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$31,197 pledged of $95,000 goal
$31,197 pledged of $95,000 goal

Days of Dawn going Android!

Playing Days of Dawn on your PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) will be a wonderful experience you don't want to stop. And you won't have to! Today we're announcing not only an Android-version of Days of Dawn, but will also be adding it on top of all pledges of 20$ and above.

But this is not the usual 1:1-port. While designing the interface of Days of Dawn, we paid high attention to making the games interface be as comfortable as possible on many different platforms (as you will soon see).
That means while retaining the look of the interface on all devices (desktop, handheld, tablet), you will still get the most intuitive controls. No pushing little arrows applied on top of the interface – the look will will stay the same.

But there's even more! You don't want to start the game all over while you're playing outside, do you? Days of Dawn will feature a cross-plattform save-game-ability that will make you save and continue your game on all your devices whenever you've got internet-access. Sitting in the garden and it's starting to rain? Jump inside and go on exploring the wonderful world of Kalea from your desktop or notebook computer on the big screen. Can't stop playing but got to go? Enlighten your metro-ride by continuing your journey on your mobile device.

This stunning Android-version will be made available to all backers pledging 20$ or more and will be available shortly after the original version of the game.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Days of Dawn!

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    1. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      Welcome aboard, #200 ;) I'm very sorry to have you feel that way. We're doing our very best to offer excellent value for money in our pledges while trying to retain our goal. But as said before, the Android-version comes with high additional cost and we'll somehow have to compensate that. Nonetheless we think the $20 pack is of great value, not to speak of the $69-tier, which is a sheer giveaway. By the way: As I'm writing this, 361 early bird packs are still available.

    2. Pesti

      hmm, doesn´t look fair for me, it´s added after the early birds was sold completly and now there are two $20 pledges, get both the android version or not (as i remember from other kickstarter there are problems with edit existing pledge lvl), well i know i could raise my pledge, but why did i choose the early bird, where is my benifit, that´s weird :) i want the android version so i will raise, but with a little crumbe in my stomach ;)

      btw. i´m #200 und wir könnten deutsch schreiben ;)

    3. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      As the android-version will not only mean a lot of work but also the licensing of expensive software, we'll have to limit the Android-bundle to the 20$-version.

    4. gandalf.nho


    5. Pesti

      is this really only for $20+ or also for $15 early birds?