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pledged of $37,072 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

pledged of $37,072 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Burning Games 6-time creator about 15 hours ago

      @Netobvious Yay! We did it :) Thanks @everyone and a warm welcome to those of you who joined us during the last few days and hours.

    2. Netobvious
      1 day ago

      Hopefully, we may cross to 300 backers by tomorrow morning.

    3. Missing avatar

      GWAL 1 day ago

      Just backed this, figure I better help up that number sooner rather than later. Looks like a really interesting game. Really like that it plays off 3 different societies and the power between them.

    4. Lobst5r
      1 day ago

      @Tim you just beat me to the comments, lol

      BG is pretty successful but I'd also like to see this funded sooner. I've been excited to play since they announced it.

    5. Lobst5r
      1 day ago

      @LD_Matt I support this. Speaking of which, Kicktraq is a helpful site. They have their own community, but tags and liking the socmed buttons link to the page helps push traffic through their site and this project, too.

      Also liking and sharing this projects updates as well as sharing this project using the socmed buttons on this project page helps push this campaign up the popularity list on Kickstarter. So like and share and help DCA get some views. I think it's a really cool project and I'd like to see it funded before the end of the week.

    6. Tim van der Weyden
      1 day ago

      It is so silent in the comments section. =O I am really curious about the last 2 days, although I hope for some more action before that. Burning Games always gets funded in the last days, crashing stretch goals after that. Really hoped this would have been sooner, but it seems like it is a tradition we must honor. =D

    7. Netobvious
      4 days ago

      Good so far. We got a small rise with the high tiers, but we still need to spread the word far and wide.

      Another Kickstarter, I am supporting for the Coriolis game is getting lots more attention. But we have 3 weeks more to drum up support.

    8. Lobst5r
      4 days ago

      Almost 75%! You're doing great, I'll make time to share the project more after I leave work today. I hope you're funded soon because I'm excited to see what more you have planned to produce.

    9. Burning Games 6-time creator 4 days ago

      @Tim @Netobvious: great teamwork :D
      @Ben: definitely. We will also share the current bibliography in a future update.

    10. Ben McFarland 4 days ago

      Will you include a bibliography?

    11. Tim van der Weyden
      4 days ago

      Got it. =D Hectic day at work; thank you guys!

    12. Netobvious
      4 days ago

      @Tim van der Weyden, the throne is open for you to take a seat. Are you nearby?

    13. Netobvious
      4 days ago

      Ah! There they are: Lifebringer (Monster) and Lifebringer (Human). Now does that make them both a Lifebringer (Hybrid)? Only time will tell, and a full moon to be sure. Ha ha ha!

    14. Netobvious
      4 days ago

      Where is it, come out where ever you are?

    15. Burning Games 6-time creator 5 days ago

      There are still two spots left. One hour to go for the first, 13 hours for the second!

    16. R.G. 5 days ago

      @Tim v.d.W.
      "On Monday the 19th, at 11am GMT, we'll open the doors to 1 human and 1 monster. "
      Next chance in 2,5 h, I think.

    17. Tim van der Weyden
      5 days ago

      Nah, only interested in a human NPC. So, it was taken before it was open to everyone? =/

    18. Burning Games 6-time creator 5 days ago

      @Everyone: thank you for your heartfelt comments. That is pretty much exactly what we were trying to accomplish, and we couldn't be happier to have such wonderful backers on board to share our vision. Thanks again for your amazing support!

      Also, we are glad to announce the additional human NPC is already taken (and by someone taking part in this conversation, no less!). If you want to create a monster with us, let us know and we'll get that level set up for you. Remember, this will be just one, and on a first come, first served basis!

    19. Netobvious
      5 days ago

      Yes so close to the success line. Let us do it. :-)

    20. David Ford 5 days ago

      Hooray, hopefully those NPC design rewards will let us finish that last quarter or so of funding nice and quickly so that we can start unlocking those extra classes...

    21. Zaarin 6 days ago

      @Netobvious, I have a pretty limited budget, so I have to pick carefully the projects I back. :(

    22. Netobvious
      6 days ago

      @Zaarin, thanks for the comments. I see you are more disciplined than me and pick the very best of the pack for your support.
      And thanks to Kickstarter and its many courageous backers (like you) for helping fund wonderful and innovative games that we can all enjoy playing.

    23. Zaarin 6 days ago

      @Netobvious: Absolutely. I originally looked to 7th Sea's take on the New World, but I was kind of left cold by just how much they glossed things over to make the indigenous people of Mesoamerica look more heroic and romantic, and honestly the "noble savage" glamor is as much a disservice to real history as just portraying them as backwards savages. The peoples of Mesoamerica had a rich and beautiful but also bloody and imperalistic culture; I think it's disingenuous to ignore either side of the coin. :) (Also you have great taste in RPGs--I see you in the comment sections of every RPG I've backed. :D )

    24. Missing avatar

      Michał 'Kumo' Misztal 6 days ago

      Hi everyone!
      I believe I just backed a great game. It's nice to see something new and interesting in the world of RPGs :)

    25. Netobvious
      6 days ago

      @Zaarin, nice to see more fans loving the authentic historic influences that permeate the fantasy Dragons Conquer America.
      Too many modern games take the easy route of the Disneyesque treatment and run away from historic influences of the many varied cultures in this shared world we all inhabit.

    26. Tim van der Weyden
      6 days ago

      @Zaarin; Was thinking the same about further settings. Going to North America, a war of independence with dragons involved, expansion to the west. Can even go back with medieval times before the conquistadors set sail. =D So much to think of and didn't even mention Asia yet.

    27. Zaarin 6 days ago

      Just wanted to say I love the authentic feel of this. No sense of romanticism or "generic fantasy with Aztec flavor" here. If this goes well, any chance you might expand this to North America? The SEC Great Serpent and underwater panther as well as the PNW thunderbird are all promising dragon stand-ins... ;)

    28. Burning Games 6-time creator on March 15

      @Pinvendor and @Kalum: thanks for spreading the word! This is what makes a crowdfunding campaign unique and beautiful :)
      @Netobvious: it is, from time to time, but also rewarding, all the time!
      @Bernd: thank *you*

    29. pinvendor
      on March 15

      No idea if I put it in the right place, but I made a post over on Paizo's Other RPG forum section. Hopefully, it will drive some traffic to DCA.

    30. Kalum on March 15

      If you want to hear Carlos GQ talking in person about Dragons Conquer America, you can check this interview recorded in London at Dragonmeet.

      Please share if you enjoy it.



    31. Netobvious
      on March 15

      @BurningGames it must be frustrating for designers to balance the many varied expectations from players of the games we all play.

      For example too many game designers are too cowardly to adopt real cultural influences and instead just mask the cultural conflicts behind the guise of fantasy monsters as the enemy instead of being bold enough to showcase the various competing sides of cultural conflicts.

      With a proper role playing game like Dragons Conquer America, we have the opportunity to explore both intra-cultural cooperation and authentic cultural conflicts especially between the various Mesoamerican tribes and Empires who oppressed other local native tribes before any contact with the Spanish changed the whole dynamic.

      Well done, Burling Games for DCA.

    32. Missing avatar

      Bernd Pressler on March 15

      Wow, thank you for your feedback. I had asked wether cooperation of cultures will also be strong possibility in the game, as I am not so much into this clash-of-cultures thing. It just seems wrong to me, a vibe of negativity at the core of the game, but I received a wonderful feedback from you guys @Burning Games.

      So for those of you interested, there is a strong idea of cooperation, mixed group european and south american members - of course with prejudices present on both sides there will probably be challenges to overcome, but there is also the idea of a common, greater enemy. Here's the full answer I recieved and I think this rings out very positive:

      Absolutely, but keep in mind the setting starts in 1512, when Europeans had not yet settled in the continental land. They had only visited it from their settlements in Cuba and such, but the mainland itself was left alone for the most part until a little bit later. This means that while they have contact, they don't coexist all that much if that makes sense. The setting section of the book will go into a lot of details for both the Mexica and the different Maya tribes, as well as the Spaniards settled in the islands, and from there you will be able to draw what happens next.

      One of the campaigns we have planned, The Conquistador's Gold, is about a group of members of Cortes' expedition, who must find diplomatic solutions with different tribes and city-states to ally against the Mexica empire, who were oppressing many smaller cultures in precolonial Mexico, and the short adventure that will go in the Core Book is about a mixed group cooperating to explore a temple... so yes, there will be well developed examples of intercultural cooperation!

      If that isn't an awesome answer, I don't know what is! Thanks a lot, guys!

    33. harrio
      on March 15

      added two more DCA decks.

      i always like to accommodate up to seven players total...just in case.

      did the same with FAITH.

      let the awesome sauce continue to pour.

    34. Burning Games 6-time creator on March 14

      @Richard: that's right, there're a few gameplay videos out there. We'll make a proper update listing them, but here's a quick rundown:
      - Encounter Roleplay: https://youtu.be/U8x2ZLz2jpk
      - Legends of Tabletop: https://youtu.be/d_cyZ08ZFn4
      - Insert Quest Here: https://youtu.be/-lgdqnlfXK8
      Let us know if you know of any more :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Richard Sands
      on March 14

      @Rodolfo there are also recorded plays on YouTube of the starter adventure The Coatli Stone. And that pdf is free to download if you haven't already

    36. Burning Games 6-time creator on March 14

      @Aether Tower: Welcome aboard!
      @Rodolfo: We have a mechanics overview video, a character creation overview, and a confrontation overview as well. They can be found throughout the campaign page and they should give you a decent idea.

      Additionally, you can watch FAITH: the sci-fi RPG gameplays. While not exactly the same, the system is quite similar and the luck/effort management aspect feels the same way. We hope you enjoy those!

    37. Missing avatar

      Rodolfo on March 14

      This looks extremely promising. I am little unsure of the gameplay. Do you have any tutorials or gameplay videos on youtube that i can look at for reference?

    38. Aether Tower
      on March 14

      First RPG project we back on Kickstarter. Love dragons, love our history. Great job guys. Greetings from Mexico!

    39. Burning Games 6-time creator on March 14

      Hey @Jason! This is the design of the cards: https://goo.gl/ZGPMoz. Hope you like it :)

    40. Jason Hyde
      on March 14

      I actually backed some really nice playing cards to go along with this game and it's theme. I'm wondering if you're card designs will be sweeter

    41. Burning Games 6-time creator on March 14

      @Tim: probably our fault it is not crystal clear anyways. Here's the deal: Player decks in DCA, because of how the system works, only have 25 cards each. Which means each pack will get you two DCA decks, plus a couple of reference cards which we have yet to design. So in the GM's kit and Full package pledges, you get 2x2 = 4 DCA decks, enough for you and your 3 friends.

      Having said that, you don't actually need 1 deck per player if you don't want to, you can play with 1 of these decks for every 2 players, and mix them together to share a common pool. The most common combination we use is the GM uses one deck, and then the group of 2-5 players share 2-3 decks mixed together, depending on what you have at hand.

    42. Tim van der Weyden
      on March 14

      I am not entirely sure if I get the deck stuff (I usually overthink stuff and learned the hard way to have no assumptions).

      When I will be playing with 4 people (so me and 3 others) and we want to use the cards, how many decks do I need to buy (need to stay themed, so want those DCA cards for all)?

      The "GM's Kit" & "Full Package" pledges both contain 2x Decks and the add on says "2x Custom DCA Decks". So, if I want the 4 of us each have their own deck, I only need to add 1 more set of decks (€12) to the Full Package (€129) for a total pledge of €141?

    43. Sergio Pesquera Valadés on March 14

      50% YEeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!

    44. R.G. on March 14

      Half the way is done!

    45. harrio
      on March 14


      the core book looks fucking gorgeous...no brainer.

      gonna need more player decks.

      IT IS GO TIME!

    46. Ian Stewart
      on March 13

      Faith blew me away with the amount of content. Much more than your average RPG book. I’m assuming this project will be no different, and I’m very excited to see it progress.

    47. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kraemer
      on March 13

      Very excited to have this back on kickstarter. Might have to up my pledge again. 😉 but I need more cards for sure!

    48. Burning Games 6-time creator on March 13

      @Simon: that's sweet, looking forward to seeing the pics :)
      @Mark: yes, we will definitely throw that level in further down the line. We'll post an update detailing how it will work this time around.
      @We can't wait either! It's getting closer by the minute!

    49. Simon Ryves-Webb on March 13

      Just home from work and backed for the full package. I have started collecting and painting miniatures for this since the first campaign. This week I am building the temple from the introductory scenario. I hope to post some photos before end of campaign.

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