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Fill and tie hundreds of water balloons in minutes with our attachment that comes ready-to-go, no preparation necessary!
21,455 backers pledged $929,160 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Rebecca Taylor on

      Just got mine today, I can't wait for summer to try them out.

    2. Rebecca Taylor on

      Just got mine today, I can't wait for summer to try them out.

    3. Michele Nelson Yonash on

      It's been almost two months since you posted an update. Please let us know what progress has been made.

    4. Missing avatar

      Robert Veideman on

      Have received no updates since I gave my money! Please bring us up to date. Thanks,

    5. Monica Sand on

      still waiting and no email no call nothing. what a horrible company. ready and willing to scam people out of their money. what a horrible family to steal from these people! ou dont how we live what we go through... we took the time to believe in you crooks you thieves, who lie to us dont get back us break your word to us!!:( Here we thought we were helping a good humble family NOT THIEVES!!!:( NOT LYING CROOKS WHO BREAK THEIR WORD AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN. Not informing the customers of anything or just leaving them hanging....stealing their money!...THIEF... a person who steals, especially secretly or without open force; one guilty of theft or larceny.

    6. Sandra Yarbrough

      have I submitted my shipping address to you yet?

    7. Monica Sand on

      now I know why you didnt want to accept paypal... crooks. paypal would have covered me on this in a blink. you people will see we will only get that one email and nothing and of course the happy ones have theres. what a rotten run company. takes e min to send an email using copy and paste less time just send all so why dont we get more updates? and what pictures?? I had to come here to see pictures. Its nice if your world is rosey but others arent. be considerate.

    8. Monica Sand on

      Im pissed I too was told Sept in an Email I havent received anything anything. So lets get this straight we backed you believed in you and you dont even have the decency to #1 keep in contact with us all (yes thats probably a full time job but thats what running a business is!) #2 our NOT keeping your word on any of your dates!! Im terminally ill for petes sakes! what if people move?? i mean come on people step up your game. This has to be the WORST DIBACLE ever! :( or backing a project. If I dont get mine in one month I want A FULL REFUND!!! and Ill scream & holler at my bank & he BBC about YOU for Fraud. �Dont u dare try and take advantage of us an think ur going to get away with!!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Carleena Bhaduri on

      Hi, I also received an email that I would receive my balloons in September, but it is now November and I have not received anything. Can you please check on this? It's a wonderful product and I really am looking forward to receiving them!

    10. Nutrition by Design Fit Meals on

      Any update as to when the product will be received? It will be November tomorrow and I thought we would receive in September. An update would be nice.

    11. Joanne Adducci-Schulz on

      Hi! I had received an email that I would get my balloons in September but don't have anything yet! Any ideas? Thanks!

    12. Julie Cadusch on

      I live in Australia and I read that the product would be shipped in September, did that not include Australia?
      I was wanting to give it to my boys from Santa.
      Is there anyway it could be posted out asap?
      Julie Cadusch

    13. Missing avatar

      Heather hillary on

      I'd love to see backers post photos/testimonials on social media. #bunchoballons , perhaps? I can't wait to get mine!

    14. Missing avatar

      Rod Hocott on

      Thanks for keeping us posted. Can't wait to get mine and let my youth group go crazy with this new method of water balooning.

    15. Evan White on

      I got mine! You guys are awesome. Have fun.

    16. Missing avatar

      Mary Michelle Anderson on

      This is so be a part of a company that I have watched grow.....Proud to be an investor. Hoe proud your whole family must feel

    17. Missing avatar

      Robert Murphy on

      Way to go !!
      I'm proud to be an investor with this growing operation!

    18. Missing avatar

      Jamie Barwick on

      How do I find out which "batch" I'm in? I ordered in May!

    19. Missing avatar

      Tracy on

      Received mine last week and we are more than thrilled!

    20. Sherri Roybal Plessinger on

      I am pleased to see everything is running "smooth". I was thrilled to get mine in Sept 2015 but...sooner is even more exciting. Keep up the good work.

    21. Wendy Fedchenko on

      Wonderful to see the progress you are making. Congrats on gittin' er done! Sorry to hear some people gripe~for me it was an investment in your family business. If I get the balloons some day, even better. Thanks for the pics and the update. Wendy :D

    22. Jo Lewis on

      you sent a notice saying i would receive my order in september; still waiting.

    23. Trip Hosley on

      I got a box today...all green...but I added more red white and blue when you sent out that offer...are they coming separately?

    24. Monica Sand on

      I dont believe I eas asked a color. Id love purple. I was one who came bsck and ordered a secondd shipment at the end. For things to work. Its just soo nice for a change to see the average Joe be able to have a dream fulfilled. Amen & grats to the entiŕe fàmily

    25. Tiffanie Norton Morgel on

      Great news! Amazing invention!

    26. Missing avatar

      gina on

      Congratulations! !, I'm so happy to help you all get to be successful, amen and god bless your success�

    27. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Gibilante on

      We are so excited! ! I'm not sure if I sent all the necessary info. I just realized that I don't remember filling out the survey! Is there any way you at the Bunch O Balloons team could let me know? Thank you so much! We are so happy for you and the success of this project! Thanks, Jennifer G

    28. Missing avatar

      Roberta on

      ANXIOUSLY WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE IT'S SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)