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An interactive PDF that offers features beyond traditional RPG roleplaying modules, for Pathfinder, 1st Edition or 5th (Fifth) Edition
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Stop, Drop and Go! Pre-Gen PCs Unlocked! Plus a Moving Dungeon preview

Posted by Burning Yeti Studios, LLC (Creator)

Congrats again! You've unlocked our second stretch goal:

We'll put together a team of fully-fleshed out 1st-level heroes ready to drop into The Lost Dungeons of Xon or any other game. This bonus will be free to all backers at the $5 Adventurer level or higher.

Also, some people have asked for more information about our Kickstarter exclusive "Moving Dungeon" side quest module, available as part of the $20 Completionist pledge. It's still in early development, but here's a taste of what we're planning... This example uses Dwarven Forge Game Tiles, but we'll also have a high-rez printable version available.

UP NEXT: We're close to reaching our $2k stretch goal, the Wilds of Therigard add-on. If you're a new backer at the Adventurer level, you can either add $5 to your pledge to secure the add-on, or you can bump up to the Completionist level and get both the Wilds and the Moving Dungeon free with your pledge!

*included free with the $20 Completionist level
*included free with the $20 Completionist level


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    1. Jester of Valoria; Ambassador to Ghrys

      Small towers are possible using the current DF line as well - Perhaps a Guard Tower or abandoned tower hidden in the woods - with each level (above and below) unlocked should goals be reached... Stocked with Bones of course!