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A standalone interactive RPG module in The Lost Dungeons of Xon series, compatible with 5th Edition (5E) & Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
A standalone interactive RPG module in The Lost Dungeons of Xon series, compatible with 5th Edition (5E) & Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
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    1. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      There actually IS a Digital Player's Guide for this module, which we uploaded awhile ago but didn't put out a specific update for. You can find it here:…

    2. Jason on

      Hi, I contacted via email, you had mistakenly listed a players guide in the rewards for THIS kickstarter as well as the last. Since one is not needed, apparently, any chance of a different reward to replace it? Maybe an additional encounter?

    3. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      We had some unexpected delays, but happy to report that we are putting the final touches on the Castle module and it will be released this coming Tuesday, appropriately on All Hallow's Eve.

    4. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on

      Came on to post exactly what Jason said. any news on the Castle module? the DF has be delivered for quite some time now

    5. Jason on

      Any news on Castle module? Also, if a PG which was a listed reward is not needed, could we maybe get an extra encounter instead? Thanks!

    6. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Jason: The Monstrous Encounter Guide was released last year and should be in your account. (If not, shoot us a message.) The Yeti encounter is almost complete and will be available soon. There is only a Digital Player's Guide for The Crucible module, not for Bathed in Blood, so if you have the Crucible one you're not missing anything. Finally, we're working on the Castle Builder module as well and plan to have that ready shortly after the Castle tiles are delivered, so that really depends on Dwarven Forge's timeline.

    7. Jason on

      Hello! Just wondering when we will be getting the Monstrous encounters plus the yeti exclusive encounter, as well as the player guide. That will complete my rewards, except for the castle one which has to be after the castles are fulfilled, I would assume.

    8. Imban

      Hey, I sent you a message on this, but I'm still missing a bunch of my rewards.

    9. J Michael Lanaghan

      Since I missed out on the first episode, is there anywhere that I can but a copy of it?

    10. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      @ J Michael Lanaghan: We'll putting out an update tomorrow... The quick update formright now is that everything is currently on track for an on-time release.

    11. J Michael Lanaghan

      So please give us updates.

    12. Jason on

      Still waiting for some way to continue the adventure in 1st edition lol.

    13. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Timothy... Yup! We'll be releasing all KS1 content as soon as the payment from Kickstarter is finalized, in about two weeks. We'll also be posting a release schedule for the new content very soon. Thanks to everyone who backed!

    14. Timothy Ferguson on

      I see that the anticipated delivery in September 2016, but as a 'Total Carnage' backer, is it possible to receive the Kickstarter 1 module 'The Crucible' and all other previously released content earlier?

    15. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      Thought we had announced that earlier... We'll be adding a bonus exclusive Yeti encounter to the Monstrous Encounter Guide for all Yeti Club members (which includes previous backers who back at the $10 level as well as and any new backers who jump in at the $45 level).

    16. Jason on

      Any word on what the yeti club bonus would be for those of us at the $10 level?

    17. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Nathaniel: It's a fair question... The reason we run our campaigns so long is to allow for maximum opportunity to spread the word out. Admittedly the mid-campaign slow-down has been more dramatic this time around, but we figure better to have the campaign running longer to give more people a chance to find it. We've got a couple things unfolding very soon that should hopefully give us a good pickup in traffic and get some more pledges coming in. In the meantime, we strongly encourage people to spread the word by generating a referral link here:

    18. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on

      can I ask, why do you make your campaigns so long? your mid KS slump lasts longer then most KS's entirely

    19. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      Quiet indeed... For those here, what kind of monsters would you like to see included in the module? We've already got several planned, but there's still plenty of flexibility, so we're open to ideas. Just keep in mind the absorption mechanic of the module, so they should be monsters that have some unique or interesting ability that would help the players as they progress through the dungeon.

    20. oddbender

      I expect a burning Yeti to make a lot of noise.

    21. Dave on

      silent like the grave.....maybe that means hordes of skeletons!

    22. Rick Bledsoe on

      It's too quiet here.

    23. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      Er, "simplify" that is, and we won't be "becoming" anything... This is what I get for posting comments late at night... In any event, we WILL be announcing a new special Yeti Club exclusive some time before the end of the campaign.

    24. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Jason - We realized that the Castle Builder mini-module was a little confusing, as it's an exclusive that WAS only available to certain backers (among them the Yeti Club). We're going to simply by making the Castle Builder module available to ALL $10 backers (or higher), and we'll becoming up with a separate Yeti-Club exclusive (which will also be available to any new members who back at the Total Carnage or Yeti for Life levels).

    25. Jason on

      I like that the yeti club bonus is a slight discount (getting the additional module at the $5 level), however, eventually most yetis will want the stretch goals that come at the 10 dollar level (which includes the module anyway). Is it possible for the snazzy yeti club bonus to be something that applies to everyone no matter what level you choose?

    26. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      ahem ... funded ;)

    27. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      Now waitaminute ... what was that about playing interactively through character creation and creating a background? Kickstarter in fall? Guess I have to set some money aside ...

    28. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      almost funded ... very nice. I have not played your first module, but I really loved the idea behind it (sound files, cross-links etc) ... so not a difficult decision to back again.

    29. Lewis Phillips

      I love the sound of that, although my bank account might disagree. (Especially with what it looks like I'll be shelling out in Dwarven Forge Castle Kickstarter).

    30. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Jason - In deciding whether or not to give 1E its own version we looked at backer survey preferences, as well as who actually downloaded what, and 1E was very much in the minority. But we can still certainly find a way to make the module 1E-friendly.

    31. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Lewis: Our plan is to do at least two Kickstarters per year, one focused around a module and supplements (similar to this campaign), and one focused on interactive tools for both GMs and players. For example, in the fall we're planning to launch a Kickstarter for an interactive story-based character background system that lets you play through the character creation process. These types of campaigns will have a larger range of pledge levels, depending on the amount of access/control you want. For example, at a higher pledge level you may get access to the source code itself. "YETI FOR LIFE" backers will always get the top-tier digital rewards, at no extra cost. We can't specifically quantify the cost of those rewards just yet, but suffice it to say they'll be significantly higher than $10! Yeti For Life members will also often get early access to playtest versions and beta launches, which doesn't have a dollar value, but could be something to consider as well, if that type of access interests you.

    32. Lewis Phillips

      Hi, I loved what you produced from your first KS. And I've already pledged for this one.

      I think it'd be great if you shared your plans for future projects to help folks make a decision on whether to support at the $150 level. At your current pledge levels that would be the equivalent of 15 KS campaigns :)

    33. Jason on

      Good news about the roadmap to connect them. Like it.

      Also, really do hope that 1E conversion arises. Was there really that few wanting 1E? Or were they all at completionist getting all 3? :D

    34. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Jason: To your earlier point... We're assuming The Crucible will, at a minimum, take players from 1st to 2nd level. Between the many supplements from our last Kickstarter and the Monstrous Encounter Guide from this campaign, there's more than enough encounters to fill the gap from second to third level. That said, you raise a good point, and Bathed in Blood WILL include a roadmap section for connecting the two modules, offering several options and paths to bridge the level gap.

    35. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Jason: Yes, as a Yeti Club member you WILL receive the Castle Builder mini-module. We haven't ruled out 1E support; we just won't be creating a separate 1E-only PDF. If there is enough interest/demand, we will make a conversion guide which would likely include stat-blocks and some rules adjustment suggestions.

    36. Jason on

      Sorry, I was a completionist/yeti club backer last go. So the castles module for 5 by next wednesday? I am at explorer 5 level, is that the right one?

      Also, very not happy about lack of 1E support, as it is what I ran for part 1 (though I wanted all 3 versions). I was under the impression 5E was similar enough you could combine both, and maybe have stat blocks for any differences in 5E after the 1E stuff? Those folio guys did that for 1e/5e.

    37. Jason on

      I did run it and it was great fun. However, I am pretty sure it did not bridge the gap from lvl1 to level 3-4. If this is part 2 did I miss something? Did they gain way more XP than I thought?

    38. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Callahan09: Thanks for the thoughts and feedback. To answer your questions... Previous Completionist backers/Yeti Club members will get the Castles module at the $5 pledge level, but only if they pledge by next Wednesday. After that, it's only available to them at the $10 level. (Brand new backers either need to be Castle Builder backers or back at the $50 level).

      As for content/stretch goals... The last Kickstarter included several paid add-ons, which (at the moment) isn't something we're planning to do this time around. However, there WILL be other PDFs and online tools unlocked through the stretch goals, which will be included free in any $10 pledge level or higher.

    39. Callahan09 on

      I was a completionist backer on your first KS. I haven't run the adventure yet actually, but I perused the PDFs and I like the way you do things. It's pretty revolutionary, I've never seen any other PDF module that was nearly as interactive and helpful towards the DM running it. I think some of the layout was a little less attractive than I'm used to from highly stylized PDFs, but you can't argue the functionality. I liked what I saw, and I plan to run it someday, so I'll back this too. Does the Castle Builder module come with the $5 pledge or just the $10 pledge for those who backed the first KS at completionist leveL? I was planning to pledge for $10 here anyway, but just wanted to ask. Out of curiosity, are you planning to have fewer stretch goal extra PDFs for this one than the first? Because it looks like you're offering the equivalent of "completionist" here for half the price as it was last time around. Either it's a fantastic deal, or we shouldn't expect to get as much content haha.

    40. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Soren: That was a tough call, but unfortunately there wasn't enough support from our first Kickstarter to justify creating a completely separate PDF for 1st Edition (and doing so is no small amount of work). That said, if there's enough interest in 1st Edition, we may do a conversion guide through a stretch goal. If 1st Edition is make-or-break for anyone considering backing, drop us a message through Kickstarter or here:…

    41. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      @snon: If you backed the last campaign (The Lost Dungeons of Xon: The Crucible) at the $20 level, you only need to back this campaign at the $10 DESTROYER level to get all the new content, including the Castle Builder mini-module. Currently the "new" content includes: the Bathed in Blood module, the Monstrous Encounter Guide, and the Castle Builder mini-module (with more to come through stretch goals).

    42. Missing avatar

      snon on

      When someone backed also the lost dungeons at 20$+, which of the stuff mentioned at campagin -$50 TOTAL CARNAGE level- is completely new (beside the first 2 entries of course ;-))?
      At least the castle builder mini module I can't find mentioned in the lost dungeon campaign "And check out all the stretch goals we've unlocked..."

    43. Søren Bech Madsen on

      Great to see you return, but no 1st edition?

    44. Rick Bledsoe on

      I'm in. For $10.

    45. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      $5 gets you the Bathed in Blood module. The $10 DESTROYER level is the ideal choice if you're a returning backer and want everything we have available. The $20 and $50 levels are designed specifically for backers new to the series.

    46. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on

      okay after reading more im at the $10 b/c i am getting a huge castle

    47. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on

      Im in but will the $5 cover the returning backer or do I need more?

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