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An interactive PDF that offers features beyond traditional RPG roleplaying modules, for Pathfinder, 1st Edition or 5th (Fifth) Edition
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You Must Choose... But Choose Wisely...

Posted by Burning Yeti Studios, LLC (Creator)

It's been a while since our last update, and since then we've unlocked two more stretch goals with another one close at hand. So what's next?

One of our main goals with this campaign has been to explore new and innovative ways to use technology to assist Game Masters and make your games more vibrant and easier to run. And we're really excited about a stretch goal that we believe is going to deliver on both counts...

At $4,750 we'll unlock the Interactive GM Walkthrough, free to ALL backers (even at the $1 Explorer level). The Walkthrough is a web-based "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" style version of The Crucible, which will take you step-by-step through the entire module. On the one-hand this can be seen as an opportunity to solo-play the module. It certainly is that, but it's also much more...

By working your way through the module in an interactive fashion, you'll be able to face many of the same decisions you'll ultimately present to your players. And what better way to prepare for running a module than experiencing it yourself? In the next several days we'll have a sample up-and-running so you can see exactly what we've got in mind.

And speaking of which... Now that our campaign has approached its mid-point, we're going to start rolling out more frequent updates to give you some specifics on what we've got planned for both our unlocked and future stretch goals. Later this week we'll have more details about the Bar Room Brawl, and updates on the other add-ons and stretch goals will follow regularly after that.

So stay tuned, and please help us get the word out. We've got a lot of great things in store, and the more backers we get, the more we'll be able to do!

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