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An interactive PDF that offers features beyond traditional RPG roleplaying modules, for Pathfinder, 1st Edition or 5th (Fifth) Edition
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Forging Ahead!

Posted by Burning Yeti Studios, LLC (Creator)

We've got exciting news... A new bonus stretch goal that has been immediately unlocked, and a new pledge level!

We're pleased to announce that we will be working in conjunction with the folks over at Dwarven Forge to develop a special module set in their original setting, the City of Valoria. This full-size module will be of a similar scope and length to the main module in our campaign, and in addition to all our interactive bells and whistles, it will feature tiles from Dwarven Forge's City Builder campaign. Like The Crucible, this module will be available for 1st Edition, 5th Edition and Pathfinder.

Best of all? Completionist-level backers will get this bonus module for FREE.

Alternately, you can back at our new Storyteller of Valoria level. For $10, this level gets you both The Crucible and the Valoria-based module in the supported game system of your choice, and all free unlocked stretch goals.

Of course, for just $20, you can back at the Completionist level and get both modules in all three game systems, as well as The Wilds of Therigard (normally $5 but free at this level), The Adventurer's Guide to Therigard (normally $5 but free at this level) AND the Kickstarter exclusive Shifting Dungeon module (only available at this level).

The Valoria-based module will be shipped to backers in early 2016, to coincide with the release of Dwarven Forge's City Builder tiles.

Burning Yeti's Jeff (left) at the Dwarven Forge studios with Stefan and Wondy
Burning Yeti's Jeff (left) at the Dwarven Forge studios with Stefan and Wondy

 *City of Valoria is created and copyrighted by Dwarven Forge, LLC

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    1. Lewis Phillips

      @Burning Yeti - thanks for the response. A rough idea is great. Mostly my thought would be mentioning if an add-on (streets, sewers, etc.) will be used in the build.

    2. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Weresheep: Next regular stretch goal will be announced Monday night (along with more campaign news), as we still need a few days to finalize the details.

      @Lewis: We can hazard a guess at what pieces we'll use, but it's unlikely we'll be able to nail down the exact assortment this soon, as we need to A. come up with the concept and plot for the module and B. take a trip out to the Dwarven Forge studios to create and photograph the builds using DF's prototypes (in order to have the module delivered when the City Builder tiles ships, since otherwise we'd have to wait until we get our tiles). That said we'll try to put together some kind of rough guideline before the City Builder pledge manager closes.

      @Larry: "A joint project needs to be shouted from the rooftops." We couldn't agree more, and as you've seen by now, that was our plan/hope all along. We just didn't want to announce anything prematurely. Thanks to Dwarven Forge for helping us get the word out (they let their backers know about Xon in their most recent update), and as you can see by the pledges we've received since, oh, around 5:00 pm ES, it's made quite an impact.

    3. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      Very nice, I'm afraid, you'll probably get me to spend more money.

      But ... we need a new "normal" stretch-goal, don't we?

    4. Larry Cavanagh on

      I, for one, am really looking forward to Therigard getting the full treatment. Thank you for your speedy reply.

    5. Lewis Phillips

      Will you be able to give us a list of needed pieces before the City Builder pledge manager closes? There are so many add-ons in the Dwarven Forge's KS that I'd be afraid that I'd not have chosen all the pieces you'd have in your module.

    6. Burning Yeti Studios, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Larry: This does NOT replace the 500 backer goal... we're still anticipating hitting that mark, and when we do, Therigard will get the full City Builder treatment as well.

    7. Larry Cavanagh on

      Does this replace the 500 Backer SG?

    8. Larry Cavanagh on

      Very exciting news.
      I hope Stefan will also post an update on his DF Kickstarter campaign. A joint project needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

    9. Jeff Hannes on

      We're super excited about it. One of the advantages of being in the same region... we're just an hour-and-a-half north of the Dwarven Forge studios.

    10. Derek W. White on

      Great news. I'm sure working with Stefan some wonderful things are going to happen!

    11. Thes Hunter

      Awesome Sauce