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An interactive PDF that offers features beyond traditional RPG roleplaying modules, for Pathfinder, 1st Edition or 5th (Fifth) Edition
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All Your Almanac Are Belong to Us

Posted by Burning Yeti Studios, LLC (Creator)

We're excited to announce another stretch goal release!

As promised, we've created an online repository of all the people, places and things in our exclusive setting, The Wilds of Therigard. The Almanac contains hundreds of linked and cross-referenced entries, with full text from the corresponding source material.

The almanac also includes a robust note-taking feature which lets you keep track of the happenings in your game. The notes are ONLY viewable by you, so you can use them to record secrets, plans, campaign ideas, etc.

Your players can use the almanac too, though their entries only show limited information, and they can take their own notes as well.

As a GM you can mark any number of listings as "hidden from your players." For example, you might not want your players to search for any people in the town of Aberstan until they've visited there, and then you can "unlock" them as your players discover them.

You can check out The Wilds of Therigard Almanac by logging into your account and clicking the View link from your My Stuff tab.

Next up, we've received our City Builder tiles and have begun working on a murder mystery module set in Dwarven Forge's City of Valoria. It should be available for you some time next month. In the meantime, check out our custom-made table we built for displaying tiles...

Finally, check out this great new project from our sister company, GameKnight Products, for high-quality poker chips for use with a wide variety of tabletop and board games, including as condition markers for miniatures.

Head over to to find out more!


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    1. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Scott... It was always (or, both go to the same place). We never had the other domain name. Just mistyped in the update, perhaps on account of the high of being surrounded by City Builder tiles.

    2. Scott Krok

      What happened with your domain name?