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Fill and tie hundreds of water balloons in minutes with our attachment that comes ready-to-go, no preparation necessary!
21,455 backers pledged $929,160 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Gloria on

      I haven't been following closely, so this may have already been addressed. I originally pledged $34 then signed up for an additional amount (bringing it to $46) for the red/white/blue balloon bonus, but then received the email that said the reward could not be honored, which I was okay with. I then received another email asking about color and that any extra pledge will automatically get Red, White, and Blue. I'm confused did the bonus go through? Thanks

    2. Suhail Saeed

      well said Randal.

      Also, as backer, I want to know updates as detailed as possible. it's not spamming, it's respecting me as a backer and sharing their gained knowledge throughout the project.

      This is not

      it's not an online shopping website, I don't just pay and wait for the shipment. I share the passion of the creator and want them to make it a reality. I want them to keep me in the light during their progress. They changed their minds and wanna go big? Even better!

      Kickstarter and crowd-funding sites support the economy in a great way, just like Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are supported by VC then some of them change the world, and hire hundreds.

      I'm from Saudi Arabia but I live in South Korea. My dream is to make a store in Seoul & Dubai selling successful crowd-funded projects.
      For customers, they get unique creative products. For creators, they get extra support to reach a sustainable business model. For me, I become part of 3 markets, hiring local people and supporting economies.

    3. R&R on

      @Mary and Lucinda
      If your just jumping on a bandwagon without any knowledge of what kickstarter is or how it works you need to spend a little more time investigation something before you just enter your credit card number into a website. Mary, the date of ESTIMATED delivery is on every pledge before you ever confirm your backing. How about paying attention before you accuse campaigns of being scams? Lucinda, please understand your are "backing" this campaign and not "purchasing" anything. You are backing the creator with your money and they use that money to bring the campaign product to life. This sometimes takes weeks or can take years. That is what you agree to when you give them your money. Pay attention.

      How do you expect the creator to deliver on $925,000 worth of pledges without creating an industrial production facility without taking a decade to deliver to backers? He even gave us on his current production capacities and they are definitely "humble." He had a humble plan and the campaign exploded, I'm sure, beyond anything he had ever dreamed of and in order to deliver to the backers he has had to make significant changes to the plan. That to me is smart business and, in my opinion, a perfect example of how a business can be "KICKSTARTED" from and idea and a passion to a potentially self-sustaining business. As for the "SPAM," why wouldn't/shouldn't the creator try to reach that incredible milestone. What campaign doesn't put out stretch goals and push for them? You should have paid attention to the funding timeline and pulled out when you saw that the creators vision did not line up with yours. Not complain about it after when you had plenty of time to pull out.

      I for one am stoked to be the first one on my block with bunch o balloons next year. I wish the creator the best if luck with this monumental task of delivery thousands upon thousands of bunch o balloons. Good luck!!

    4. Alan Geoffrion on

      @Lucinda, Kickstarter is NOT a pre-order system. While many if not most projects do attempt to delivery a product for your support, it is not like buying something from Amazon. There is a chance none of us will ever see anything, the project could fail. Some failed projects people get money back, some people haven't but still hope to. The reality is Kickstarter is kind of like venture funding, but you don't end up owning any part of the company. So the money will be debited from all of us backers, a decent chunk goes to Amazon, Kickstarter and then taxes. From there we hope that Tinnus delivers our products on time. Many projects don't deliver on time.

    5. Missing avatar

      Lucinda Haulk on

      Really because it is being taken out of my bank account pending as we speak

    6. Alarian DarkWind

      @Mary Did you even read what you were pledging for or did you just click random buttons? It clearly states (and has from day 1) when the shipping date was for each pledge level. So I really don't understand what your upset about. ALL the pledge levels except for a couple that went on the first day ship in 2015.

    7. Missing avatar


      My grandkids were all excited and so I pledged $17 for 100 water balloons. Todays email shows I will finally get them in 2015!! Is this a scam or what??? That means they have to wait through this summer and all next summer and hopefully get them in SEPTEMBER 2015! They will be back in school and summer weather over before they MAYBE get to enjoy them. Are they really going to be MANUFACTURED or is this just a dream?

    8. Missing avatar

      Shannon Owens on

      I'm excited about the product and will show it to EVERYONE! I can't wait to see it either on your website to order more or on store shelves. I'm certain there will be copy cats to soon follow on this AMAZING idea and i feel honored to know i was apart of the original! Press on with honor, you are already ahead of the game. Prayers for continues success!

    9. Mallory Tovar on

      I agree with Matt.

    10. Matt McLaughlin on

      I honestly wish I had never backed this Kickstarter. It quickly went from being about the passion of the core product to:

      - Kickstarter funds being used to build out an industrial production facility
      - Spam and nuisance tactics trying to clear a $1M threshold to use for future marketing exposure

      What happened to the humble creator that wanted to raise $10K?

    11. Devin Bennet on

      15 min to go and 9,285% Funded... GREAT JOB!!!

    12. Penny Evans on

      Marcus Frasier said it RIGHT!

    13. Marcus Frasier on

      You've already done amazingly well. If you don't make a million you don't, but please do it with your head held high. There's no need for the last minute antics.