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An interactive PDF that offers features beyond traditional RPG roleplaying modules, for Pathfinder, 1st Edition or 5th (Fifth) Edition
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Guides, Guides and More Guides...

Posted by Burning Yeti Studios, LLC (Creator)

And we've unlocked another stretch goal! Now that we've hit the $4k mark, we'll be putting together The Adventurer's Guide to Therigard. It's a $5 paid add-on (free to all Completionist-level backers) that will fully detail the town and its inhabitants. And remember, if we hit 500 backers we'll build out the entire town using Dwarven Forge's City Builder tiles. More info on the guide to come, but right now we wanted to let you know a little bit more about one of our other unlocked extras...

This Barroom Brawl is a how-to guide that will give you step-by-step guidelines for turning a simple night at the tavern into something a little more... exciting. The guide will be a separate PDF, and will be free to all Adventurer-level backers and higher.

Of course there's combat in a brawl, but the focus of our guide will be more on adding color to the surroundings, and it will therefore be non-system specific. A good brawl isn't just about the PCs; it's about what's going on at the next table, behind the bar, and even across the room (especially when a wayward object comes flying your way!). And of course, while things may start tame enough, the longer the fight goes on, the more dangerous it gets. Our guide will reflect that, giving you a table of appropriate options for each successive round of the brawl.

And speaking of spicing things up... if you like using miniatures or terrain, we encourage you to check out this campaign for Tavern Dungeon Decor miniatures accessories, a perfect complement to any tavern scene. It's already reached the funding goal and has just a few days left, so check it out while it's still active...

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    1. Steven Carroll on

      Very nice! I hope for more Therigard related stretch goals to come!