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Fill and tie hundreds of water balloons in minutes with our attachment that comes ready-to-go, no preparation necessary!
21,455 backers pledged $929,160 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Marnie Lynn Haley on

      I never got my orders

    2. Chuck Damico on


    3. Vanessa Castaneda on

      Hello, I was suppose to get my balloons in September. Would you mind checking on my order?
      Thank you

    4. Missing avatar

      Joshua P White on

      Sorry about my last post.

      I was supposed to receive my balloons in Sept. I promptly answered my survey in August. And I have yet to receive any balloons.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joshua P White on

      I'm in the second batch, and we are planning a move next summer. I do not have an

    6. Missing avatar

      stacie french on

      I was supposed to receive my balloons in Sept. It is now Nov., and no balloons. In fact, I haven't even heard anything since September. These are for a Christmas gift, so I hope they come before then.

    7. Richard Klein on

      wth? where are the balloons??

    8. Mike Waterfall Wheeley on

      Where is the survey that You mentioned ?

    9. Sandra Yarbrough

      can't remember if I am an early or later backer.. can u help? thanks

    10. Missing avatar

      Jaime on

      Hi! I just received my balloons but I never got my extra red,white and blue ones and I added more money to my pledge for 2 extra sets?? I didn't know if they were shipping separately or what???

    11. Missing avatar

      Robert N Martie Harmon on

      I'm not sure if I fall into the 2014 or 2015 shipping date, how do we find out? I am also not sure if I have received a survey via e'mail. I would really like to know when to expect them so we can plan a party around them.

    12. Jigar Vyas on

      I now again gain faith in Kickstarter project

    13. Missing avatar

      karla ferry on

      This is the coolest thing ever, I don't even have kids, lol. I do have lots of nieces and nephews though they are going to have a blast for sure, so is their Aunt, haha payback time!!!

    14. Christopher Noceti on

      When originally backing this project, your projected April of 2015 delivery, now you are saying September??

    15. Laura loder on

      i received an email saying you need additional info to deliver the respond now button does not do anything how can I provide the info you need?

    16. Missing avatar

      Don Burke on

      You e-mail dated 8/22 were you needed some info from me to deliver the reward I selected on Kickstarter. The "Respond Now" button doesn't do anything. How is one to provide you this info you requsted?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jenna Dutrow on

      I'm in the second batch, and we are planning a move next summer. I do not have an firm address for Sept 2015, please advise.

    18. starmage2 on

      @Lacey Elmange-Singh it sounds like you change your pledge to $12 instead of making it $28. Did you switch your reward selection to "no reward" when you changed your pledge?

    19. Lacey Elmange-Singh on

      I originally pledged 16.00 and then got an email that if I pledge 12.00 more then I get some bonus (can't remember what exactly it was) so I thought I did that but it's only showing I pledged 12.00.... I'm so confused lol

    20. Debbie Lemley McCormick on

      Hi, sorry but I'm not positive how this works for me. Am I in the first group? When I place my first order how do I go about that. Thanks, Debbie McCormick, Sunnyside Cottage Gifts and Toys

    21. Bridget Harpster on

      My survey came via email and worked perfectly other than it didn't ask about rewards so I hope my up'd pledge amount is figured and rewards sent.

    22. Steven Reed Twitch Twitchell on

      Your hyperlink on you email does not work.

      Bunch O Balloons: 100 Water Balloons in Less Than 1 Minute needs some info from you to deliver the reward you selected on Kickstarter. Please respond now.
      Respond now

    23. Lisa Wubbena on

      I cannot access the survey link and cannot copy the URL. Can you send it out again? Thank you!

    24. Richelle Zbinden on

      Question: How do we know if the campaign is acknowledging that we up-ed our pledge to include the bonus set?

    25. Chris Treister on

      Awesome! Sounds good! And don't forget to get your Ultimate Picnic Blanket to go along on your park play date!

    26. Emily Edwards on

      Last email requesting a response didn't open for me so 8 couldn't respond

    27. Faith Waters on

      "First come, first serve" based on what? If we altered our pledge amount, does it go by original pledge date or updated date? I updated late but was an early pledge. I just don't want to wait longer for balloons since we are planning a party around them :). Great idea, we hope to buy more!

    28. Stephen Carbone on

      Make sure you complete your survey or you will have to wait until next month.WHAT SURVEY??

    29. Stephen Carbone on

      Make sure you complete your survey or you will have to wait until next month.