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Why play on a flat game table? Take you table top gaming experience up a level with the Burn In Design Skyway Project.
113 backers pledged $14,348 to help bring this project to life.

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We did it!

Posted by Burn In Designs (Creator)
We did it!
We did it!

Thank you all. It was a long process but everything has been shipped and the project is over. This was a far larger undertaking than it looked when I started it. Thank you all for your patients with the deliveries. There were quite a few setbacks and changes that had to be made but we made it through it.

What did I take away from the project?

The Highs:  

This was a huge undertaking and it pushed my then design skills to the limit when it came to optimizing the designs for cutting. When you design and build prototypes you start with a blank page and very few limits. Only when you get to the large production do you start to worry about the limitations of the hardware and packaging. Things that were 1 piece now become 2 because they are two large to cut or ship. Other things like replicated parts or minor layout changes come into play. It is amazing how moving 1 or 2 parts can take a 4 page cut down to 2 or how grouping the engraved pieces across 2 sheets toward the middle of the pages speeds the process and takes a 30-45 minute engraving down to 20-30 minutes. Even simple things like a shift in grades of plywood can speed things up because the supplier can pre-size the materials so you don't have to all go a long way in a project this massive. This was a great leaning experience and I would not trade it for anything. 

The most important high point has been all of you. Yes it sounds sappy but without you this project wouldn't have happened. From the happy emails of "My package arrived." to the not so fun, "Where is my package?" or “I am missing a part.", it still brings me a little bit of joy that I was able to help you through it. I am glad to have had a chance to work with all of you throughout this process.

The Lows:

Supplier nightmares are an ongoing problem. Finding good ones is hard when you are buying in what they consider small quantities. So when you find a good one you stick with them. There is no such thing as a good shipping scale. Boxes are not all the same. Just stick with the US Postal one and you are won’t have any problems. Budgets can change in a heartbeat. Little things like tape and plastic bags don't go as far as you think. Keep your optics clean! Lasers are water cooled and hose clamps can work loose over time.

The Strangely Fun:

Lasers are heavy, 400 lbs. heavy so having large friend that work cheap is a wise idea. Did you know that birch plywood is great for making s’mores? Tape guns can walk unless you tie them down. Not all colors of acrylic use the same cut settings. Cutting in batches only works if everything is identical. If the room is full of smoke chances are you didn't open the damper on the exhaust fan. Sponge Q-tips should be bought by the gross not the little box. The same for lens cleaner. Google splinter removal before you start preparing large sheets of wood on the table saw. Change/sharpen fine tooth saw blades often or the splinter thing will be really important. Network switches need to be on a UPS too in order to work if you have a brown out. Hand delivering orders from time to time is well worth it.

Unexpected Supplies:

  •  100+ rolls of 3" masking tape 
  •  8 rolls of 3" blue masking tape, which stuff won’t even stick to itself 
  •  100+ rolls of 3" packing tape 
  •  5 tape guns, I told you those things have legs 
  •  2000+ Plastic bags, 
  •  300 more plastic bags all too small, they need to make the check boxes on the order form bigger 
  •  1 2.5" CO2 laser lens 
  •  3 laser cleaning kits 
  •  1 gross of sponge q-tips 
  •  3 fine tooth saw blades 
  •  1 fire pit, already had this so not a business expense 
  •  1 propane torch 
  •  3 large garbage cans
Special Thank You:
 Nils at Warmage Games in Germany. Thank you for handling the EU orders and deliveries. Taking that off my plate went a long way towards getting things done. I could not have done it without you. Ocooch Hardwoods for saving me for thousands of splinters, fast shipping and being close enough that I can rent my own truck and pick up my orders. Adepticon, If you had not let me stake out a table one year there would be no Burn In Designs. The Crew at Soda Pop Minis/Ninja Division, Derek of CMON, Romeo at Outlaw Miniatures, Alex at Ironheart and James Wapple. Getting a chance to speak with each of you over course of the project and your insights into some of the pitfalls gave me a great feel for what I was getting into. Joe and the rest of the Screaming Heretic host for giving me a place to talk gaming and vent when things got rough or I needed a second set of eyes to tell me I was going in the right direction. My wife gets a huge thank you for putting up with piles and piles and piles of wood all over my office, becoming the queen of shipping and shuttling packages to the post office when they missed a pickup or delivery of new boxes.

What is next for Burn In Designs?
We are going to continue making new terrain kits and branching out into new areas. Right now we cover old west, scifi, modern, 6mm and steampunk terrain and just about every type of paint storage system but there is always something else out there and the potential to dive deeper in any of the above categories.  As I write this I am preparing 2 new lines of kits, Metro City -
and Outpost B-37 - 
along with a few other things like the expansion of the 6mm Federation City set

Are you doing another Kickstarter right away?
Right now it is doubtful. There are 2 reasons for this, first this one accomplished its goal and allowed us to build out to where we needed to be for the work load we wanted to service. There were no illusions of this becoming a multi-million dollar global terrain empire and even then building that on Kickstarter is not my style. It is always better to have smaller sustained growth than to have a big burst and have to try and maintain it. The second is scope creep. This project started as a simple platform system then expanded to a transit system and finally a full table system with scatter terrain and options for painters and hobby stands and more. It is too easy to get caught up in it all. 

When I do another one it will be smaller and shorter. One option and a 2 week time time frame but that is a discussion for another time.

So that is it? You are done, nothing else to say?
Well there is one final little thing. The Skyway Project is set to go into general sale in the US/Canada in March and the EU some time after. Since you all helped make it possible I am giving you a standing 15% off on all orders of $25 or more through the end of 2016. Sorry but I can't combine it with other discounts. There are limits after all. When you order just let me know you were a Skyway Project Kickstarter backer when you order so I can apply the discount.

Thank you all again now get building, painting and rolling dice. The game tables are calling you.

Shooting for 7!

Posted by Burn In Designs (Creator)

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The end of the tunnel is approaching.

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Production update

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Post Adepticon Update and new Instructions comming

Posted by Burn In Designs (Creator)
Hello Everybody  

Just a quick update this time. Last week I took some time off for the yearly pilgrimage to Adepticon. It was a chance to recharge the batteries, meet with other terrain builders to talk about new techniques and trade design ideas and a chance to show off some new kits. It was a great event I recommend all of you attending next year. There were too many games to count.

Production is moving and cut times are continually improving. I will be putting together another set of build instructions for some more kits this weekend. This time the 90 degree corners, T-intersection and Waystation are on the build table. This will leave one major kit left for instructions, the elevator. There are a few other kits I can do instructions for but some things like the tables and chairs or the lander platform as pretty straight forward. Other kits like the ISO container or the tram set may get instructions but again they both don't have many places to go wrong during assembly.

Thanks everyone and I will do another update when the instructions are ready.