Funded! This project was successfully funded on June 28, 2011.

Update #1




Our website ( is up and running! We're very thankful to our web designer for her work! Check it out to learn more about BTC happenings!

Another reminder that though we've reached our Kickstarter goal, we're not fully funded for our first production yet! Kickstarter has an "all or nothing" policy, so to make sure we weren't left high and dry, we set our goal far lower than it actually is. So, please, don't see our status of having reached our goal as a reason to NOT donate! We still need and appreciate all support.

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    Donors (regardless of amount) will be honored permanently on our website, as well as thanked in our program for this particular project.

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    Recognition in program and website PLUS a free ticket to "Love Song" (you may choose which performance, to accommodate your schedule)!

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    For each increase of $15 ABOVE the $25 level, another ticket to "Love Song" will be included. If you donate $40, you get two tickets; $55, three... etc.

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    Donors who give at least $70 not only get mention in the program PLUS 4 tickets, but they'll be listed as "Bronze Donors" on the website! This will allow others to see how dedicated you are to supporting this company and its goals!

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    Same things as above, but "SILVER donor" status!

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