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$31,197 pledged of $95,000 goal
$31,197 pledged of $95,000 goal

Days of Dawn is alive and kick(start)ing

Dear friends.

We promised you to come back – and we're very happy to tell you that the time has come. We just received clearance from amazon last night and are now awaiting kickstarter-approval, which should take another two to three days. We hope to be online by friday, monday at the latest.

We spent a lot of time improving our campaign: updated pledges, an improved, much shorter video and an overall enhanced campaign layout including tier-graphics. By making some features (platforms, languages and small part of the content) stretchgoals, we also managed to lower the goal to almost half the initial one; you'll be able to decide what shall be found in the game – and what not.

Besides the updates mentioned above, there's two thing we need to achieve to be successful this time:

  • If you're going to be with us again, please join in as soon as possible. A good start is crucial to a successful kickstarter.
  • We need to reach a wider audience. As we're learned that most of our backers have been existing kickstarter-users, it might be helpful if you could tell other kickstarter-users (especially games-backers) about Days of Dawn – of course all other channels (Facebook, twitter, blogs and mail) are very helpful as well. We'll also be providing banners, buttons and avatars in our boards (see below).

I'd like to thank you for your outstanding support in our first run. We're very confident that it will be an easy one this time with many of our friends having confirmed their return already; some have been saving up to be able to support the game even more. We're stunned by such backing and very, very happy that you love Days of Dawn as much as we do.

Last but not least I'd like to invite you to join our boards on, where we'll discuss the ongoings of the funding and the game's development process.

Thank you so much, everybody, and see you very soon! I'll send another update as soon as we're going live.
Tassilo & the Bumblebees.


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    1. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      Thanks ao much, guys. Your support is outstanding. Without doubt we'll make it with ease this time.
      We'll also post more background information about the game, present additional music, insight into game-mechanics and more.

    2. Missing avatar

      Revisor on

      Great to see you back. Please post as much as you can about the game, don't hold any information back.

      The game is much more important than tiers etc.

      Good luck, I'll be there. The concept of emotional magic is irresistible for me. :)

    3. Kody Tench on

      count me into pledging again

    4. Federico on

      You recovered fast! (but they say to strike while the iron it's hot, so well done!). Of course i'll pledge.

    5. CChase, Lone Wolf of the Obsidian Order on

      IN! I'll get my brother and friends to pledge this time even if I have to do it at gunpoint :P

    6. Avarchillion on

      Good to know. This time you will make it. :-)

    7. gandalf.nho

      Good to hear the project is returning, will be here to help again

    8. S.D. on

      We will answer the call, Bumblebee :-)

    9. Gurney on

      They are back! I hope they won't be bad ;)
      Let's give this game the support it deserves for its 2nd run!

    10. ET3D on

      Good to see you bad. Let us know when the project is live.