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Sci-fi custom-dice game of strategic worker placement, resource management, area control, and asymmetric player powers.
Sci-fi custom-dice game of strategic worker placement, resource management, area control, and asymmetric player powers.
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Ether Wars: Sci-Fi strategic dice placement & rolling game



Click here to see the campaign description in Spanish//Pincha aquí para encontrar la información de la campaña en castellano

Ether Wars is a dice rolling game of worker-placement and area control in which two to four players with asymmetric powers fight for control of the Ether. It has been playtested in dozens of conventions and these have been the best-liked elements: 

  • Your troops are represented by custom dice; in total there are over 50 of them! You'll have to place, move and roll your troops to fight for the Ether.
  • It offers ample room for strategic-decision making. Will you raise a huge army, manipulate the board to surprise your opponents, hoard resources like there is no tomorrow, or just concentrate on obliterating your opponents? It's up to you.
  • It features a strong sci-fi theme: you are not just playing a game, you represent your species in a deadly contest for the Ether!

MECHANICS: worker placement, resource management, area control, dice rolling AGES: 14+ PLAYTIME: 90 minutes NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-4 THEME: sci-fi.


Ether Wars is a tight package. It includes more than 50 custom dice as well as many other components. Check out the images below to see for yourself!




If a picture is worth a thousand worth, then a 3D model of a game must be worth A LOT! That's why our colleague Carlos Gómez has created this super cool 3D model of Ether Wars. Go to our Artstation page, click on the player and zoom in, out, rotate or whatever you deem appropriate to get a clear idea of how this game is like. 





OBJECTIVE: The objective of the game is to channel the power of the Ether. To do so, players must collect a certain amount of Ether depending on the number of players.

STEPS OF A ROUND: The gameplay is structured in Rounds, which are divided into seven phases. Each phase must be completely resolved before proceeding on to the next phase.

  • New Day: Draw one Event Card. It's effects will affect all players equally throughout the course of the Round. Then, each player chooses one of their four Faction ability cards.
  • Reinforcements: Each player receives one Unit dice from their reserve and two Protein (skip this phase during first round).
  • Mercenaries: Players may hire one Mercenary die to help them during each Round. To hire a Mercenary, pay one resource matching the color of the Mercenary and one Protein.

  • Placement: players take turns to place their dice on the board. (1) Each turn you must place one or more dice on a single Area of the board or pass. (2) You can not place dice in an Area where you have already placed dice. (3) The Crystal Sea, the Plasma Chasm, and the Coltan Mine are limited areas and they may only contain dice from two different players at the same time.
  • Movement: using Coltan (the orange resource) and following the rules, players may move their dice around the different Areas of the board.
  • Resolution: Players take turns to resolve all their dice on the board. Each one resolves all their actions before the next player and in any order they deem appropriate. Combat is the moment when two or more players fight for any given reason (extracting resources, attacking, defending a silo...). Areas may originate combat themselves or through the domination originated by the Hero die.
  • Channeling the Ether: Whoever dominates the Ether area (places dice there and wins combat against opposing forces) gets one Ether token and the Ether die (which will help him maintain domination in the area with extra power). If at that point the player has two Crystal tokens in his silo, he will be able to redeem them for an extra Ether token. The first player to obtain five pieces of Ether wins!  

To sum up...

It's not easy to explain a game in such a short space, so watch this overview courtesy of Board to Death:

 You can also take a peek at the complete rules to get a better grasp of all the specific mechanics and their interaction.

  • UNDEAD VIKING: "Ether Wars combines the mechanics of a dice driven resource Euro with a strong dose of conflict and heavy sci-fi theme. An instant hit with me and my group! 
  •  BOARD GAME COUCH: "Ether Wars offers solid gameplay mechanics and strategic options in a cool sci-fi setting. What more can you ask for? I really enjoyed playing Ether Wars!" 
  •  BOARD TO DEATH: "Ether Wars has worker placement strategy with resource management and area control all jumbled up into one game!" 
  • NVS GAMEPLAYS: "I haven't experienced this feeling in any of the games I've played... It just caught me in the right place of my mind and makes me want to come back. It just boggles my mind how interesting and unique this game really feels!" 
  • TABLETOP TOGETHER: "If you know your way around boardgames and like science fiction and RTS games, this might be a perfect match for you"



Here's the deal: every 10 combined shares our pinned posts on Facebook and Twitter get in total, we will add a number of favour and event cards to the game. We will make them as fun and extreme as possible without breaking the game!

Here are the posts you can shake up:

 Here's what you'll be able to do in Ether Wars:

  • Lead one of four species in a contest for power.
  • Play to your strengths and exploit your enemies' weaknesses. If you like challenging, asymmetric gameplay, you've come to the right place.
  • Place your dice-troops on the map and then roll to resolve quick, thrilling, and devastating battles or extractions. 
  • Regroup and heal your troops with Coltan and Plasma; channel more Ether with Crystal; grow your army with Proteins. Make sound use of the available resources and improve your chances to win.
  • Attack your enemies' silos to steal resources from them! Lure them into retaliation and strike when they least expect it!
  • Make shifty alliances with your opponents to put pressure on certain players. Then go steal all their Ether! 
  • Daily event cards, instant favour cards and hired mercenaries can turn the tide of the battle in an instant. Be ready! 




Ether Wars is on Kickstarter for the second time. It was originally launched by Ether Dev in 2015, but unfortunately it was not funded.

We at Burning Games discovered this awesome game at a gaming event in our hometown in Northern Spain, Santander, and fell in love with it almost instantly. When its Kickstarter campaign fell short of the funding goal we felt really sad, but we started entertaining the idea of joining forces with the creators to relaunch the game together, and that brings us to the present.

We have taken this opportunity to regroup, rethink and relaunch the campaign, and we're confident this time around Ether Wars will get all the love it deserves. In the process, we've changed a couple of things:

  • The English and Spanish editions are now independent. You may still see images from the original prototype here and there, but rest assured, there's no more room sharing: the English edition will be in ENGLISH ONLY
  • The resources are now beautifully designed tokens. 
  • The graphic design has been improved to better represent the nature of certain mechanics, such as the charges. Icons and other reminders will appear here and there in the cards and the board to make sure everyone is on the same page!

There are no rule-changes other than text edits to clean everything up. We believe Ether Wars is a fine-tuned engine that works beautifully! 

This project is a joint venture between Ether Dev and Burning Games. The former are the creators of the game while the latter, us, are taking the role of the publisher in this relaunch.

  • Ether Dev is a two-man team from Leon, Spain. They have created the mechanics and background of the game, and have done so with aplomb: Ether Wars has been thoroughly playtested in a very well documented process.
  • As Burning Games, we have launched two successful Kickstarters, Faith: The Sci-Fi RPG in 2015 and its starter set Faith: A Garden in Hell in 2016. We vow to deliver a high-quality game within the established timeframe.
  • The illustrations used in the game were created by the talented French artist Ulric Leprovost. He has captured the rich atmospheric weight of the Ether Wars flawlessly! 
The last, but definitely not least, member of this team is you. Your support, as always, is the most important key to victory. 

We will ship the games from our fulfillment centres in the US and the EU, and you will receive your reward from one or the other depending on where you are in the world. This means there are no additional customs or VAT charges for US and EU backers. Below you can find the cost of shipping Ether Wars to your country:

  • USA: 10€ (Add-on copies: Free shipping)
  • Western EU (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom): 10€ (Add-on copies: Free shipping)
  • Eastern EU (Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Slovenia): 16€ (Add-on copies: Please add 4€ to your pledge per additional copy of the game)
  • Australia and Canada: 20€ (Add-on copies: Please add 8€ to your pledge per additional copy of the game)
  • Rest of the World: 30€ (Add-on copies: Please add 10€ to your pledge per additional copy of the game)
Shipping charges for additional copies of the game are already included in their add-on price.



Risks and challenges

This is our third Kickstarter project as a company after successfully delivering Faith: the Sci-Fi RPG a few months ago, and we have learned a lot from our previous Kickstarter experiences. We have successfully fulfilled FAITH: the Sci-Fi RPG and we are in the middle of fulfilling FAITH: A Garden in Hell.

Now we know a lot of things we should do again, and more importantly, many mistakes we shouldn't repeat. We are prepared to deliver a quality game again.

This game is done, the art is completed, the graphic design is almost completed and pretty much all that is left is actually manufacturing the game, and for that, we need your help.

As with any other printed product that needs to be shipped, there are always delays that might happen, whether they happen during the manufacturing, freight, customs clearance or final shipping.

However, we have done our best to ensure a minimal risk and we will continue to do so until this project is finished and the rewards are delivered to your doorsteps.

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