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All That Glitters

Posted by Luke Crane (Creator)

With raiment and arms shall friends gladden each other, so has one proved oneself; for friends last longest, if fate be fair who give and give again. —from the "Wisdom for Wanderers and Counsel to Guests," Hávamál, The Words of Odin the High One


After deep consultation with the dwarves Brokkr and Eitri, we have decided that we must thank you with riches due your station. We want to thank not just one of you, not the richest or the poorest, but all of you. So Brokkr and Eitri have been tasked to chase the book with gold and bind it with the sternest stuff (we've got our flyswatters handy if Loki decides to come 'round).

Torchbearer is at 300% of our initial goal. This amazing outpouring of support grants us the power to make this book more beautiful: We're adding a gold foil stamped logo to the cover and spine, fancy end papers and, my favorite, a heavy linen-textured cover stock. Every book will be upgraded in this manner! 

Thanks again for your continued support. We will have more announcements for you soon.

We hope you're as excited as we are.

All the best, 
Luke and Thor

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    1. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      Adding a few pages to the book with those extras would be a nice stretch goal.

    2. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      Can we have the Thief , GM reference sheet, Players reference sheet (and any other extras that pop up), etc included in the back of the book? Its easier than having sheets of loose printed PDFs. Having everything in the book is a lot more convcenient. It can be in the back of the book, as options or extras. No one is forced to use things they dont want, but having the extras there as options is nice!

    3. Thor Collaborator on

      Hi Boris! Yes, the thief won't be in the book but will be provided to all backers as a PDF, including leveling options.

    4. Boris Fedyukin on

      Hi guys! I understand right that you don't add thief class in corebook rules?

    5. Luke Crane 7-time creator

      Hi Jason, you'll note that I added an Update to the Book section yesterday. I want new backers to know about the upgrades, too!

    6. Jason Hunt on

      Out of curiosity, how come these stretch goals (endpapers, embossed logo, etc) aren't listed on the main KS page? You'd probably drum up more ongoing support with a graphic showing progress toward whatever the next book upgrade is.

    7. João Talassa on

      How do I order a second book?

    8. John Gabriel on

      Amazing way to add value to the book, guys. Now I'll have to consider a separate order for another book because I'll need to keep one 'un-handled'.

    9. Cryoban on

      Thanks for your work guys and the way you lead your business. You really are holding up a torch in a dark place!

    10. Missing avatar

      John Brown on

      I really appreciate this guys. The way you handle your business compared to some other RPG companies running kickstarters at the moment is really night and day. The care you show to your supporters is great. I can't wait to get the book.

    11. Thor Collaborator on

      I'll mop my brow with your book, Pete. No charge!

    12. Peter Tierney on

      Gold foil? Nahhh! I want my book to look like it's been dragged through a dungeon. Scruff it up. Get Dro to rub dirt on it. I want Thor's sweat to soak the cover!

    13. Luke Crane 7-time creator

      Thanks for your kind support, gents. Since I think it's not clear in the project description, I wanted to point out the digital content available for Torchbearer. All backers pledging to a tier will receive PDFs of the following: the rulebook, the character sheet, the player reference sheet, the GM reference sheet, the Thief bonus class and the bonus scenario The Dread Crypt of Skogenby.

      So there's love for the book and PDF backers.

    14. Stephen Pilch

      awww man. now I'm gonna have to print off a PDF copy so i don't ruin the original! lol

    15. Troy_Costisick on

      Well. Now I'm probably going to have to increase my pledge from the PDF version :)

    16. Rick Koeppen on

      Now this is truly a wonderful surprise. Probably all of us backed this knowing there weren't any stretch goals, the product sold itself. An upgrade like this is very generous of you.

    17. P Tracy

      I shall raise a glass to your good health this weekend. Thankyou Torchbearer HQ.

    18. Eric Coates

      Most certainly excellent news mmmm heavy linen-textured cover stock (drool)...

    19. Douglas Brundin on

      Truly exceptional service, gentlemen! Thor and Luke, my box set of Mouse Guard is a prized possession because of it's remarkable production quality. It FEELS like a piece of art. That adds so much to the experience if the game. I know that you understand that deeply.

      I can't wait for my foil trimmed TORCHBEARER tome. I cannot commend you highly enough for the effort and quality you out into your product!

    20. Stephen Pilch

      Spectacular! Now all you need is a traditional ribbon page marker finish it off!

    21. Chunk on

      That is simply amazing :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hauge on

      Holy moly. This pleases me. Far more than I had expected from this KS!

    23. Russell Hoyle

      That's great! The books sound lovely. how about another sneak peek PDF? (always wanting more!)

    24. ack on

      If only us lowly pdf backers could feel some of that extra love

    25. Michael Ramsey

      That is pretty awesome!

      Can't wait.