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Fill and tie hundreds of water balloons in minutes with our attachment that comes ready-to-go, no preparation necessary!
21,455 backers pledged $929,160 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Terry Kershaw on

      Can you please let me know when my order will arrive

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      Angelica Mariscal on

      So I received my Balloons and just used one pack this summer at a cookout. The balloons didn't fill up all the way and they remained small even when we tried to fill them more, it wouldn't work. Maybe because of where the tie is positioned. Anyhow, this would not be an issue and I wouldn't care but we had children using them and when they threw them, well they didn't break. In fact, they hurt. A few tears were shed. Is it possible i got a bad batch?

    3. Ernest Russell Lala Jr. on

      I Still haven't received my balloons and have emailed a couple times.

    4. Geo DeLozer on

      Haven't gotten my Balloons. Left a message at Still really looking forward for my shipment. Thank you.

    5. Deb Deppeler on

      What's up? I was told April 2015. But, its end of June and still no word. Please let us know when.

    6. Julie Stifflemire on


    7. Jarrod Haning on

      indeed, when should I expect my balloons?

    8. Diana Agate on

      I'm still waiting for mine.. i would love to test them out, i have a huge event this upcoming Aug and I'm planning to use these for the event. However i wanted to test them out with the ones i sponsored you guys with first to see how good they are. hopefully i get them soon

    9. Amber Narron on

      I have not received my balloons yet!

    10. Darrell Aton on

      I received mine a couple of months ago. Just waiting on the 4th of July.

    11. Harv Brittain on

      I'm still waiting on mine beginning to see advertisements on TV for what looks like these water balloons. Not sure you took taking care of all your backers seriously? What kind of timeline can we expect?

    12. Missing avatar

      Leslie Allen on

      Have not received my balloons. Have you completed delivery, as your last update indicates (six weeks out as of the end of Jan) or are some orders still outstanding? Please post a new update and let us know. Thanks.

    13. Catherine Leahy on

      I have not received may balloons... can you check- Catherine Leahy, give me an update- Thanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      Eric Wall on

      I have not received my balloons. When can I expect them?

    15. Missing avatar

      Amy Fox on

      Where are my balloons??

    16. Missing avatar

      beth hulfish on

      When can I purchase more? them!

    17. Rita Johnson on

      My grandsons had a ball last weekend bombarding each other
      Great idea
      Hope they get to marketbquickly

    18. Linda D. Gentile on

      Hint: For those of you who already have these & want to print above instructions, print only page 4 of 4. F.Y.I.

    19. Linda D. Gentile on

      I got mine a while back. Haven't tried them yet, it's still chilly out here in Indiana. But I want to know how do I get more? I want more for gifts. This is such a wonderful idea!

    20. Corey L Adams on

      Never received product. I notified them of my change of address and their response was "we will do our best". Their best isnt good enough obviously

    21. Tatum Spencer on

      I purchased balloons via your Kickstarter Campaign. We used them for the first time a few weeks back, but were disappointed. They don't break on impact. Not much of a water fight if they don't break!

    22. Michelle Haynes Pauling on

      it is 67F today in San MAteo - so we thought we'd give the balloons a try - did remember to get a bucket of water for them to drop into - but didn't realize they should be "resting" in the water - so they tend to be a little underfilled, harder to break - so we ended up throwing them in front of each others feet for a good splash -

      we had a good time - I was disappointed that they were made in Hong Kong - overall they worked well - I'd say only 1 or 2 that wouldn't fill or had stuff! thanks for including us!


    23. Robb Vaules on

      Thank you so much for the best Kickstarter experience I have had. I was in the first batch, and also received my bonus as a surprise as well. While I am a little disappointed that the second batch came from China, I will get over it. It will be 80 degrees in Phoenix this weekend, so it might be a good time to break these out.

    24. Missing avatar

      Christine robbins on

      What is the right size they should be when it is best to not overfill? Why not manufactured here?

    25. Adam Caller on

      Very disappointed with this recent update on how to fill them. Mine arrived in time for a family winter holiday in Cape Town where it's nice and warm and so I took my balloons. Without the updated and impractical instructions (now I have to go and buy a large container that holds all that water, and then carry the balloons around in it, and fish around in it to get them out to throw etc... It's not what the video showed when they were first marketed on here is it...

      If you don't have these additional instructions, which I didn't, then you find that some of the balloons fill faster than others and fall off which allows water to come out of that particular balloon filling tube. When enough balloons have fallen off there is water pouring out of the ends of too many filling tubes to be able to fill the remainder. And in my case, all that wasted water went all over a poolside making it slippery and far too dangerous to be running about with water balloons!

      Thought...solve the copycat by improving this one... Improvement: find a way to block off the individual filling tube once the balloon has fallen off the end, so that the remaining ones can then fill up...

    26. Beverly Grimmett on

      Sad to see there are other companies doing it. I got my water balloons, but like another person said, it was from Hong Kong. I was pretty disheartened to see that....actually very disheartened.

    27. Kimberly S Young on

      We receiver ours in January, can not wait until summer to try them.

    28. Therese de Bont on

      Saw the copy cat commercial today as well. Named balloon bonanza...

    29. Missing avatar

      Jane Flohr on

      We got ours this week as well. With all this snow and ice, we are greatly anticipating summer! Also, wanted to say it looks like there is a copycat out there already for this product. I was saddened. I don't recall their name, but it was very similar to Bunch O' Balloons, selling them for $15.99 for 120 plus s/h.

    30. Cecelia Barrett Thomas

      Got ours this week! Planning our summer water balloon fight makes me long for those warm summer days. Thanks for the tips.

    31. Aaron Casady Santos on

      When should I receive my goodies? I'm so excited! !!!!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Freida Hasek on

      Got my pack. Excited grandchildren are waiting for warm weather. Video is black. Can't see.

    33. Mike's Place Inc. on

      How do we check if / when ours will be shipping?

    34. Missing avatar

      Christina Un on

      Got mine this week, ahead of schedule. Woo Hoo! Ready for grandpa's 70th bday celebration in the summer! THANKS!

    35. Wendy Fedchenko on

      Got mine last week, way ahead of the original schedule. C'mon summer! Gonna have to get more and organize some wicked awesome balloon wars! Thanks guys, job well done :)

    36. Ryann Tock Lorenzen on

      Received mine in the mail a few days ago. So excited to try them (when it's warm again!) and I think we are going to need a bunch-a-ballons more!!!

    37. Janet Wigg on

      Can't wait to try them! Hoping to get a bunch for youth group meetings, Bible school, etc. Such a good idea!

    38. Missing avatar

      gina on

      I received my balloons !! So excited to use this summer! !!!!!

    39. Missing avatar

      Courtney Granick on

      We still have not rec'd ours and were expecting them in September. When will ours be coming????

    40. Linda Walters on

      I received mine but I am holding on to them until June. Dad turns 90 so we are having a party and living in AZ will be great. Will send pictures then.

    41. Brandon Griffin on

      Lol Jane, everything has some sort of component from China. Keep in mind, from what I've read the profit and jobs are here in Plano, Texas and that is all that matters.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jane Wolff on

      Had I known that this company was in China, I would never have supported this project. Very sad that I was duped to believe that this was going to be done in the USA.