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Be a part of the Twin Cities' most imaginative new theater company producing the regional premiere of John Kolvenbach’s "LOVE SONG".

HERE'S THE SHOW: Beane is an exile from life--an oddball. His well-meaning sister, Joan, and brother-in-law Harry try and make time for him in their busy lives, but no one can get through. Following a burglary on Beane’s apartment, Joan is baffled to find her brother blissfully happy, and tries to unravel the story behind his mysterious new love, Molly. Funny, enchanting, and wonderfully touching, John Kolvenbach’s offbeat comedy is a rhapsody to the power of love in all its forms.

HERE'S WHAT'S EVEN BETTER: Our company! Buoyant Theatre Collective is a brand new Twin Cities theatre company that is inspired by the resiliency of the human spirit, the power of language and text, the precision of movement and physicality, and the electric thrill of people in a room, sharing a story. To get even more specific, we're inspired by:

Theatre de la Jeune Lune. The directing style of Katie Mitchell. Anne Bogart and the SITI Company. Epic Theatre. David Bowie. Mythology and retelling an old story. The suspense (and awesomeness) of Jurassic Park. The promise of new playwrights. The joy of laughter--from commedia to slapstick to Tina Fey. The art of storytelling + more.

HERE'S WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: $$$$$ The key to our success will be a great first production, and we want you to ensure that it goes well. We don't have a performance space of our own, and will be premiering at the Lowry Lab Theatre in downtown St. Paul. The Lowry is run by the Theatre Space Project, a nonprofit that exists "to support Minnesota's growing theatre community by providing performance space at an accessible rate." We need financial support in order to use this wonderful space, pay the wonderful playwright, and publicize the show. Any extra money we receive will be saved for the upcoming projects of our first season. Please support the arts--especially the fledgling arts--in the Twin Cities! Thank you!

**An important note: Kickstarter only processes donations IF we meet our goal, and we were nervous about that, and set the goal far lower than our actual costs. So please, don't think that you can't still give if we've already reached our goal. We've seen some projects on here that are funded up to 6,000%, and are still going strong! So, don't be distracted by our progress bar!


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