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Player's Deck Unboxing

Posted by Luke Crane (Creator)
Greetings Adventurers, 

Here's a sneak preview of the player's deck for Torchbearer. We received an approval copy from the factory. Watch me open it and see it for the first time! 

We'll be posting more info soon about the contents, how to use it and a limited preorder. 

But for now, enjoy the unboxing!
Luke & Thor

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    1. Donny Van Zandt on

      take these dollars. I don't need them anymore.

    2. Ville Ojanperä on

      Looks like it's 12 US dollars for one deck. You can see the price at 20 second mark.

    3. Brian Kelsay on

      Let's see all the cards, then take our money. Will there be a PDF version for online players?
      I need to buy a hardcover book since I've seen everyone else's. Can I still get a cool autograph in one?

    4. Matthew Koelling

      Take my money *throws cash at them*

    5. Luke Crane 7-time creator

      "All questions will be answered soon. Very soon," he said cryptically.

    6. Mark Watson on

      Dear goodness!

      That's really a thing of great beauty, way above and beyond what I'd been anticipating.

      I'm looking forwards to getting (pre)ordering!

      BTW, if we're based in Europe / outside the US of A, would it be better for you if we ordered from you, or (tried to) wait until it hits distribution?

      Many thanks!

    7. Jesse Coombs on

      How many cards are in the deck? In other words, how many decks should I get for a full complement of 6 players? I'm afraid of these selling out and I'd like to get 'em!


    8. Petri Wessman

      Looking good! My cash is eagerly waiting for preorder info :D

    9. Ted Kreider on

      based on mouseguard card deck sizes, I'm pretty sure this would be one box per player. you might be able to fudge it a little though as the standard in mouseguard was that each player had a deck with 3 of each action, when you really only needed one action per round. you could then use a token of some kind to indicate which player was doing which action. I'm guessing though that it only has one each of conditions and equipment, so you wouldn't get the multiples you'd need to equip/wound everyone in the party.

    10. Ville Ojanperä on

      One box per table or one box per player, either way I'm getting two! The box for the deck is a really nice addition.

    11. Gregor Hutton on

      The attention to detail in that box of cards is fabulous. That is really, really classy. (I didn't expect anything less, but I think it's worth saying publicly.) I cannot wait to get hold of those.

    12. Misha Polonsky on

      Nice! Those look awesome!!

    13. Keegan Fink

      I second Ralph; is it recommended one per player or one per table?

    14. Nicole He on

      when do u send me the steam code?

    15. Nicole He on

      whats torch bearer?

    16. Curtis Hay on

      I NEED this in my life! :)

    17. Isa Wills on

      Very nice indeed.

    18. Philip Eisner on

      Please consider this the socially acceptable alternative to my inappropriate expression of enthusiasm.

    19. Tony Dowler on

      Looking sweet! Those are my maps! Sqeee!

    20. Rick Koeppen on

      Yes! Now that is awesome!

    21. Russell Hoyle

      Wow, top quality production!

    22. Fire Broadside! on

      That looks great! I got the same thought Ralph did, but I guess we'll get that answered in the next update (please be soon!).

    23. Ralph Mazza

      Is the idea 1 box per table, or 1 box per player?