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Fill and tie hundreds of water balloons in minutes with our attachment that comes ready-to-go, no preparation necessary!
21,455 backers pledged $929,160 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Crystal Joy Turner on

      I backed project in the beginning and Still never got mine. I had emailed them. Reported this so many times. It is just plain wrong. My experience with so far 4 other Kickstarter and they all have been a scam as far as I feel. I never got any of them and they all were funded.

    2. Maria Cruz on

      I originally contributed also and never got my kit either.

    3. Missing avatar

      Marlene Eaton on

      I was an original contributor for the kickstarter program and NEVER received my kit nor did I get a refund. When are you going to take care of the people who made you successful???????

    4. Judith E Goike on

      I got my order perfectly.. we filled them and had a blast! Thank you SO MUCH! Y'all are awesome!

    5. Dan Dungy on

      I never got mine... Backed it a year ago... Logged on a month ago and a pop-up said they have been trying to reach me and needed my address. I plugged it in, still nothing.

    6. Kelsey Daugherty on

      I still haven't gotten mine..

    7. Becky Cudzilo on

      This sucks. I am using the ones I got for being a Kickstarter contributor and at leas 1/2 of them won't fill out with water. They have holes and won't even fill at all. What a rip off since we need them today and I was counting on them!

    8. Missing avatar

      Cindy Cory on

      Backed this company back in July, 2014, with my pledge, and I still haven't received my order! It is now June, 2015!

    9. Missing avatar

      Melissa Poste on

      I just saw the TV ad for the first time, and wanted to say congrats!! My son LOVES that he no longer has to wait for me to tie balloons for an hour before a fight....and so am I!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Sheena Mawson on

      Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and a great product. Can't wait to order more!

    11. Missing avatar

      Robert DeGrace on

      I have not received my balloons. Please send them.

    12. Amber Narron on

      I never received my balloons.

    13. Sandy Simeone Ryan on

      I don't understand I made a payment of 34 somewhat dollars I received a bag of balloons is the end so I paid for your product I got them SO I thought I was investimg in your company so if you made it I would be making some money in the future . so we helped you get started now you made it, so I am supposed to go away with a feel good feeling and a bag of balloons well somehow I feel I was taken advantaged of please explain

    14. Missing avatar

      George F Weiss on

      So in the end, it appears that 22,000 of us made a few Americans rich and helped create another foreign competitor (in Hong Kong). How many full time, permanent American jobs did we create?

    15. Feri Zekisson on

      And the Chinese already made a copy. I asked you for distribution right in GCC and you ignored my email we are now importing much better Chinese copy at friction of your price. Well done

    16. Missing avatar

      Joy Alexander on

      My grandson has a large pool party for his birthday every year. They always have a balloon fight. His birthday is this month. Sometime ago I saw a post on the best way to fill the balloons. Could you share this with me again. Should have printed if off but didn't. Thanks. I always do a birthday count a week before his birthday, one gift each day, and the balloons are one of the gifts in the count down.

    17. Missing avatar

      Laura Miele on

      Josh....How many times can I remember tying off water balloons for the kids to play with or to play a game for a birthday party. Your invention has forever changed the way we will look at water balloon play and it feels surreal to be a part of it....even if I am in the mix of nearly 22,000! I know I was one of the first 100 people to sign on.
      Congratulations Josh....especially with the ensuing Zuru Toys contract... : )

    18. Missing avatar

      Janice Krispinsky on

      I received my Bunch O Ballons and immediately sent them to my granddaughters who had a ball with them and want more so I will be ordered more! Congratulations on such a successful project but I never doubted for a minute that it would be a tremendous success!

    19. Tinnus Enterprises Creator on

      I forgot to mention, if you do want to keep up with activities and promotions, follow us on facebook at

    20. Laurens Laudowicz on

      Oh an check out our current live project at it ends in a few days. Cheers!

    21. Laurens Laudowicz on

      Love it! We got our balloons and had a blast with them. Can't wait to get more!

    22. Jesús Segura Castillo on

      It was my first backed project, my first time in kickstarter, and my first time in my life!.
      I´m so happy for be a part of this project. I recivied all my reward (75+ packs of bunch o balloons).
      Thanks Josh and all of your team, Congratulation again!!!.

    23. Missing avatar

      Eleanor Lindsay on

      I have NOT received my reward balloons. I have left several messages on Tinnus Enterprises and on this site. Please let me know that you have received this. I read that you are shutting down the Kickstarter this would be the time to get my rewards straight.

    24. Susan Beiting on

      I did get my balloons. Thank you very much. I am waiting for the pool to open, so I can take them out for the neighborhood kids. Glad to have participated in your venture. Good luck in the future.

    25. Missing avatar

      Courtney on

      Thank you!!! Great idea and execution! I applaud your success!! Good luck in the future! - a random girl in Rhode Island

    26. Harv Brittain on

      Josh, I never got my backer balloons, I saw the post that all the rewards had been delivered. Just not mine please let me know what I can do to get that fulfilled. Thank You!

    27. Jacqui Persichilli on

      I received my balloons and they were a hit. The kids and adults had a blast. I saw a commercial on TV last night and am going to order more. This is a great product. Thanks to you and the family for this awesome product..

    28. Terri Murphy on

      How can I get onto an email list for updates? I'd like to be notified as additional colors are added. It looks like other colors are available somewhere, but I can't seem to order any other than green.

    29. Missing avatar

      Sandra Lynn Cernosek on

      Loved our balloons. We had a surprise water balloon fight at Easter. These were great! Thank you!

    30. Missing avatar

      Angela Alpin Bruce on

      I never received my product. When was it shipped?

    31. Katie Foley Fitch on

      Proud of you guys to see TV ads for these. Congratulations!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Garrett Durst on

      Seeing these in major places will be nice. Just hope you can keep them in stock! Question about the online ordering: is it a one time thing or can we use it from now to infinity?