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Posted by Burning Wheel (Creator)

Hello my friends. 

We've crossed the halfway mark and we're going strong. 

A Paladin in Hell

We want to show our continued gratitude with this demon-fighting warrior, the Paladin. According to Jon Peterson's research, this paladin was born from Gygax and Arneson's love of Poul Anderson's novel, Three Hearts and Three Lions. Not one of the original classes, these holy orders first entered fantasy roleplaying in Dungeons & Dragons supplement 1, Greyhawk. With the Thief, the Paladin rounds out all of the original classes in Torchbearer. So go forth and fight evil, for you are feared in Hell!


Thor and I have noted that we've been working on this game on and off since Mouse Guard was released in 2008. I thought you might like some insight into what that means. The early work was sporadic, but for the past two years, we've made a concerted effort to finish the game: We've been playtesting or writing every weekend. Usually, Thor and I meet via G+ Hangouts on Saturdays and work for the whole day on revisions and organization. Sundays, we playtest. In addition, we're each working on our own doing layout (me) or developing remaining bits of the game (Thor). 

The original designs are all in Google Docs. There are many of those. But since I pulled them down and started the layout, there have been 11 revisions of the original layout. As I started revision 12, I realized that layout wasn't working…and started over. I'm now working on revision 14 of the current layout. In addition to the book, there have been at least two versions of the character sheet. The first one lasted for 17 revisions before I killed it. The current one is up to revision 12. 

Honestly, that's not too bad for us! Some of our other games had revisions into the 30s or 40s at this stage. Though I suppose 29 revisions of the character sheet is a lot…

The State of the Game

At the moment, we're working with an editor to clean up the doc, make sure all of the parts are there and everything is consistent. We're also working with artists to complete all of the various pieces. We're doing well, but it's going to be tight! This is the most art we've ever commissioned for a book. 

Speaking of art, D Miller has been entertaining us with his hilarious and awesome fan art on the Torchbearer forums. He compiled the art into this PDF so we could enjoy it all. That dwarf with the rust monster ensign is my favorite. What's yours? 

And in case you missed it, Chris Sneizak interviewed us about Torchbearer for the Misdirected Mark podcast. It was a good time. Chris is a great interviewer. Our segment starts at minute 27. I also talked to Pete Figtree about managing rules in RPGs on his video podcast, Ruthless Diastema if you're interested in that. 

And lastly, we'll release our final batch of 50 signed and stamped books on May 23rd at 4 PM NY time. That's a fair time for everyone, right? Australia loves getting up at 6 AM! Set your alarums and excursions accordingly, we'll see you then!

Luke and Thor

PS: I've included a sample of Russ Nicholson's work for us. It's the chapter header for The Light of Civilization Flickers.

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    1. Keegan Fink

      I FREAKING LOVE RUSS NICHOLSON! Ever since I saw his work appear in Fighting Fantasy novels, I've been hooked!

    2. Al Gordon on

      Thor, since my existing pledge was a guaranteed game at your table at this year's Burning Con, I just added $35 to it for another book (hoping you'd stamp it). This was a compromise between trying to get stamped/signed and not losing my seat in your game. I figure you guys are probably going to deface the $#!+ out of my book anyhow (I mean, if I ask nicely, and don't use words like "$#!+"), so if it's not possible for my overpledge to be a signed/stamped, that's no big deal. I need to get a second copy of the book for my players anyhow.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kevin Bates on

      Yeah, "Manage Pledge" and update it

    4. Thor Collaborator on

      Hi Al,

      You can change your existing pledge to a signed and stamped one.

    5. Al Gordon on

      Will I be able to add a stamped & signed to my existing pledge?

    6. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      Very interesting to hear/see more on the "making of".

    7. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      Fantastic artist! Awesome!!!

    8. Chris Gardiner on

      Love Russ Nicholson's stuff so much.

    9. Machpants on

      Russ Nicholson! ****yeahbritisholdschoolgaming! My favourite fantasy artist, without a doubt.

    10. Nick J. on

      I love the way this thing is shaping up.

    11. Cole Robotshenanigans

      Updates! Amazing Art! Paladins!

    12. Russell Hoyle

      Russ Nicholson!
      Amazing! I have adored his fantasy art since I first saw it 30 years ago (sorry Russ).

    13. Dain Germscheid on

      Thanks for the shout out on Roland, the dwarf I made for the forums!

    14. Thor Collaborator on

      Russ is doing a number of pieces for us. I'm not ashamed to say I squealed a little bit when the first ones came in.

    15. Balgin Stondraeg

      Russ Nicholson!