??? The catch is... there is none.

      One of very very few in the history of kickstarter.

    4. Vincent on

      Quick question about the commodore level: are all "items" (markers and such) wood or are there still some cardboard objects? I know that MANY things got upgraded during the campaign but it is hard to see if everything is upgraded.

    5. Mariano Cetroni Mariani on

      I must say I'm very happy with the way this campaign is managed. I'm not going to talk about the quality of the game which is fantastic but about the way you communicate with bakers which is great, updates are frequent, everything is going according to the plans. Great job!

    6. Bernhard W on

      I just downloaded the rulebook for the exploits and saw that there are quite beautiful prints on the exploit shields. I'm quite sad that they are not in the PnP either :(

    7. Missing avatar


      Is it possible to get the link for the PNP? Thanks!

    8. Bernhard W on

      I backed for the $10 Lieutenant level and would have loved to make a nice PnP copy for my 1st edition with a complete set of tokens.
      However, the PnP files don’t include the backs for the tokens of the Transit of Venus, The Underground Railroad and The South Sea Company which were shown in the campaign overview.
      Is it possible we get the images for those too so I can make a complete set of those tokens please?

    9. Knight Hawk on

      Hey GGG! Great meeting you at Origins. Sorry I drooled all over your sample of this game. But seriously, it looks so good and components are even better then I imagined from the pictures. Can't wait to receive it!

    10. Burnt Island Games Creator on

      @Aaron it will be mid July. Thanks!

    11. Aaron Jacobs on

      I am in the process of moving. When is the latest possible date for me to give you new shipping information?

    12. Grand Gamers Guild Collaborator

      @All Please also message us about address changes and we can send you the BackerKit survey link.

    13. Grand Gamers Guild Collaborator

      @Giancomo Einaudi For an address change, please reach out directly to BackerKit:

    14. Missing avatar

      Patrick van den Eijk

      I have been able to get a one-time used copy of the original version, for €20! Gonna print the PnP and glue it on some cardboard, to get the feel of the tokens....
      Next weekend probably playing it with my girlfriend and her son! I will have something to do while counting down to end of september 2018...


      yes, because I didn't have money in that moment. But in the PM I raised my pledge to commodore version

    16. Missing avatar

      Giacomo Einaudi on

      @BIG, I'm also going to move to another apartment by the time the game will be send, how can i change my adress? Thanks

    17. Skazz on

      Just hope I get this one well before Essen 2018. :)

    18. Kalack99 on

      The waiting!!!! Aaaaghhh!!

      Ok, I am calm.

      The game is going to freaking rule!!

      Only a couple months of waiting left!

    19. Doctor Zaius

      I'm really hoping for a september delivery before the 21st. I'm going to a 3 day board game vacation and this would be the crown jewel of the event!

    20. Burnt Island Games Creator on

      @Christina, I have sent you a PM with the link to your BackerKit where you will find the digital download. Thanks @Tagapayo!! you didn't get one because you were originally a $1 backer. Since you paid on BackerKit I will have to send yours through email. You will only be getting the English version of the Exploits. @Antoine it is not possible for us to release those files to you. People paid a lot of money for these minis. That surely would not be fair to them.


      no email yet

    22. Kalack99 on

      Uh...not to be a downer, but...uh...the 3d stuff was supposed to be the reward for buying this new version...and personally, I don't think that file would be a cool move. Just my opinion, just disagree.

    23. Antoine Weber on

      Having the PHP to complete my existing copy of the game is great, but would it be possible to have 3D-printable models for the token instead of the 2D ones.

      As some of us have a 3D Printer, it would be a very nice upgrade to play the new extensions :)


      I have not received any email.

      anyway... can we get the pnp spanish translated exploits?


    25. Mr. Q on

      @Cristina, I received an email from BIG. That is how I got the download.

    26. Cristina on

      Where can I find the Exploits? I don't know how download, also I don't know where can I download...Thank you!!

    27. Grand Gamers Guild Collaborator

      @Chris The Exploits as a pnp were for $10 Backers. If you ordered a game you will get the Exploits as a component.

    28. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Were the additional exploits always intended to be printed out by the backers? I didn't see info on same uploaded to campaign unless i missed it. Tbh a little disappointed that we have to create our own pieces i would have rather paid extra for actual content versus a printout.

    29. Missing avatar

      tonami on

      Great Thanks for the Exploits PnP
      you just send to me :-)

    30. Supermaño on

      @Burnt Island Games Oh, I like the new exploits. When will you hang the rules and exploits in other languages as you said during the kickstarter, like Spanish? Thank you

    31. Burnt Island Games Creator on

      Hello @Tamara! I did reply to you in a PM, but I can say it here as well. Unfortunately the Commodore was closed a while ago. Once we put in an order with the manufacturer, we closed it up. BUT you can still get the Captain at a much lower price than you would in retail.

    32. Tamara Mena on

      I had not been able to answer the survey and now, I want to do it, but the page don't let me pay for Comodore version, just for Captain. What can I do to get Comodore?

    33. Burnt Island Games Creator on

      @Robert, that's no problem. You have until July to change your delivery address. I will PM you to send you the link. Thanks!

    34. Missing avatar

      Robert Clemm

      I have moved - what would the easiest way be to switch up my delivery address?

    35. :[The_Rebel]: on

      It is summer here in Europe... and I love summer... but still I want it to be finished quickly so I can play this game :)

    36. Kalack99 on

      Looking amazing!

    37. Burnt Island Games Creator on

      Thanks everyone for your support! @Matthew everything is set to fit into one box. So many components! @Joseph, we hope this game will last a century! @John, @Joshua, @Epic, the teal was a colour just for the mock-up of the tray to show detail. We have mentioned a few times that the tray was going to be a dark grey. I know, it looked really cool in teal. But the cost of changing the colour didn't make sense.

    38. JKenn on

      +1 to teal

    39. John Irwin on

      Nice update, but I thought the inserts were going to be a nice teal color?

    40. Joseph Edgar Parris

      Quality is top priority for me. Take as long as it calls for. That’s the problem with the young people of this age... they want everything quick, easy and cheap. In our family we keep quality items for ever. Example I have my grandfathers victrola in my living room which we purchased new in 1917. It still works great! Send me game that will last a century!

    41. Missing avatar

      Pierre-Loup D. on

      Honestly don't worry (too much) about the timing!
      This ain't Amazon Prime: I'm not here for lightning fast delivery, I just want the best game possible, and the one you're most proud of.
      Keep up the good work folks!

    42. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      @big, thanks for the update and the honesty re the possibility of a delay. Personally i find your attention to detail reassuring.

      I have a question.. apologies if this has already been asked/answered. Will the contents of the commodore pledge fit in the normal game box or come in a separate one?

    43. Aron Stegenga on

      Great update. Good to read that you go for quality.

    44. Kalack99 on

      We'll "remember dancing in September"!!

    45. Aron Stegenga on

      Thanks for the quick reply.

    46. Grand Gamers Guild Collaborator

      @Aron Still on track for Sep 2018!

    47. Aron Stegenga on

      Hi there,
      Any news? Whats the current ETA?
      Have difficulty in waiting for this game :)

    48. Mr. Q on

      @Brian, you would need to share it with Einstein

    49. Richard Stecher

      Awesome Thanks!

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