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The Dread Crypt of Skogenby

Posted by Burning Wheel (Creator)

Horror stalks the ill-fated village of Skogenby. Just a few days past, some youths clearing a new field for planting managed to move a stubborn boulder only to reveal an ancient rune-covered dolmen that framed a narrow tunnel into the earth. Jora, the bravest among them, dared to crawl through the narrow passage and disappeared down the tunnel, only to return a short time later. From the far side of the narrow passage she excitedly told her friends a tale of moldering crypts rich in grave goods, tossing out a set of fat, heavy silver arm rings as proof. But as she was crawling from the tunnel, she was abruptly pulled back into the crypt with a blood curdling scream.

Jora's friends fled as fast as their legs would carry them. But horror followed them, for now some dread thing haunts the village at night, slaying but leaving no marks save a look of terror.

The people of Skogenby are desperate. Perhaps you can help them appease the ancient evil that stalks them. Or perhaps the lure of treasure is stronger. Whatever your goal, the Dread Crypt of Skogenby awaits.

A New Scenario!

Thor and I have decided to include another adventure with Torchbearer. The book itself contains a scenario called Under the House of the Three Squires. It's a challenging little scenario that Thor put together to test your mettle.

The Dread Crypt of Skogenby is shorter piece, designed to show off some of the elements of the game not featured in Under the House of the Three Squires.

All backers of the Torchbearer project will receive a PDF copy of Dread Crypt this summer (it probably won't be ready before we go to press). It's our small way of saying thanks for your continued support!

Thank you again. We'll have more news soon!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ynas Midgard on

      @ Erik Montoya
      I almost missed it, too; it's in Update #16.

    2. Eric Montoya - Archaeologist of Valoria on

      Ditto what Don asked. Has this been released yet? I can't find it.

    3. Don Moore on

      Has the Dread Crypt ever been released? I can't find a link for the download.

    4. Dynamic Adventures Inc. on

      Excellent choice and look forward to the summer Adventure!

    5. P Tracy


    6. Stephen Pilch

      usually only in military / history references

    7. Scott Rubin on

      Has anyone ever seen the word "mettle" used outside of the context of tabletop RPGs?

    8. Stephen Pilch

      nice lead in. more and more anticipating the crawl (i wont use the term dungeon). Real adventurers come back bloodied and dirty.

      No fancy pants "heroes" in their finery swinging two handed weapons in combat on paved floors and high ceilings!! Close in grapple with dagger tooth and claw.

    9. Gaston Keller on

      Yay! Thanks! =D

    10. Cole Robotshenanigans

      As always, you guys are awesome.

    11. Missing avatar

      max on

      Thank you.

    12. Nick J. on

      That's pretty cool. Thanks!